How to attract Money into your life!

1. Pray for Abundance and Prosperity

Dear God,
God of an infinite and abundant universe. I know affirm that there is plenty for all. Plenty for everyone to spare and to share and an infinity supply to support us in our lives and our sacred, divine live purpose. I now ask for your intervention, bringing sustenance and support to every person on this planet at this time. I ask you, God, to help our earth to be restored to the experience of your abundance of plenitude. Help those in need right now! Help me to know your presence through the extension of your love with supply and support and I ask that every man, woman and child will be given adequate safe and comfortable shelter, healthy, organic food to eat, medical supply, clean drinking water, clothing as needed relevant to their environment, and also that we have a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives, which is essentially, spiritual food for us all. 

Help us God, to know that you are watching over us and protecting us, and supplying our needs infinitely and abundantly. Help me to touch the experience of your presence with material support and supply that I need for daily sustenance and for my sacred and holy life purpose. Thank you God for opening your arms and helping me to open my arms to receive this beautiful bounty and supply & support that I know you give to me continuously in spite of any blockages in my thinking & feeling, which are keeping me from receiving your supply and support. Please help me to heal my mind and my feelings away from this fear, away from these blockades, and to freely and continuously be in touch with the abundant and divine flow of this beautiful, perfect universe that you’ve created. Help me to feel and know that continuous supply and that support. Help me to feel secure about my future and to know that you help me to ensure that my bills are paid, that all of my needs are met, and that, as I take guided action, I am in that flow with you. I am in harmony with your universe. Help me to receive miracles of abundance, notice the signs of your presence and support and bring to me that what I most urgently need right now.

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Please help me to receive it. Help us all to know that you are with us, that you love us unconditionally and you do supply all of our needs and support as a loving parent supplies their offspring, just as we are your holy children. Thank you God for reminding us daily of your presence, helping us to keep the faith to stay positive and to know through our lives that our faith is the miraculous power that connects us to you.

“Please now fill my mind and heart with faith and trust that ALL IS WELL that I am continuously supported – financially, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and in all other ways. Help me to clearly hear and receive your divine guidance, which is sent to me via your angels, for I am to take guided action in the direction of my life’s purpose, which is one with your will”

Please help us to be at peace and to have that faith to taking care of us and supplying our needs even as it comes through as divine guidance and helping us to take action steps so that we can be co-creators of the answers to our prayers. Thank you God for helping everybody everywhere with their needs and especially the children. Help us God to balance giving and receiving according to your will. I now give to you any fears about my supply, any worries I have about the lack of money in my life – I give them to you for transmutation, healing and upliftment.


Help me to raise my thoughts to the level of miracle making and miracle living. Help me to be a living example of your truth and your promises. Help me to be a teacher of God by walking my talk, by being centered in faith always and by being a living example of your prosperity and your generosity. Help me to have enough for the issues that are near and dear to my heart. Help me to purify my mind and my intentions, so that I am focused on divine and selfless service and focused more upon giving than upon receiving. As you ease my mind about my supply, I am more able to put my entire energy and entire motivation into serving through my God-given talents and passions. And helping your will for peace on earth, one person at the time – beginning with me – and with everyone else. May we all be at peace. May we all be filled with faith. May we all know God’s infinite supply and love. And so it is.


 2. Tithing

is a powerful way to acknowledge your Source and remind you that your relationship with money is not just a material relationship, but also an energetic or spiritual one. A good rule of thumb is to give away 10% of your net income with love. When we tithe, we acknowledge and honor our financial partnership with God or our Inner Wisdom. According to the Old Testament, tithing was widely practiced in ancient times as a way to care for those in need. Tithing means “one-tenth,” and families would give away 10% of their earnings to be divided among the poor. It’s so powerful to give money freely, expecting nothing in return. We’re reminded we are co-creating our lives with the Divine, and our money is part of that co-creation. Our money flows to us from God, and so we allow it to flow back to God, in an endless circle. Our tithing encourages gratitude. It’s a great way to say thank you to the inspiration and abundance always available to us. We can’t stand in gratitude and lack at the same time, and of course we increase our prosperity by our internal expansion. While 10% is the traditional percentage for tithing, you can choose whatever works best for you.


