How to attract Money into your life!

1. Pray for Abundance and Prosperity

Dear God,
God of an infinite and abundant universe. I know affirm that there is plenty for all. Plenty for everyone to spare and to share and an infinity supply to support us in our lives and our sacred, divine live purpose. I now ask for your intervention, bringing sustenance and support to every person on this planet at this time. I ask you, God, to help our earth to be restored to the experience of your abundance of plenitude. Help those in need right now! Help me to know your presence through the extension of your love with supply and support and I ask that every man, woman and child will be given adequate safe and comfortable shelter, healthy, organic food to eat, medical supply, clean drinking water, clothing as needed relevant to their environment, and also that we have a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives, which is essentially, spiritual food for us all. 

Help us God, to know that you are watching over us and protecting us, and supplying our needs infinitely and abundantly. Help me to touch the experience of your presence with material support and supply that I need for daily sustenance and for my sacred and holy life purpose. Thank you God for opening your arms and helping me to open my arms to receive this beautiful bounty and supply & support that I know you give to me continuously in spite of any blockages in my thinking & feeling, which are keeping me from receiving your supply and support. Please help me to heal my mind and my feelings away from this fear, away from these blockades, and to freely and continuously be in touch with the abundant and divine flow of this beautiful, perfect universe that you’ve created. Help me to feel and know that continuous supply and that support. Help me to feel secure about my future and to know that you help me to ensure that my bills are paid, that all of my needs are met, and that, as I take guided action, I am in that flow with you. I am in harmony with your universe. Help me to receive miracles of abundance, notice the signs of your presence and support and bring to me that what I most urgently need right now.

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Please help me to receive it. Help us all to know that you are with us, that you love us unconditionally and you do supply all of our needs and support as a loving parent supplies their offspring, just as we are your holy children. Thank you God for reminding us daily of your presence, helping us to keep the faith to stay positive and to know through our lives that our faith is the miraculous power that connects us to you.

“Please now fill my mind and heart with faith and trust that ALL IS WELL that I am continuously supported – financially, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and in all other ways. Help me to clearly hear and receive your divine guidance, which is sent to me via your angels, for I am to take guided action in the direction of my life’s purpose, which is one with your will”

Please help us to be at peace and to have that faith to taking care of us and supplying our needs even as it comes through as divine guidance and helping us to take action steps so that we can be co-creators of the answers to our prayers. Thank you God for helping everybody everywhere with their needs and especially the children. Help us God to balance giving and receiving according to your will. I now give to you any fears about my supply, any worries I have about the lack of money in my life – I give them to you for transmutation, healing and upliftment.


Help me to raise my thoughts to the level of miracle making and miracle living. Help me to be a living example of your truth and your promises. Help me to be a teacher of God by walking my talk, by being centered in faith always and by being a living example of your prosperity and your generosity. Help me to have enough for the issues that are near and dear to my heart. Help me to purify my mind and my intentions, so that I am focused on divine and selfless service and focused more upon giving than upon receiving. As you ease my mind about my supply, I am more able to put my entire energy and entire motivation into serving through my God-given talents and passions. And helping your will for peace on earth, one person at the time – beginning with me – and with everyone else. May we all be at peace. May we all be filled with faith. May we all know God’s infinite supply and love. And so it is.


 2. Tithing

is a powerful way to acknowledge your Source and remind you that your relationship with money is not just a material relationship, but also an energetic or spiritual one. A good rule of thumb is to give away 10% of your net income with love. When we tithe, we acknowledge and honor our financial partnership with God or our Inner Wisdom. According to the Old Testament, tithing was widely practiced in ancient times as a way to care for those in need. Tithing means “one-tenth,” and families would give away 10% of their earnings to be divided among the poor. It’s so powerful to give money freely, expecting nothing in return. We’re reminded we are co-creating our lives with the Divine, and our money is part of that co-creation. Our money flows to us from God, and so we allow it to flow back to God, in an endless circle. Our tithing encourages gratitude. It’s a great way to say thank you to the inspiration and abundance always available to us. We can’t stand in gratitude and lack at the same time, and of course we increase our prosperity by our internal expansion. While 10% is the traditional percentage for tithing, you can choose whatever works best for you.


