The Global Elite – What can YOU do?

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The Global Elite, also known as the Illuminati, or nowadays as the Bilderbergs, are simply a group of people who realized what the true nature of our Universe was, eliminated every one else who knew this information, and used the information to harness the power (chi, ability to do) of the uninformed masses.

Their methodology is very mechanical in nature. They use sacred geometry, power points on the Earth, as well as mind control via the media and chemicals. Plus a continuing elimination of those individuals as well as native people and cultures who hold the sacred knowledge of creation.

Their bread and butter is FEAR.

Their knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation both by families as well as infiltrated groups, such as the Freemasons.They, in turn, are controlled by Darkness. Darkness came into this universe several thousand years ago from another universe which is Dark configured.

The difference between a Dark universe and a Light universe (which this one is), is basically that the main “emotional/creative” energy in a Dark universe is FEAR and the basic “emotional/creative” energy in a Light universe is LOVE.

There is plenty of documented and experiential evidence to support the above paragraph. To begin with, most cultures in the world will have an “origin” story where the Earth was a paradise devoid of suffering, fear and death, and then “fell” due to something that humans did. With regard to experiential evidence, ask anyone who has experienced Enlightenment or Oneness and he or she will tell you that it felt like BLISS, LOVE, ECSTASY. These higher states of consciousness are a merging with the Essence of this Universe… and guess what… no FEAR or SUFFERING in sight!

The Elite are presently working very hard at cultivating FEAR among the masses. They do this by staging, or broadcasting, natural or man made disasters, wars and pestilence around the world at regular intervals. FEAR keeps people ASLEEP. Someone who is ASLEEP has no FREE WILL. They are enslaved. FREE WILL is one of the fundamental laws of this universe. The Elite have broken that law by taking away the FREE WILL of billions of living beings in this planet.

They also use music and media to harness the focus of the young toward sex, drugs, violence and rock and roll.

They are also creating a FEAR OF LACK by making us believe that “oil and water are running out” and by polluting key areas of the world and broadcasting a belief that the entire world is polluted and overpopulated, when in fact, most of the world is clean, unpolluted, unpopulated and untouched by man. The CO2 pollution control is a SCAM to control the fuel sources of the world.

So, now that you know a few of the things these people are doing, what can you do?

  1. Firstly, you can create a FEAR FREE ZONE around you. This means a conscious effort to process fear as soon as it pops into your body/mind/aura.
  2. Also calling for your guides/angels to create a sanctuary of LOVE vibration in your home and workplace.
  3. Focus on a topic that is close to your heart, could be anything that creates Fear or Despair in the world and send it unconditional love, or beautiful liquid light. If the situation creates a strong negative emotion in you, then process it within yourself first, then do the outer work.
  4. When you see pictures of the Global Elite, you can google Bilderberg members in the news or media, or the internet, focus on them and tell them, “your time is up, all your darkness leaves this universe now”, with love and compassion.
  5. RETAKE power points in your area. Visit groves, parks, rocks, cathedrals, and known energy points in your area, and simply call upon the Divine Mother to retake that point. Call upon angles and fifth dimensional light beings to guard it and keep it free, clean and secure. Your intent is all that is needed to do this. It does not matter whether you believe in the Divine Mother with that particular name, or in Angels or other dimensional beings. What matters is your intent to retake the point of energy back for the Earth and Humanity.

Diana Cooper talks about the current transition into the Golden Age

Free Yourself from the International Conspiracy Against Enlightenment

A wonderful discourse by the highly aware, enlightened teacher: Ma Nithya Sudevi confirming that there is indeed an agenda to keep people depressed, bored, lethargic, apathetic, atheistic and unhappy. basically on a very low-frequency on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

I highly recommend you look deeply into the issues I’m about to share with you here. It’s my hope that this presentation will spark your own passion to research the hidden agendas behind the all-pervasive corruption in our world today, how that corruption affects your concious path of self-realization, and ultimately, how to go beyond all the obstacles stacked against you by the self-appointed global “elite,” and rise into enlightenment, anyway. Please click on the links below to listen to these subjects in more depth…

  1.   Do not consume any fluoride, ever.
  2.   Do not consume any aspertame, ever.
  3.   Avoid eating genetically modified, non-organic and highly processed, “foods.”
  4.   Avoid watching television.
  5.   Question your education.
  6.   Re-evaluate the validity of popular opinion.
  7.   Look within yourself to discover who you are.
  8.   Keep a Regular Spiritual Routine.
  9.   Drop all the judgements you have against those who are not ready to make the same changes you’re making.
  10.   Let Enlightenment be your number one priority!