4. Reconnect with the Spirit of Money

  1. The most important thing about money that you need to understand is that it’s an energy being, it’s alive.
  2. Think of it like an Elemental, a very powerful, very important Elemental. I would go on to say that it’s probably the most important Elemental in your life today. That’s because of the nature of the world we’re living in. Especially if you’re living in a Western country, where you need to have money to survive.
  3. Money allows you to do the most basic things, such as drinking fresh water, having somewhere to live, having clothes on your body, being able to express yourself creatively. Eating every day. The most basic things in life come through with your exchange of money, therefore it is extremely important.
  4. Another aspect of money I would like you to understand is that money is not evil. Some people will use money in a negative way, but money itself has nothing negative about it. Once you identify and you contact the energy of money, you’ll see it for yourself. There is absolutely nothing negative about money. It’s all-inclusive, it’s creative, it’s nurturing. It’s warm, it’s beautiful. And I want you to be able to experience this.
  5. For this exercise you’re going to need some money to hold. Notes are better than coins but if you don’t have any at the moment, the coin will do. But next time, try to have a note, and the bigger the note the better.
  6. Put the note between your two palms, resting gently in front of you. It’s going to look a little bit like you are praying, but your hands resting forward so that they are nice and comfortable.
  7. It’s really important, while you are doing this exercise, that you do not ask for stuff! I have noticed that there is a tendency for somebody when they’re immediately contacting money or when they feel that they are starting to contact money, to start asking for stuff.  You know, ‘Oh, I want a new car, I want a new job, I want money for food, I want whatever’ – you know, it’s like, don’t do that.
  8. Think of it like you are going to meet and make a new friend, and if you are going to make a new friend, you’re not going to start by asking them for stuff.
  9. First get acquainted with the energy of money. And then we are going to allow it to express itself in our energy field. That’s all we are going to do right now.
  10. So hold the money between your palms and clear your mind.
  11. Next, we are going to feel the note. Just feel for it. Feel it between your palms. Allow it to be there.
  12. Soon it’s going to start feeling warm. There is some lovely warmth coming out of it. That’s the first signature that you are going to identify about money. It’s warm.
  13. Say ‘hi’ and tell it that you ALLOW IT TO EXPRESS ITSELF TO YOU.
  14. And then just listen.
  15. Quieten your mind and listen.
  16. See if any images, any thoughts come to your mind and allow that to happen.
  17. And if you are getting any sort of negative feedback from this exercise, that’s all you have to do – just thank the image, the feelings, blocks, and release them. They’re coming up now so that you can release them.
  18. It took me a few weeks to work through several blocks, and eventually I was able to just sit there and allow money to express itself to me.
  19. The next stage is to allow it into your energy field. Your energy field is your life, it’s you. It’s your body, it’s your thoughts, your emotions, your reality.
  20. So once you have a good, positive feedback from money, and you are allowing it to express itself to you completely and utterly, I want you to ask it to come into your life. To come into your energy field.
  21. And I can tell you it is going to be extremely happy to do so, because money likes nothing better than to be plentiful in your life. That’s the only way it can express itself – to be plentiful, to be in every aspect of your life.
  22. So how this translates on a practical level, is basically, you let the note between your hands become warm.
  23. You allow it to become warm, you allow it to become hot even. And you allow that warmth to grow, and to encompass you. To come into your life, and the flow of it, the love of it.
  24. The signature is extremely similar to that of Mother Earth because they are one and the same. Welcome it, embrace it.
  25. You can pause there, so that you can fully allow the experience to complete itself.
  26. After you are done, say thank you to the Elemental of money for having expressed itself fully to you.
  27. Open your eyes if they were closed, and put your money away.
  28. Remember, you must do this exercise at least once a day.


 3. Mantras

are sounds that can help you manifest things you want in life. Certain sounds create different vibrations for attracting particular things, like OM BRZEE NAMAHA for the flow of money by the teacher Dattatreya Siva Baba. It is easy to do and very powerful! You can find more here:

Writing or chanting mantras will bring results. You can do one or the other, or both if you’re dedicated. Make sure you chant/write 108x, or 1008x a day. Pick a number you can stick with consistently. If you can spend 2-3hrs a day to do 1008, then do it. Also, be sure to focus on only 1 or 2 mantras, unless you have a lot of free time. Now remember, if at first you can’t do 1008x, that doesn’t mean its bad. Quality counts, not quantity. Think about it, it is better to chant a mantra 108x loud and clear with peace of mind, letting the sound vibrate into your entire being, rather than to just quickly chant it just to get it over with. Same with writing. Better to write 108x neatly with full focus than to just scribble to finish it up. You know your situation better than I do, pick what works for you. Good luck.

You can also try Alaje’s HU meditation…


4. Affirmations

♥ I am one, with the Energy of the Source

♥ I am completely financially secure.

♥ All of my needs are met. Now and in the future.

♥ My loved ones are safe and secure.

♥ I can easily pay all of my bills.

♥ I have plenty of money to share with charities, people in need.

♥ All of my bills are well managed and paid off!

♥ My savings account is healthy and secure.

♥ All of my financial needs, goals and intentions have been met and exceeded!