4. Reconnect with the Spirit of Money

  1. The most important thing about money that you need to understand is that it’s an energy being, it’s alive.
  2. Think of it like an Elemental, a very powerful, very important Elemental. I would go on to say that it’s probably the most important Elemental in your life today. That’s because of the nature of the world we’re living in. Especially if you’re living in a Western country, where you need to have money to survive.
  3. Money allows you to do the most basic things, such as drinking fresh water, having somewhere to live, having clothes on your body, being able to express yourself creatively. Eating every day. The most basic things in life come through with your exchange of money, therefore it is extremely important.
  4. Another aspect of money I would like you to understand is that money is not evil. Some people will use money in a negative way, but money itself has nothing negative about it. Once you identify and you contact the energy of money, you’ll see it for yourself. There is absolutely nothing negative about money. It’s all-inclusive, it’s creative, it’s nurturing. It’s warm, it’s beautiful. And I want you to be able to experience this.
  5. For this exercise you’re going to need some money to hold. Notes are better than coins but if you don’t have any at the moment, the coin will do. But next time, try to have a note, and the bigger the note the better.
  6. Put the note between your two palms, resting gently in front of you. It’s going to look a little bit like you are praying, but your hands resting forward so that they are nice and comfortable.
  7. It’s really important, while you are doing this exercise, that you do not ask for stuff! I have noticed that there is a tendency for somebody when they’re immediately contacting money or when they feel that they are starting to contact money, to start asking for stuff.  You know, ‘Oh, I want a new car, I want a new job, I want money for food, I want whatever’ – you know, it’s like, don’t do that.
  8. Think of it like you are going to meet and make a new friend, and if you are going to make a new friend, you’re not going to start by asking them for stuff.
  9. First get acquainted with the energy of money. And then we are going to allow it to express itself in our energy field. That’s all we are going to do right now.
  10. So hold the money between your palms and clear your mind.
  11. Next, we are going to feel the note. Just feel for it. Feel it between your palms. Allow it to be there.
  12. Soon it’s going to start feeling warm. There is some lovely warmth coming out of it. That’s the first signature that you are going to identify about money. It’s warm.
  13. Say ‘hi’ and tell it that you ALLOW IT TO EXPRESS ITSELF TO YOU.
  14. And then just listen.
  15. Quieten your mind and listen.
  16. See if any images, any thoughts come to your mind and allow that to happen.
  17. And if you are getting any sort of negative feedback from this exercise, that’s all you have to do – just thank the image, the feelings, blocks, and release them. They’re coming up now so that you can release them.
  18. It took me a few weeks to work through several blocks, and eventually I was able to just sit there and allow money to express itself to me.
  19. The next stage is to allow it into your energy field. Your energy field is your life, it’s you. It’s your body, it’s your thoughts, your emotions, your reality.
  20. So once you have a good, positive feedback from money, and you are allowing it to express itself to you completely and utterly, I want you to ask it to come into your life. To come into your energy field.
  21. And I can tell you it is going to be extremely happy to do so, because money likes nothing better than to be plentiful in your life. That’s the only way it can express itself – to be plentiful, to be in every aspect of your life.
  22. So how this translates on a practical level, is basically, you let the note between your hands become warm.
  23. You allow it to become warm, you allow it to become hot even. And you allow that warmth to grow, and to encompass you. To come into your life, and the flow of it, the love of it.
  24. The signature is extremely similar to that of Mother Earth because they are one and the same. Welcome it, embrace it.
  25. You can pause there, so that you can fully allow the experience to complete itself.
  26. After you are done, say thank you to the Elemental of money for having expressed itself fully to you.
  27. Open your eyes if they were closed, and put your money away.
  28. Remember, you must do this exercise at least once a day.