What does it mean to be ‘a good man’ in the 21st Century?

Times are changing and today’s quality of life is a completely different one to 20-30 years ago. Anything that isn’t coherent anymore; i.e. energy systems which aren’t in the flow & are blocked, or lives that aren’t based on genuine heart centred authenticity will present themselves much stronger than before, as they aren’t durable anymore.

Our current time is essentially marked by the rising of earth and sun energy frequencies- which resonate exponentially high right now! For that reason, the systems of body, psyche, man-woman relationship and work organisation will be deeply affected by it. He who doesn’t love his job, partner and body – runs the risk of losing it.  It is very clear that most men today are deeply confused. They don’t know how to be, they’ve lost the rule book, they don’t know what’s expected of them, they don’t know what it is to be truly masculine, because they are confused by Hollywood movies, archetypes and comic strips. They don’t know what is right anymore… So a lot of men go around with as much of an act put on as possible, to keep themselves together from day to day. And if you strip all that away, they are really hoping to encounter some woman, who will be able to help them with this.


If we look at the past of any man, that played out in his childhood and youth, we can find the fundamental causes of why the 40year old, the 60year old, or also the 25year old man today, finds himself in a crises. The situation in his youth was marked by two basic factors. Firstly, an extreme dependency on his mother. The mothers – usually out of their own unhappy existence – take hold of the children, especially the sons! That means, a son today is 90% ‘together’ with his mother and only to a very small percentage with the father. That causes an extreme entanglement of today’s men with their mothers, which doesn’t stop in due time, but instead continues. The man is normally not aware of such an involvement, yet it extremely affects not only his relationship with women, but also his whole being as a man. The second condition is that he didn’t have a father, or an absent father, or a weak father. From this his learned – teamed up one-on-one with his mother – to judge and blame his father as loser, failure, not good enough, not loving enough, not nice enough. Yet many fathers behaved exactly like this. Either they were not present, or they were aggressive, in a bad temper, or dominating, powerful, violent…and our little boy didn’t want to be such a man! However he didn’t get any information about how to be ‘a real good man’. The only thing he could do was to look up to his mother, trying to fulfil her expectations and wishes. That again causes him today to repeat his own mother experiences with his current female partner. But now it becomes neccessary for him to release himself from this through his conscious decision to entangle his past systematically, firstly of his bond with his mother, and secondly the entanglement from the blame to his absent, condemned father, whom he may now put behind himself and who will then bless him. Meaning the father has to communicate to him that he, the son, is loved and that he is proud of him. And because this is done via spiritual counselling and facilitated via meditation, it is possible to do with the worst father in the world. In these imaginary conversations it is very important for the man to recognize that he is still a little, lonely, hurt, sad, or angry boy within. Exactly that boy that he had to leave when it was expected of him to grow up and become an adult. Yet with these simple meditations, it become possible for anyman to free himself from those old, past limitations.

Modern man finds himself in various dead ends….
Firstly in a dead end with his body. Most male bodies are more than damaged. You can read that in many publications; the body of men suffers from endless symptoms – not only the heart, which is the most common. Also his back, joints, liver, spleen, tinnitus. Men kill themselves up to 8 times more often than women and emergency rooms are occupied up to 2/3 only with men.
Secondly Burn out and depression are also extremely common amongst men, that means it usually starts on the psychic level, then continues into the physical level, resulting that men are in a psychic-emotional crisis because he has learned  to suppress his emotions since he was a little boy. These emotions however can’t be suppressed after 20, or 30 years. An emotion is an energy that desires to flow! But he has learned that he is not ‘manly’ if he shows and expresses feelings like fear, anger, grief, because of a likely rejection. The message he got was: Don’t show emotions if you want to be ‘real boy/man’.
The next crisis happens in his work environment, because he had learned to perform: You have to get to the top – do things! and with that he put himself under a lot of pressure. In the end, although he works very hard, performs above standard, has accumulated a lot of money and even owns his little house, he realizes today: “I am not happy.
The fourth crisis happens in his relationships to women, because here he doesn’t get what maybe the last generation of fathers got, i.e.: respect and acknowledgement, since women meanwhile went their own way. The old role model of being the provider and protector of the family has long drifted away. That means he can’t pride himself on that any more. Thus he has to find a new role for himself….