♥ I am one, with the Cosmic Awareness that created me

The Cosmic Awareness has given me the power to create the situations that I want

♥ I let go of the past and I live in the NOW

♥ I am ready to change my life NOW and change everything that is disturbing me to achieve joy

♥ I understand that my true self is my Soul, that is part of the Cosmic Awareness

♥ I allow my soul to heal and teach me with Love

♥ I am able to heal myself on all areas

♥ I have the power to make changes in my life

♥ I am ready for Wisdom and Knowledge

♥ I am willing to expand the horizons of my thinking

♥ I use the Wisdom of all my experiences for the good of all

♥ I am ready for Love

♥ I find Love everywhere

♥ I learn easy and with Joy

♥ I always reach my goals in an easy way

♥ It is easy to change my thoughts and emotions into positive energies

♥ My thoughts and feelings are creating my future, because everything I send out comes back

♥ With loving thoughts and emotions, I am attracting the right people and the right situations for me

♥ I am open to receive all the Abundance of the Existence

♥ I have many possibilities in my life

♥ Everything I need, comes at the right time, if I create the right energy

♥ The Cosmic Awareness has many ways to send me what I need and what I want

♥ My consciousness and creativity is extending constantly

♥ My spiritual side is always active and my consciousness is constantly growing

♥ I love myself

♥ I treat myself with Love and healthy vegetarian food

♥ I am healthy

♥ I am brave without ego and arrogance, and I face my fears in order to heal them

♥ I am free from blocking energies, programs, and vices

♥ I am free from belief systems, I am free from control and suppression

♥ I am not restricted by negative, limited beliefs from my family or society

♥ I am not depending on anybody and I am taking responsibility for my life

♥ Everybody is responsible for his own life

♥ I am independent and make my own decisions in tune with Light and Love

♥ My motives are in tune with the Existence, in tune with the Cosmic Awareness

♥ I am friendly, loving and compassionate

♥ I have sympathy in my Heart

♥ I am giving and receiving Love

♥ I use my talents in the service of the Light

♥ I am careful of what I say, because words are energy and have the possibility to manifest

♥ I am thankful for all the good things in my life

♥ I am living a life of love

♥ I use Love to transform any blocking energy

♥ I use Love energy, to create a loving, peaceful earth-society

♥ Love is the biggest power there is, because it is the power of the Cosmic Awareness


5. Visualization

One great way to increase your ability to manifest large amounts of money is to use the power of money visualization. First of all simply imagine that you are looking up at the big blue sky. It’s a gorgeous day, with only a few small puffy clouds in the distance above. Then imagine small little pieces of paper are coming from those clouds. They are £50.00 notes raining down!! They start increasing in numbers now, thousands, millions and even billions of notes are floating down! Notice the smell of these crisp new notes.  You are now in the midst of a major money visualization downpour! They are landing all over you, your house and the entire neighborhood and city! How does it feel to have those softly float down and land all over you? Do you feel abundant and free?

What are you going to do with this money? Think about it. If you could make your one personal heartfelt contribution to the planet with this abundance, what would you do? 

Go ahead and take ONE action towards that today!!  To manifest your dream life, simply start living your dream as if it’s already happening… Enjoy”


6. Apply the Law of Attraction


7. Meditate


About Extra-Terrestrials, Cosmic Laws, Spirituality & Developing the Consciousness.

This information was given by Alaje, a teacher from the star system of the Pleiades. He is a member of a federation in which thousands of benevolent races are working together. This is not science fiction. If you are intelligent you will investigate this information before you criticize it. Many of us live here as volunteers in order to eliminate the negativity on Earth. Each one has his own abilities and tasks.

3431373The earth is in a process of transformation in order to move into a higher frequency.

Every planet goes through a transformation like this. It is the natural way of evolution. Everything in the universes is developing- nothing stands still. The Earth frequency is increasing slowly, it is higher than decades before.

That’s why some of you have the feeling that time is passing by quicker. This gives you the opportunity to develop your consciousness even faster, because there are more things happening in a short time and your thoughts are manifesting quicker. In these higher frequencies, nothing evil can exist. That’s the reason why the dark earth controllers which consists of Earth Humans and evil extra-terrestrials are doing everything to keep the earth frequency low. They are exploding atomic bombs on the ground and high in the sky to disturb the magnetic field of the earth.

They are spreading the energy of war, hate, competition and idiocy through the media and creating fear by manipulating the economy.

They have studied the human behavior for hundreds of years and are using the primitive drives and desires of the masses to keep them ignorant and unaware. They are afraid that the population will evolve and grow too much, so

…they even spread chemicals with planes to make the population ill!