 3. Mantras

are sounds that can help you manifest things you want in life. Certain sounds create different vibrations for attracting particular things, like OM BRZEE NAMAHA for the flow of money by the teacher Dattatreya Siva Baba. It is easy to do and very powerful! You can find more here:

Writing or chanting mantras will bring results. You can do one or the other, or both if you’re dedicated. Make sure you chant/write 108x, or 1008x a day. Pick a number you can stick with consistently. If you can spend 2-3hrs a day to do 1008, then do it. Also, be sure to focus on only 1 or 2 mantras, unless you have a lot of free time. Now remember, if at first you can’t do 1008x, that doesn’t mean its bad. Quality counts, not quantity. Think about it, it is better to chant a mantra 108x loud and clear with peace of mind, letting the sound vibrate into your entire being, rather than to just quickly chant it just to get it over with. Same with writing. Better to write 108x neatly with full focus than to just scribble to finish it up. You know your situation better than I do, pick what works for you. Good luck.

You can also try Alaje’s HU meditation…


4. Affirmations

♥ I am one, with the Energy of the Source

♥ I am completely financially secure.

♥ All of my needs are met. Now and in the future.

♥ My loved ones are safe and secure.

♥ I can easily pay all of my bills.

♥ I have plenty of money to share with charities, people in need.

♥ All of my bills are well managed and paid off!

♥ My savings account is healthy and secure.

♥ All of my financial needs, goals and intentions have been met and exceeded!

♥ I am one, with the Cosmic Awareness that created me

The Cosmic Awareness has given me the power to create the situations that I want

♥ I let go of the past and I live in the NOW

♥ I am ready to change my life NOW and change everything that is disturbing me to achieve joy

♥ I understand that my true self is my Soul, that is part of the Cosmic Awareness

♥ I allow my soul to heal and teach me with Love

♥ I am able to heal myself on all areas

♥ I have the power to make changes in my life

♥ I am ready for Wisdom and Knowledge

♥ I am willing to expand the horizons of my thinking

♥ I use the Wisdom of all my experiences for the good of all

♥ I am ready for Love

♥ I find Love everywhere

♥ I learn easy and with Joy

♥ I always reach my goals in an easy way

♥ It is easy to change my thoughts and emotions into positive energies

♥ My thoughts and feelings are creating my future, because everything I send out comes back

♥ With loving thoughts and emotions, I am attracting the right people and the right situations for me

♥ I am open to receive all the Abundance of the Existence

♥ I have many possibilities in my life

♥ Everything I need, comes at the right time, if I create the right energy

♥ The Cosmic Awareness has many ways to send me what I need and what I want

♥ My consciousness and creativity is extending constantly

♥ My spiritual side is always active and my consciousness is constantly growing

♥ I love myself

♥ I treat myself with Love and healthy vegetarian food

♥ I am healthy

♥ I am brave without ego and arrogance, and I face my fears in order to heal them

♥ I am free from blocking energies, programs, and vices

♥ I am free from belief systems, I am free from control and suppression

♥ I am not restricted by negative, limited beliefs from my family or society

♥ I am not depending on anybody and I am taking responsibility for my life

♥ Everybody is responsible for his own life

♥ I am independent and make my own decisions in tune with Light and Love

♥ My motives are in tune with the Existence, in tune with the Cosmic Awareness

♥ I am friendly, loving and compassionate

♥ I have sympathy in my Heart

♥ I am giving and receiving Love

♥ I use my talents in the service of the Light

♥ I am careful of what I say, because words are energy and have the possibility to manifest

♥ I am thankful for all the good things in my life

♥ I am living a life of love

♥ I use Love to transform any blocking energy

♥ I use Love energy, to create a loving, peaceful earth-society

♥ Love is the biggest power there is, because it is the power of the Cosmic Awareness


5. Visualization

One great way to increase your ability to manifest large amounts of money is to use the power of money visualization. First of all simply imagine that you are looking up at the big blue sky. It’s a gorgeous day, with only a few small puffy clouds in the distance above. Then imagine small little pieces of paper are coming from those clouds. They are £50.00 notes raining down!! They start increasing in numbers now, thousands, millions and even billions of notes are floating down! Notice the smell of these crisp new notes.  You are now in the midst of a major money visualization downpour! They are landing all over you, your house and the entire neighborhood and city! How does it feel to have those softly float down and land all over you? Do you feel abundant and free?

What are you going to do with this money? Think about it. If you could make your one personal heartfelt contribution to the planet with this abundance, what would you do? 

Go ahead and take ONE action towards that today!!  To manifest your dream life, simply start living your dream as if it’s already happening… Enjoy”


6. Apply the Law of Attraction


7. Meditate


What are high & low vibrational energies?