The crisis of men can conclusively be described as often living an extremely inadequate & unfulfilled life at work, in his relationships, as well as in sexually. He feels overwhelmed by this pressure to perform and frustrated upon the realization that even if he tries his very best, he remains deeply unhappy. Thus he finds himself at the deep end, but which is now confronting him as it becomes apparent and from which he urgently wants to escape.

Any man who doesn’t know what an happy, authentic man is, neglects his body with the result that eventually, he has to suffer in from his pain and dis-ease. The body that isn’t loved, respected and treated well by his owner has to fall ill. The relationship that isn’t based on love has to break down in time. Although it was possible in the past to have relationships without love, when they were arranged, done out of routine, boredom, or based on expectations, etc., this is no longer possible.  He who doesn’t love his job, partner and body – runs the risk of losing it.


You can read more about it at
A new Perspective on male Spirituality
 Indigo Visions

How to find your dream job/ career in 2011

We are coming in to a new understanding of learning how to leave the action orientated attitude behind, that is currently dominating our perception on how we have to live life. Now we need to gain a better understanding of the Female Principle of Receptivity – or – Beingness.
We are all going through this learning integration right now of how to balance these 2 worlds. It is about how we apply our energy during the day, because we are used to manifesting our experience through an act of force such as: “I have to be Doing!” We have to come into our centre, as time seems to be compressing and we have a limited amount of space in which to accomplish things. That’s an illusion and it is very easy to get caught up in that.  What we are not used to is that the manifestation laws are changing: WE ARE LEAVING the DOING-action! which was a masculine principle of manifestation. This is how the 3rd dimension works, cause it’s masculine polarized. We are coming into the feminine and the female principle is Receptivity. Now it’s all about BEING in order to come into the presence.
Start practicing the power of the presence within you and do some shielding. Set the intention of the declaration of your day by saying: “I am God. I am souverain. I am free!” Through that you practice the presence and allow the power of the presence to attract.

“You can just go and quit your job! You don’t have to DO anything! Just go with the flow —- love yourself and tune into the energy of Oneness and live from the heart.Do you really want to do something? If your heart says, NO! …don’t do it! because there is nobody and no human who gives you some rules, or who has any power over you.
You don’t have to get up at 6 o’clock, just stay in bed. It is so important that you really do your own thing! The period of Karma is coming to an end now, because we are going into Oneness, we are going into light. Be as a child & play! You can now create your life to be the best life you’ve ever had – it’s very easy! If you want to, you can sleep, or eat, meet your friends and chat, sing, dance the whole day and night…whatever makes your heart really happy and brings you the most joy!

And people go:

“What? Am I just going to stay in my house and it’s all going to come to my door?”

…and we are not used to that. When you had that ‘vampiric’ friend who’d come and suck on your energy, you’ll felt your energy collapse.…you got psychicially sponged and then you felt drained and exhausted . There will be no more of that! We are not here to be martyrs or to give our blood! Even if your mind is saying: “Oh my God, I have a deadline, I have to get this done. How am I going to do it?, If I suppose to do that, why isn’t it happening?” You have to trust your body, because your body is telling you the truth. If it is saying No. Listen to it! We are here to thrive, to be nourished, be abundant and hold the divine energy. It takes for us to nourish ourselves first, so our soma and nourishment can then extend to others. There is divine orchestration happening you have to be in the flow, find the flow!
So you are using your control panel, but it’s not easy every day doing that. You have to be gentle with yourself.  When you know you are in alignment with something that your heart is really passionate about and it doesn’t manifest, it’s confusing, especially in the female body, because the female bodies are being the example of this right now. It’s all about learning how to glide into the flow & hold the presence. The power is in the neutral, because when you hold that neutrality, none of your energy is fragmenting off & feeding the negativity. We feel we should have compassion for another being, and then we get caught in the emotional hook and than that energy actually amplifies! You don’t want to do that! Develop your emotional mastery: fully accepting and honouring, remembering that there is a higher, more transcendent purpose of this situation that is beyond our capacity to understand.