They are doing even more- they want total control of everything! But there is a power that is able to stop them and this power is SPIRITUAL ENERGY!  The more people are using the spiritual power of real universal love, the easier it is to eliminate this threat. As long as you see the earth as divided countries, disliking each other and being in competition, you are making it very easy for the easy earth controllers. If you want to change a lower energy, you have to use a higher energy. In some cases this will come automatically, because the more humans suffer, the more they will look for new ways to overcome it. They will start to seek for the the Truth and the spiritual energy of the existence. So see it at a challenge and exercise for you to overcome the inner and outer negativity.

Start to work on your inner healing and development.  The higher frequencies which are coming from the Source of the Light are bringing all inner blockades and unhealed emotional patterns to the surface, so you can work on them and heal them. You can’t go to higher frequencies with blocking energies, unsolved matters, or hate and arrogance. Belligerent people with hate, arrogance, ego, or greed can’t stand these higher frequencies of love. They hate love. They hate people who are talking about love and insulting them. They hate

everything that expresses love, like harmonious music, beautiful colours in art, or nature. 

They hate especially people who are telling the truth, because their masks are falling down. They have the option and chance to overcome their ego, or stay negative and learn their lessons in their next lives. It is important to heal all character defects. Heal all karmic issues and traumatic experiences from this, or past life times and get rid of negative programmes of your society, like competition thinking, ego, envy, cults, false believe systems and hating people who are living on the other side of the planet.This will make the way free to develop your spiritual awareness. With a higher consciousness will understand that everything is energy: thoughts, feelings, objects, colours, music, forms… everything.

The universes are naturally full of living beings on different dimensions, but this is kept as a secret on your planet. Your dark governments ridicule the topics of extra-terrestrials and developing the consciousness in order that you have no interest in this and laugh about it. The people in power are lying to you for thousands of years about extra-terrestrials and Cosmic Laws. They don’t want you to know because they are afraid they’ll loose their power over you. If you don’t believe that, try to find out the truth in order to know. The proof exists but you have to find it by yourself. Only then you will believe and know.

They want you to create negative energies and work for them as financing their wars with your taxes and deriding everything that has to do with spirituality and extra-terrestrials. They are showing you fake pictures from space so you will think that there is nothing out there. Find it out yourself. You will be very angry that they’ve always been lying to you!

The higher evolved people from other planets want you to be free from this system. The truth is that all the universes are inhabited. It is a natural thing and has nothing to do with science fiction. Many extra-terrestrials who visited Earth in the past were worshiped by primitive earth people as angels or Gods. This is the reason why you still have religions and believe systems on earth.

You are praying to extra-terrestrials who lived here thousands of years ago. Positive and negative extra-terrestrials. It makes no difference for the truth if you believe it or not, it has always been a reality. Try to find out. Thousands of earth people know this already, bu in a few years everybody will see that you were never alone in the Universe. Don’t be shocked when you see thousands of ships in the sky. Find out which ones are sending love. These are the spiritual ones. Some negative extra-terrestrial pretend to be us, the Pleiadians and some people have contacted them and spreading miss-information. Don’t be blinded with real UFO pictures, more important  is who is inside those ships.

There is a war between the light and the dark going on behind your backs to free you from the mind slavery that you are living in since 12000. years! You are not free on Earth. You have forgotten what freedom is. The only things you know are:

  • hate
  • violence
  • terror
  • cigarettes
  • drugs
  • taxes
  • fake governments for TV
  • fear
  • believe systems
  • superstition

The secret government is creating these things in order to control you! They are creating the terror themselves, so they can legally give more power to the military and control technologies. Their goal is to amplify the negative energy. Do you want to live in such a world? We know that many of you don’t believe that, so again, find out yourself. The evidence is there, but you have to make the effort to find it! You can read books by George Adamski, Bob Renaud, Howard Menger, George van Tassel and Elizabeth Klarer.

Erase the negativity in your mind and

concentrate on positive energy.

That is your power against the evil.They are powerless against this energy. That is why they want you to distract from this power. Don’t let the dark government manipulate you. They are using:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Newspapers
  • Cigarettes
  • Drugs
  • Religions
  • TV-polititians
  • Military
  • Electro-magnetic waves
  • Self-made wars in order to keep you in a negative mode.

Everybody who is laughing about this information is already manipulated and has to learn more than others. An intelligent human first investigates a topic before he has an opinion about it.

The universe is inhabited by many beings; humanoid and not humanoid. Your governments had already contacts and are keeping it a secret. That is why your technology has been developed so fast in the last 50 years. You are living on this planet in order to learn how to stay positive, even in such a negative world. The meaning of live is the development of the consciousness, of the heart, of the mind, of the character in a more noble level – being spiritual even with negative energies around you. That is happening over many lives and on many planets, because the soul wants to learn everything. Every planet is a school in which you can go a step higher. Every souls has the goal to evolve higher, back to the source, the cosmic central consciousness. You call is “GOD”, but it’s not a person, it’s the Energy from which everything exists.