.We are all spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings trying to become spiritual. As such spiritual beings, we are all what is called God, or Universal Truth…a realm of pure love and abundance – a limitless state of  prosperity, joy, passion, peace, freedom , with a co-creative power to instantly manifest whatever we desire.  When we enter the planet at a very high vibration (use the analogy of FM (spirit), this vibration drops,  but we still stay tuned into this high frequency. Upon experiencing  childhood, our parents, teachers, expanded family, society and social circles … their belief system is permanently engrained into us. As our belief system changes from the Universal Truth to the Earthly beliefs – our frequency shifts down to the Earth (AM) frequency.

The deeper we sink into the Earthly beliefs, the more we fall from a pure state of compassion and love. Our Universal Truth belief is forgotten and our Earthly belief (our self created restricted square box) takes over. Our life becomes structured and engrained to our beliefs (square box). The more we stay in this square box, the more we restrict our growth and full potential. The more we victimize, have ill feelings, thoughts, criticisms and judgments about ourselves and others the more dense our vibrations become. Repressed emotions, stress, anxiety, depression all create energy blockages. These energy blockages also make our vibrations denser. These negative feelings develop into a deeper hole, which ends up worsening our situation. The objective is to graduate from the lesson and move on to the next lesson. To graduate from the lesson we must feel joy, love, gratitude and acceptance in both experiences. The denser our vibrations become the less power (will) we have to direct our life the way we would like to. Our co-creative abilities to manifest our ultimate desires are at their minimum.

Raising our vibration level back to the spirit frequency maximizes our power (will) and abilities to manifest with our own co-creative life force. We are then able to return to a life style similar to being in the 5th dimensional plane (where we have ultimate, freedom, joy, love, peace and prosperity) by raising our vibrations to the higher vibrational frequency. Earth has been in the 3rd dimensional plane. Beings in this 3rd dimensional plane live to survive. All daily tasks fulfill survival needs. Since 1987 Earth began a shift towards uplifting itself to the 5th dimensional vibration-frequency. This is the vibration-frequency of creative life force activation. All human beings are
now able to…

Uplift themselves!

(through clearing of our negative energies)

5th dimensional people will then be able to co-create their dream world and life purpose much faster through the impact of the planet’s higher vibrational energies. Planet Earth’s vibration-frequency as of 2005 was estimated to be three quarters into the 4th dimensional plane. It is estimated that over 50% of the beings on Earth are still in 3rd dimension, 45% are in 4th dimension and 5% are in the 5th Dimension vibration.Find many more helpful techniques on how to raise your frequency here , or view more uplifting artwork at:

How to take your Power Back

Start by loving yourself …

and then take responsibility for yourself and your whole life. Most of you know already that you are the creator in your life, that you created everything in your life. You choose your parents, you choose your school, you choose your mate, which is everything in your life – maybe not out of the mind but your souls chooses. There is nothing bad outside. Everytime you say ‘my family, boss, government etc. is so bad…you are giving your power away. Because as soon as you are saying, it was not me who created that, but him, or her and then you give ‘the other’ your power. And you are making a statement that ‘the other’ has power over you and did something that you didn’t want. But this is not true, it’s a little trick from our ego & fear. Just accept every situation in your life the way it is and try to see its perfection, then you can create everything! And you can re-create everything, it doesn’t matter what it is. First you have to go into your heart and there you get the honest and truest answer. Then just decide to say: No, I am absolutely not willing to accept this situation, I want it in another way and then just GO FOR IT & DO IT! Ask yourself what do you want and then do it… If you are in your heart and really take your power and responsibility back then you can create only good things -even if it initially doesn’t look so good- it will be. It’s logical: love can only create love = healed, good things. Remember, if love doesn’t make you feel comfortable and shows you pain, it helps you to heal and free you of this fear and pain. So first go into your heart – do something good for this world and for yourself, for earth, nature. And then you take your power over yourself and your whole life – imagine! You now have a situation which really brings you out of your way. Everytime you complain about something, remind yourself of the fact that: ‘Hey, I created this situation!’

Then say: I want to change my life and take my power.
I want to be really responsible for everything that is in my life!’