Ask yourself: “What would be the most beautiful situation for you to be in?” What would help you the most? What do you really like doing? Feel it in your heart and then do it right away! Even if you want something in one moment, you can choose a new way in the next. Why not just live an easy life? Why not have a lot of fun in your life – why not? Even if people say: ‘What? It’s not possible!’ …Of course it’s possible, everything is possible! Life gives you everything you really want, it organizes everything,
if you are in your heart and enjoy being in the moment. What more do you want? Sure, you can still work hard and feel very guilty about everything, and fight a lot – as you are really free to do what you want to do in every part of life.

Live. Enjoy life – try to love everything and heal it.

A wonderful, timely perspective from Indigo and Chrystal children about the importance of dedicating our talents and minds to worthy causes...

“Listen to your own inner voice, nobody can tell you what you have to do. If anyone, than perhaps your guardian angels, or spirit guides will be able to tell you what it is that you can do, but otherwhise you are free to do whatever you like. So do something with this freedom! Chase your dreams with every breath you have. One person can achieve a lot. Find your own way and don’t listen to anyone else. If you don’t find an education that fits your preferences, then don’t do it. Or if you just can’t  find the right job that you like- leave it!  It’s best to ONLY DO WHAT YOU ENJOY MOST! Just think about it; there are merly 200 different categories of jobs available on this earth, but we are 6 Billion people! So there should be 6 Billion different jobs. CREATE YOUR OWN JOB, because there are still so many things that the earth still needs, we have enough secretaries and enough mechanics….but


Those people who work for nature, for animals and the highest good of humanity, their businesses will do well. There is plenty of work to do. So if you don’t like to do any of the ‘normal’ jobs, do that what you like doing because there are plenty of possibilities out there. Be brave and do what you want, because if people are doing what they want to do, everyone will be much happier!

Barbara Marciniak channels the Pleiadians.
“If you choose your life to be in order, to be well provided for, be in alignment with harmony and yourselfbecome a worker of Light = ‘a Lightworker’, or be aligned with those who understood what is happening and facilitate it that time within this current chaos – then life will be a most enjoyable, pleasant place for you! Each one of us can touch others in a very unique way, and if you intent for a world that is generous and harmonious for others and that will create the greatested good for yourself and for everyone else, then the pathway will be open to you and those who need what it is that you are offering will be lining up for you! Just be in your heart and receive what the universe has to offer.”

Gigi Young, a star seed indigo girl (InspiritChannel) has the following to say about this subject…
“This is a time where it is so difficult for us to maintain a career, that is not aligned with our divine purpose. Each of us is a unique aspect of GOD, of the Universe, of the Divine. We each have a divine purpose, a gift, an ability to contibute to the world. At is highest it is of service, but on a personal level it’s absolute joy! It’s what you love to do! It is that simple.

We came here to do what we love to do!

…not love from our ego, love from our heart- what we truely love to do. And if we ignore that and keep working in your 9-5 job that you hate and you know in your heart that you are an artist and meant to do something else, when we don’t follow that, it will be so difficicult to continue doing that job. You’ll be forced to make time to do what you love, just so you can do that job. And then eventually you will not have energy to even do that job anymore. You won’t be supporting it, the universe will not support you and it will exhaust you if you do anything that is not aligned with your true being! Say “OK, my Divine Purpose. I surrender. Show me it. Help me get there!” The Universe will transition you out of your current job, or wherever you are, and align the people you need to meet. the place you need to be and everything else. You don’t even need to mentally decide what it is and try and plan and take control. You don’t need to do that – it will just happen. A litte intention is neccessary, you must intent for it and be vigilent about that intention, but it will go for you! It will cary you there…because it’s who you are.

Alex Collier, who is a contactee of the Andromedan race, is suggesting in this context to look at your life and ask yourself these important questions: Where do my talents lie?