You have no knowledge about the universe because you have been given miss-information from your governments and priests.Even your earth history books, they have been re-written, or deleted in the Middle Ages. Discoveries about extra-terrestrial colonies were either kept in secret, or have been erased. Instead they are showing you the discovery of some animal bones and selling it to you as a sensation.They want to keep you dumb and ignorant so that only they have the knowledge  and power. Is this fair to you? Evidence is out there, but you have to find it yourself. They won’t tell you this on public TV!  If you really want to get knowledge, the Existence will show you the ways to find it. Most people on Earth have forgotten how to listen to the Soul – they are distracted on purpose in the negative society around them. Friends, it’s time to change this! You are living in a nightmare!

  • Erase every negative emotion in you!
  • Concentrate on positive emotions – try it at least.
  • Create the inner wish to gain knowledge about the Universe

Compare to other civilizations in the universe, you are young and in the Kindergarten. Don’t let the negative people disturb you. They stealing your energy and want you to keep you primitive as they are.

Be careful with smokers and alcohol drinkers. They are influences by negative astral beings, who are living in their auric field and eating their live energy. Everybody with spiritual power can see this.

If something is vibrating higher than you, it is invisible for you. This is nothing mystical. There is no mystical thing – it is simply higher spiritual science that most people don’t know! Negative people are trying to argue with you and make you angry and powerless.

Positive people are giving you love, power and knowledge.

You have always a choice who you want to have on your side: the light, or the Darkness. Love, or hate. Don’t let them deceive you when they say they are spiritual and at the same time they are smoking or are following a religion.

A spiritual human is taking care of his health, because he knows self-love.

and he is worshiping  nobody, because he is taking responsibility for his live! Only if you love yourself, you are able to love others. A smoker who is destroying himself, does not love himself and has to learn it first.Everybody has to make their choice now if they want to live for positive or the negative. Don’t waste your live with stupid TV-shows junk food, drugs, or religions who killed millions of people in the past. When you came to Earth, your plan was to evolve into something higher, not into something lower! Think about it.

The negative thoughts from millions of people since thousands of years are forcing the earth to get rid of them. That is why you have chaotic weather, earth quakes, floods, volcano eruptions. Earth is not only suffering from gas pollution, but also from thought pollution. Thoughts are energy,  and energy has always an effect on the universe, because everything in the existence is connected. This is higher science. Try to charge your thoughts with positive energy whenever you can. Concentrate on friendliness, not on hate. Are you able to do this? There are thousands of people like me on Earth who can help you to achieve this.

We are the Lightworkers who are using the Light of the higher realms of existence to eliminate negativity. In your history, you have been calling us Angels.

Everybody who is working for the light is attacked extremely from the Dark Side. Therefore it is important that the Lightworkers increase their light even more! Don’t let yourself be discouraged by negative people, or problems that you are facing. Keep your focus on the goal:

Help this planet to dive in the spiritual light where nothing negative can exist.

The experiment “Earth” in which we wanted to see, if we can hold our light in a negative environment is coming slowly to an end. The dark side want to prevent this. Don’t let skeptics, arrogant people, or fake paid psychologists discourage you. They are afraid of love and of people with more knowledge than they have. They will need many lives until they are ready for higher wisdom. It is their free will. Every flower has it’s own time to blossom. The more light you are sending out of your heart, the weaker the dark side is becoming. The more the dark side is attacking you for this, the more it is a compliment for you that you are doing it well! The fight against the evil is taking place more on the inside than on the outside, in your heart, in your thinking. The energy you are sending is important.

If you are thinking negative inside, you will increase the chaos around you, because your are feeding it.

If you want to eliminate the chaos on the Planet, sends thoughts of love out. These thoughts will be carried through the morphogenetic field to the whole planet.That is how you can destroy the plan of the Dark Side. They are planing chaos, not only on this planet but also on the whole galaxy. Are we going to allow this? The dark side is using the television to lie to you. 90% of the TV-shows have the permission to make you dumb!  They don’t want you to think about the meaning of live. They want you to believe that everything is OK.

The biggest lie-shows are those that have to do with politics. They are showing you TV-politicians and fake elections to make you think that you have the right to vote.

The real people in power are never on TV and they are elected from their own family members.

As long as you allow such people to rule over you, you will stay their slave to finance their wars with your taxes. Imagine in what kind of world you want to live in. Imagine a world without violence, without military, without politicians, or sanctimonious priests, without superstition, without believe systems and without lies. Imagine a world where only Love rules, where everybody has everything they need, where knowledge is available for everybody and the contact to higher evolved planets is a natural thing. You have to build the strong inner wish to live in such a world. The more people who can imagine, and send these thoughts of love, the easier you can steer the evolution of the planet into a positive direction.