And then you can change everything. Sometimes we think that we are limited, that we have only this right, or that opportunity, or can only work in this job etc. The important, interesting thing is, why have we’ve chosen it? Why have we’ve created that, or why has God brought this situation into your life? Your Soul wants to show you something. You can find out what it is by asking your heart, or your angels…but first you have to accept it and say: Yes, I have chosen that. One big illusion – and the whole world if full of illusions – is that you have to have an education, but always ask yourself who is telling me that? Who gives me these rule, who wants to have power over me? Your family, the government? Most of the time these people are afraid, and because of these fears they are trying to control everything. They limit to what you are meant to do; to wear, to eat etc. The whole world is full of rules – about DOING things in a certain way. If you follow that, your heart is closing down, because the heart makes the rules, it tells you where to go and what is the best thing to do!  Ask yourself: Do I really want to do it? and if your heart says ‘NO’ – don’t do it, because there is nobody and no human who gives you some rules, or who has any power over you. It doesn’t exist! There is nobody who is allowed to tell you what to do. It is just God – and he/she won’t tell you what to do, because he just loves you. Even your parents, yes they did a great job, they gave you life, but you are not responsible for your parents. Your parents are not allowed to tell you what to do! It is just not true. You are a human being, divine light and love. You, and nobody else has to decide what you want to do. Do it your way. You can just go and quit your job, you don’t have to have an education, etc. You don’t have to get up at 6 o’clock, just stay in bed. It is so important that you really do your own thing. Life is just perfect. There is only love, so how can there be something that is not perfect. You say: Oh no, it’s not perfect because i am so ugly and it reminds me of my fears & insecurities. But then you just connect with this fear and accept it and love it… until it is turning into pure joy!

What’s it all about? Times are changing. The situation here on earth is changing. At the time of Atlantis we took all of our soul into our body; we where just living our life’s plan. Although we were connected to our heart, we weren’t listening to our heart, we were more in our brain and started abusing our power. Now in 2010 it is really possible to go into your heart and life out of your heart and its possible to create out of your heart. So don’t be afraid of your power, it’s understandable -you are becoming like God now, you are getting creative! It’s normal to be afraid of learning – but you must try again and again and again until you’ll achieved what it is that you truly want. Don’t give up! It’s really important. How else can you learn it, you can just learn by doing. The child is not stopping to learn: adults try something – then they fail – and then they’ll stop. And then they’ll never do it again. Enjoy the fear, enjoy the power embrace it, it’s divine. There is nothing else than divinity. God forgives you, so you have to forgive yourself & everyone else for everything. The period of Karma is coming to an end now, because we are going into Oneness, we are going into light. So the bad and the good melting into one. Now it’s possible to delete all your Karma, if you like to. If you feel you have something you feel guilty about, than ask your angels to burn your Karma for you, because now it’s time to get onto a new level. What a fantastic time we are living in! The dualistic world is over, we are moving into a time where there is no Good & Bad, so there is no use of Karma anymore. Be as a child, enjoy life and play! You can now create your life to be the best life you’ve ever had – it’s very easy! If you want to, you can sleep, or eat, meet your friends and chat, sing, dance the whole day and night…whatever makes your heart really happy! Whatever brings you the most love and shows the most joy in your face? Which is the most beautiful situation that helps you the most? What do you really like doing? Feel it in your heart and then do it right away!  There are no rules – there are no limits. There is nothing that stops you, only yourself. It depends on whether you give it permission, or if you don’t. If you take responsibility/ power or not. It’s just a decision. Even if you want something in one moment, you can choose a new way in the next. Why not just live an easy life? Why not have a lot of fun in your life-why not? Sure, you can still work hard and feel very guilty about everything, and fight a lot – you are really free to do what you want to do in every part of life. The government has no power over you if you don’t allow it, just tune into this energy of Oneness and live in the new earth. If you are around people who are unconscious, i.e. they are not really realizing what they are doing and have bad thoughts all the time, you will not like to be with them – so don’t do it. If you have people around you that make you feel sad, what’s the sense of that? Everything that you feel most comfortable with – that you really like & love helps you to be in your heart. This can be your favourite colour, crystals, music…just picture this: how do you feel if you listening to your most favourite music, or when you eat your favourite meal? You feel comfortable, you feel safe, you feel good, you get a sense of enjoyment. It’s that easy. Imagine you are looking at your favourite picture – a picture of a situation that really touches your heart and if you look at that, you are in your heart. Have a look around your house and garden, if you find anything that you are not sure about having in your space … throw it out! Buy a new item & make sure you buy your favourite one!  There is no sense to live in surroundings, or with things that you don’t like. They just take energy away from you. Do you like your life, I mean do you really love it? Imagine a scenario where people ask you: “What do you do?” and you say… “Nothing”. “So what are you doing?” you answer: “I am living. I enjoy life and try to love everything and heal it.” And they say: ‘What? It’s not possible!’ …. ‘Yeah of course it’s possible, everything is possible. If you are in your heart & enjoy everything, life gives you everything you really want, it organizes everything. So, what do you want more? Do you think you can live like this until you are old, even if you are 60, or 70? Yes, of course. Why not. Nobody and nothing from the outside can give you safety, only the heart can. It doesn’t matter how old you are, which education you have, what kind of parents you have, which language you speak, in which country you live. All you need to do is to Say: YES to life.