Who am I?
What is it that I want?
What is it that I am creating?
What is it that I want to create?
How much am I valued by myself my family?
Am I loved? Am I respected?
Am I following my passion and hearts desire?
Am I spiritually evolving, or am I on this automatic treadmill that the media and all earth religions have put us on?
What type of person do I want to be?
What kind of leader do I want to be?
What type of legacy am I going to leave?
Am I actually fulfilling what I want to do?
Am I truly happy in my effort in what I have done.
Have I made any difference whatsowever and what’s going on here in the world?

When there is a will, there is a way…. The choice is yours.

What will happen energetically in 2012?

There are two cosmic moments occurring; one at 11:11am on the 11th November 2011 and the second at 11/12/ 2012  These are instants of total silence throughout the Universe when the portals of heaven open pouring in new divine feminine energy & unimaginable things can happen. A vast number of PEOPLE WILL AWAKEN … psychically & spiritually The 12 spiritual chakras of the planet will open & this will profoundly affect everyone. The Olympic Games in London, the spiritual Earth Star Chakra of Earth will bring great light enabling this process to start. 33 cosmic portals are starting to open throughout the planet. Each of these brings in the 12 rays plus the Silver Ray of the Divine Feminine as well as the Christ Light. The opening of these portals will allow the wisdom of ancient cultures to return to our consciousness. Of course, such high energies can equally be used for bad, if used unwisely, which is why  everyone is called on to heal their emotions and thoughts now and use this great opportunity to change the planet. Individually and collectively there has never been such an opportunity for spiritual growth. After 2032 people will have much less need for money, until we no longer need it and go back to exchange.

Everything will be curved and rounded!

There will be none of that ugly, curbed, square, masculine way of building anymore they will be build for colour and light and on pure divine feminine principles.
People will start taking their power into their own hands. The big dinosaur business are going to collapse and people will start gathering in groups of likeminded people to build much smaller communities and grow their own food in an organic way, using natural means. People will seek spiritual enrichment, rather than financial rewards. Those people who work for nature, for animals and the highest good of humanity …their businesses will do well. There’s plenty of room for the new abundance that’s coming in. People will be much healthier & say no to many of the things that are currently in our Big Brother environment.

And because people are doing what they want to do, in these 5th dimensional communities,
everyone will be much happier!

Many more star children will come in and grow up being more confident in themselves, having more self-worth and self-esteem, learning to do what gives them soul-satisfaction, so they are not influenced by society. By 2032, 17% of babies will be born with their 12 strands of DNA in place – this could be more, if they were enough high-frquency adults to birth then & look after them. This is possible as more and more people are awakening their 12 chakras – and bringing the 5th dimensional energy in through them…

What can you do to bring about the changes for 2012?

Bring your own life into peace and harmony. Your energy will then automatically lift the vibrations of everyone with whom you come into contact. Recognise that everyone is equal and treat them as such. Honour all the forms of life on the planet from rocks, insects and plants to animals and humans. Give no energy to fear, darkness and mass hysteria. Instead focus on the good, the wise and great, so that it expands. Visualise everyone throughout the world holding hands in peace. If enough individuals do these things, the consciousness of all must inevitably rise.

All credit given to Diana Cooper @

2011 The Year to End all Years

Everyone is feeling it. Something is in the wind. Something grand is unfolding on the horizon, just around the corner. A knowingness and feeling that soon it will no longer be business as usual. Is it tumultuous times of exciting social, economic and physical Earth changes? A collective initiation and ascension into Higher Consciousness & Energy? A grand reunion with ancient ancestors from the stars? Master Teacher and Messenger James Gilliland has extensive information on the appearance of Spiritual Masters and other Off World Visitors. He speaks here regarding 2011, Higher Beings, Working on Self in preparation for what is coming! His near death experience opened up what can only be referred to as Inter-dimensional mind which covers a very wide range of subjects. James also has extensive documentation of the appearance of Spiritual Masters and other Off World Visitors as well. Interviews can be adjusted to the audience, covering a diverse field of experience and be as unlimited or outrageous as desired. The near death experience opened up what can only be referred to as Interdimensional mind which covers a very wide range of subjects.

    His interviews  discuss the following topics:

  • Near death experience.. Life after death, the process and where one goes according to consciousness
  • Planes, dimensions, and the vibrational continuum
  • Healing negative influences, discarnate spirits, poltergeists, thought forms, and limiting mental concepts
  • Angelic Guides, Ascended Masters, and other spiritually and technologically advanced beings