Begin to listen to the words of your soul, not to the words they are sending you through television and radio. You can only listen to the words of your soul when you are in silence, without stress and noise.

Most people are concentrating daily on hate, enviousness, arguments and arrogance. They are living unconscious – not conscious, and wasting their life. Make your decision now: in what kind of world do you want to live? Sends thoughts of Love to the whole planet. This is disturbing the dark side more than anything else. Imagine how the whole planet is filled with the Light of Love and this light is burning all the evil away. Now is the time to proof to yourself whether you really are an adult in your mind, or not. Somebody who likes hate and violence is less evolved than an animal, or a plant!

The meaning of live is the evolution of your consciousness and the love in your heart.

It’s not your car, your mobile phone, your bank account, your religions, sports, horror movies, or violence over others. It is simply your love in your heart. Only if you think with your heart, you are on the winner’s side. This is the key to a higher existence.

Free Yourself from the International Conspiracy Against Enlightenment

A wonderful discourse by the highly aware, enlightened teacher: Ma Nithya Sudevi confirming that there is indeed an agenda to keep people depressed, bored, lethargic, apathetic, atheistic and unhappy. basically on a very low-frequency on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

I highly recommend you look deeply into the issues I’m about to share with you here. It’s my hope that this presentation will spark your own passion to research the hidden agendas behind the all-pervasive corruption in our world today, how that corruption affects your concious path of self-realization, and ultimately, how to go beyond all the obstacles stacked against you by the self-appointed global “elite,” and rise into enlightenment, anyway. Please click on the links below to listen to these subjects in more depth…

  1.   Do not consume any fluoride, ever.
  2.   Do not consume any aspertame, ever.
  3.   Avoid eating genetically modified, non-organic and highly processed, “foods.”
  4.   Avoid watching television.
  5.   Question your education.
  6.   Re-evaluate the validity of popular opinion.
  7.   Look within yourself to discover who you are.
  8.   Keep a Regular Spiritual Routine.
  9.   Drop all the judgements you have against those who are not ready to make the same changes you’re making.
  10.   Let Enlightenment be your number one priority!


The reasons behind the current economic challenges, chaos & collapse

James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, lecturer, and author. He is the founder of ECETI Ranch, a UFO hotspot regularly visited by UFO enthusiasts and investigators. James is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines; a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth and teaches higher dimensional realities from experience. We begin the interview talking about disinformation in the UFO community. Then, James discusses our multidimensional nature and says we can access unity consciousness as well as other beings within the unified field. We’ll talk about the current tyrannical empire, warring for our consciousness. This war is creating two worlds, two systems. James explains how an implosion in inevitable for those who choose not to evolve into a higher state.

50 Signs of spiritual Awakening

More art on my website: ( drawings

  1. Ability to learn new concepts, or languages rapidly increases …this stems from opening to all your soul record and remembering who you are
  2. Making a conscious effort to connect to people through the eyes and the heart
  3. Increasing Gnosis (knowledge of spiritual mysteries)
  4. More frequent flashes of ‘inner-tuition’, or intuition
  5. Disconnection from the white noise and negative information (TV and radio)
  6. Seeking holistic health care practitioners as partners in your healing journey…no longer seeking a doctor to “fix you” with prescription drugs
  7. A feeling of being grounded to the core of the earth.
  8. Knowing that these places within your body are showing you about areas of great opportunity for growth on all levels.
  9. Paying attention to the places of pain/restriction  in your body in order to move into them!
  10. A sense of your own power to create with thought, words, and actions
  11. Activating grace and fluidity of movement through posture and breath
  12. An increasing ability to access inner peace in the lower chakras
  13. Heightened senses of hearing, smell and taste
  14. Becoming more aware of how your body moves through space
  15. An increased interest in exercising in ways that honour your body – mind – spirit connection
  16. A feeling that something has changed within you
  17. You begin to look younger experiencing more vitalityDSC_0995
  18. Seeking new friends and groups who are interested in the Integrated life of the spirit (meaning balance in mind-body-spirit)
  19. Spiritual awakening raises your vibration; this involves a release of blockages which allows abundance to flow to you. Being in alignment with a higher vibration results in quicker and more beneficial manifestations to be received by you.
  20. Greater understanding of symbols, numbers and sacred geometry
  21. Increasing sense of empathy and connection with all people & animals
  22. An increasing willingness to show your emotions to all people, rather than cover up and hide your true self
  23. An increased humor; the ability to laugh at the self
  24. Feelings of bliss when experiencing simple things, such as a sunset, or a seeing a beautiful cloud formation
  25. A returning ability to allow your tears to flow in situations of emotional intensity
  26. Letting go of the need to control outcomes