Credit given to Lena, a Chrystal Child from Switzerland
Artwork by

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

This material is entirely credited to Deepak Chopra a bestselling author, educator, and holistic health pioneer who shares his insights in this inspiring article on personal growth.on this inspirational website:

1) The Law of Pure Potentiality
This law is based on the fact that we are, in our essential state, pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is pure potentiality; it is the field of all possibilities and infinite creativity. When you discover your essential nature and know who you really are, in that knowing itself is the ability to fulfill any dream you have, because you are the eternal possibility, the immeasurable potential of all that was, is and will be. This law could also be called the Law of Unity, because underlying the infinite diversity of life is the unity of one all-pervasive spirit. There is no separation between you and this field of energy. One way to access the field is through the daily practice of silence, meditation and non-judgment. Spending time in nature will also give you access to the qualities inherent in the field: infinite creativity, freedom and bliss.

2) The Law of Giving
This law could also be called the Law of Giving and Receiving, because the universe operates through dynamic exchange. The flow of life is nothing other than the harmonious interaction of all the elements and forces that structure the field of existence. Because your body and your mind and the universe are in constant and dynamic change, stopping the circulation of energy is like stopping the flow of blood. Whenever blood stops flowing, it begins to clot, to stagnate. That is why you must give and receive in order to keep wealth and affluence–or anything you want–circulating in your life. If our only intention is to hold on to our money and hoard it–since it’s life energy, we will stop its circulation back into our lives as well. In order to keep that energy coming to us, we have to keep the energy circulating. Thus, the more you give, the more you will receive. The best way to put The Law of Giving into operation is to make a decision that any time you come into contact with anyone, you will give them something. It doesn’t have to be in the form of material things; it could be a flower, a compliment or a prayer. In fact, the most powerful forms of giving are non-material. The gifts of caring, attention, affection, appreciation and love are some of the most precious gifts you can give, and they don’t cost you anything.

3) The Law of Karma (or Cause and Effect)
“Karma” is both action and the consequence of that action; it is cause and effect simultaneously, because every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in kind. There is nothing unfamiliar about the Law of Karma. Everyone had heard the expression, “What you sow is what you reap.” Obviously, if we want to create happiness in our lives, we must learn to sow the seeds of happiness. Therefore, karma implies the action of conscious choice-making. Whether you like it or not, everything that is happening at this moment is a result of the choices you’ve made in the past. Unfortunately, a lot of us make choices unconsciously, and therefore we don’t think they are choices–and yet, they are. If you step back for a moment and witness the choices you are making as you make those choices, then in just this act of witnessing, you take the whole process from the unconscious realm into the conscious realm. This procedure of conscious choice-making and witnessing is very empowering.You can use the Law of Karma to create money and affluence, and the flow of all good things to you, any time you want. But first, you must become consciously aware that your future is generated by the choices you are making in every moment of your life. If you do this on a regular basis, then you are making full use of this law. The more you bring your choices into the level of your conscious awareness, the more you will make those choices which are spontaneously correct–both for you and those around you.