  27. Giving yourself permission to follow your heart’s desires
  28. “I can and I am” becoming your key words, rather than “I can’t and I am not”
  29. Offering from the heart to help others in times of need, knowing that you are helping yourself
  30. Increasingly seeing the Divine in the mundane
  31. Meeting new people in serendipitous ways and knowing that this is divine direction in your life
  32. Loving yourself as you are without the need to qualify
  33. Asking for and receiving confirmation from your guides on a regular basis
  34. Experiencing true surrender to Divine Will without feeling victimized by your own choices
  35. Remembering your dreams and knowing what your spirit is telling you through the symbolism of your dreams
  36. Seeing the beauty in each and every person in your life
  37. Letting go of expectations of how you think things “should be” and accepting them as they are
  38. Being led by spiritual intuition rather than limited by emotional fear
  39. Being able to transcend limited perceptions of incarnate dimension
  40. Seeing your life experience in the holographic reality of your soulApril 14 035
  41. Feeling God within your body – an awareness of heat coming from your hands and feet.
  42. Knowing that your are home now and in every Now you create
  43. An increase in occurrences of coincidence, better known as synchronicity, favourable people and beneficial circumstance start to appear with exactly what you need. Answers to questions are revealed to you through signs and messages. Synchronicity is a sign you are on the right track and that you are aware of these miracles happening around you. The more you notice and take heed, the more they appear so show appreciation for the guidance you are receiving.
  44. You simply feel different, you may not look any different but you know something has changed internally.
  45. Paying more attention to the details of daily life – your old ways are falling by the wayside and the real you is starting to emerge.
  46. A desire to enroll in a classroom of “higher” learning. Going to new places and moving outside of your comfort zone
  47. For many of you, this is allowing yourself to ask questions in groups, to talk to “strangers” and to let go of your fears of looking uninformed in front of others.
  48. new work 1 008
  49. A feeling that you are somehow different, with new skills and gifts emerging, especially healing ones.
  50. Increased integrity, you realize that it is time for you to seek and speak your truth.
  51. A knowing sense of connectedness / Oneness. You have an abiding knowing from within of the intrinsic inter-relatedness of everything, both living and non-living. You have a sense that now your life is a living manifestation of this Truth, and that you are It — as are all people

How to live powerfully in 2012

  Beauty opens our senses and makes us more psychic!

Worldwide revolution is coming. There is no doubt about that. I see political collapse all over the world that is all by agreement. In order to build something new, for something new to come out, something has to crumble. Literally things stop working. Why isn’t not working anymore? Because people are so corrupt! It’s a choice we are all facing. Say, someone tells you: “Well if you do this, you know…than you can get ‘that’”, which looks like a way to get ahead and you say: “Wow, OK.” and then. And eventually they say: “Well, I helped you to do this and this…and now I want this favour back.” and you say: ”I don’t want to do this!”…and then you get set up for black mail/corruption that gets really nasty. It’s so common all over the world and very, very sad. When we have this level of corruption worldwide, caught up in black mail schemes, who always go back to 2 issues – the misuses of money & sex. They are the 1st and 2nd chakra issues: How can I survive? What am I going to do with my sexuality. That is something that really has to change, going back to value our sexuality. So the rise of porn is not a good thing for humanity? No, it’s horrible, because what happens is that the rise of porn is a replacement for real relationships and causes erectile dysfunctions, in men at least. So the more men are looking for stimulation that is not real outside themselves, the less they are able to have fulfilling relationships. This again works for the drug companies. $ 35000000. Now what this is saying is that something is happening with people and they don’t know what it is. So they go to a doctor, who is just a factory worker, that’s all he is. A factory worker fulfilling someone else’s agenda to make money and to keep people locked into something to services that have no heart. So these people come in – the doctors are not psychic, they are not trained to be psychic, they have no time, they don’t care. They don’t say: “What’s really going on?”, they don’t look into the soul. So then it’s all these drugs. And people get on drugs and don’t know what’s going on and vacate their body…and this is where we get into entity possession! Drugs will lead to entity possession and pornography leads to entity possession! Because when you lower your vibration, and your sexual value, when you have sex based on these funky activities without love and without real significance, you open yourself wide to other entities to come in, who want human bodies to engage in these perverse activities. And they are harmful and demeaning. An important thing that people must understand is that Sex is powerful psychic energy used at very high level to be used to create so much psychic sexual energy that they can remote view! They can go and heal the world and change things. We hide it under Tantra and all those things, but it really has to do with two people’s intentions, of trust and heart and eye contact, because so much gets shared through the eyes. So on some level, pornography is coming up because it has to be cleansed. It’s an old ancient issue – the debasement of the human body, using children and animals, controlling people in this way. This is so old. As we are changing the paradigm, everything that is not working, that is really dark and nasty, it’s got to come up to be identified! This whole idea about us getting ascended and lift our consciousness and love and light, we don’t have to know about this stuff, but if we don’t go to the dark and address it, otherwhise it can never be healed. So we have to look at what’s not working, even if people think they are not enjoying it, otherwise entity possession is going to get worse and worse. One of the reasons is that there are beings on the planet that have a human body and operating through the physical form, but they aren’t actually human, but reptilian. And they understand some of the oldest magical intelligence, the magical arts on the planet, which can be used for good, or ill. And they use them for ill. When you perform acts of intention at times of power then you can effect, you can condition space. Anything that is done on the solstices, on the equinoxes, the cross quarters, which are the half-way point between solstices and equinoxes, and the new moons and full moons – any kind of ceremonial activity that is done at that time can really condition the whole earth, especially when someone really knows what they are doing and they want to dedicate a certain activity, a mass ritual sacrifices of people that are broadcasted worldwide – these staged attempts by a global elite using media to sell fear and to get everybody attention into one probable reality. These events are dedicated by humans to non-physical forces, saying: Here, we are offering you this life form. You have to understand that beings from other dimensions are very attracted to us by nature, this is natural, because we flow in and out. They are attracted to our life force and our vibration. And this is why historically virgins/ children would be offered for sacrifice, because they had very pure energy. And when a body would be scarified and blood offered, the entities would just come pouring in, because it’s like food for them. So we have to counter-act that. Honour the times when the energies between heaven and earth, cosmic and ourselves flow. It is our job to give thanks, to pray, to have gratitude and to really condition what we want and set the season ahead by intention – that’s the way we have to counter-act. It’s all about creating a new sense of real values. The global elite know that. They all study psychology, they understand behaviours modification, they understand spirits, astrology – they understand the whole scoop, they are occult practitioners who know the story of the planet. They know the cycles, so they manipulate us. The biggest question we have to ask ourselves if we create our own reality as a mass agreement: “Why did we create this?Why have we as a race of human beings created this tyranny on our planet and why is it that it is so pervasive that people are afraid to even see it, or they mabe think they don’t have the power to overcome it?