4) The Law of Least Effort
This law is based on the fact that nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease and abandoned carefreeness. This is the principle of least action, of no resistance. This is, therefore, the principle of harmony and love. When we learn this lesson from nature, we easily fulfill our desires. In Vedic Science, the age-old philosophy of India, this principle is known as the principle of economy of effort, or “do less and accomplish more.” Ultimately, you come to the state where you do nothing and accomplish everything. This means that there is just a faint idea, and then the manifestation of the idea comes about effortlessly. What is commonly called a “miracle” is actually an expression of the Law of Least Effort. Least effort is expended when your actions are motivated by love, because nature is held together by the energy of love. When you seek power and control over other people, you waste energy. When you seek money or power for the sake of the ego, you spend energy chasing the illusion of happiness instead of enjoying happiness in the moment. When your actions are motivated by love, your energy multiplies and accumulates–and the surplus energy you gather and enjoy can be channeled to create anything that you want, including unlimited wealth. There are three components to the Law of Least Effort–three things you can do to put this principle of “do less and accomplish more” into action. The first component is acceptance. Acceptance simply means that you make a commitment: “Today I will accept people, situations, circumstances and events as they occur.” This means I will know that this moment is as it should be, because the whole universe is as it should be. The second component is responsibility. This means not blaming anyone or anything for your situation, including yourself. This allows you the ability to have a creative response to the situation as it is now. All problems contain the seeds of opportunity, and this awareness allows you to take the moment and transform it to a better situation or thing. The third component to the Law of Least Effort is defenselessness. This means that you have relinquished the need to convince or persuade others of your point of view. If you relinquish this need you will in that relinquishment gain access to enormous amounts of energy that have been previously wasted.

5) The Law of Intention and Desire
This law is based on the fact that energy and information exist everywhere in nature. A flower, a rainbow, a tree, a human body, when broken down to their essential components are energy and information. The whole universe, in its essential nature, is the movement of energy and information. The only difference between you and a tree is the informational and energy content of your respective bodies. You can consciously change the energy and informational content of your own quantum mechanical body, and therefore influence the energy and informational content of your extended body–your environment, your world–and cause things to manifest in it. The quality of intention on the object of attention will orchestrate an infinity of space-time events to bring about the outcome intended, provided one follows the other spiritual laws of success. Intention lays the groundwork for the effortless, spontaneous, frictionless flow of pure potentiality. The only caution is that you use your intent for the benefit of mankind.

6) The Law of Detachment
This law says that in order to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. This doesn’t mean you give up the intention to create your desire. You give up your attachment to the result. This is a very powerful thing to do. The moment you relinquish your attachment to the result, combining one-pointed intention with detachment at the same time, you will have that which you desire. Anything you want can be acquired through detachment, because detachment is based on the unquestioning belief in the power of your true Self. Attachment comes from poverty consciousness, because attachment is always to symbols. Detachment is synonymous with wealth consciousness, because with detachment there is freedom to create. True wealth consciousness is the ability to have anything you want, anytime you want, and with least effort. To be grounded in this experience you have to be grounded in the wisdom of uncertainty. In this uncertainty you will find the freedom to create anything you want.

7) The Law of “Dharma” or Purpose in Life
The seventh spiritual law of success is the Law of Dharma. (Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means “purpose in life.”) This law says that we have taken manifestation in physical form to fulfill a purpose. You have a unique talent and a unique way of expressing it. There is something that you can do better than anyone else in the whole world–and for every unique talent and unique expression of that talent, there are also unique needs. When these needs are matched with the creative expression of your talent, that is the spark that creates affluence. Expressing your talents to fulfill needs creates unlimited wealth and abundance. There are three components to the Law of Dharma. The first says that each of us is here to discover our true Self. The second component is to express our unique talents; the expression of that talent takes you into timeless awareness. The third component is service to humanity. When you combine the ability to express your unique talent with service to humanity, then you make full use of the Law of Dharma. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success are powerful principles that will enable you to attain self-mastery. If you put your attention on these laws and practice the steps outlined above, you will see that you can manifest anything you want–all the affluence, money and success you desire. You will also see that your life becomes more joyful and abundant in every way, for these laws are also the spiritual laws of life that make living worthwhile.