But luckily..there are people who are willing to learn and willing to change their believes, and really face the fact that they have created this situation themselves asking: What lesson can I learn from it and how can I move on? These people are going to be really strong, really smart, totally intuitive and can’t be confused anymore. They will open up to the freedom of thinking and perception. So many brilliant people are on the planet already… and they are waking up every day. This process is indeed going to be a magnificent one. You are really here to enjoy the body, create an experience, love and add to the creativity of the multi-verse. We are really here to heal. This is what this time is about. We are healing ourselves and our ancestors. By healing and eradicating this unnecessary fear, it qualifies us to meet other beings and take us to the higher level. You can’t get to those higher frequencies until you move through your fear – deciding that we are creators and we are courageous enough to process it. No one else can do it for you.

How to take positive action & create a big shift in your live?

Lesson 1 – The Infinite Potential Within Every One of us

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

* Connect with your own heart. Start by sitting quietly with yourself. Take a few slow, deep breaths while inviting your mind to settle down. Just notice and feel your breath for a minute or so. Feel your heart beating. Notice what you are feeling. Then when you are ready, find and open to the place in your heart which only wants to love and be loved. Allow this energy to flow through your heart, mind, body, and spirit.
* Connect with the hearts of others. As you go through the day, look for the heart in each person you meet. Imagine and connect with the place in them that wants only to love and be loved. When you wake up in the morning and just before going to bed at night, open to doing this and to feeling your own heart and the place within that just wants to love and be loved.
* Think of a few people that you believe are beyond help like T.J. Ware in the story. Imagine what might happen if, instead of focusing on their shortcomings, we all consistently chose to see their heart. Cultivate the habit of looking for the best in those who are calling out for attention, and then supporting them in being the best that they can be.
* When were you bullied or humiliated by others in your life? How did this affect you? What story did you make up about yourself? Are you ready to let go of that story? Explore ways to express forgiveness to both yourself and others for anything done to you and how you reacted.
* Think of times when you might have been the bully or have humiliated others. When have you labeled someone or some group (or yourself) in a way that created distance between you and reinforced stereotypes? How often do you do this now? Explore ways to forgive yourself, to let go of rigid labels and stereotypes, and to open to greater heart connection.
* Where have you felt all alone in your suffering? How has this served you? Find ways that you can transform your feelings of being alone to feeling more connected with the hearts of those around you and particularly with our loving Transformation Team.

Lesson 2 – Media and Public Perception on Planet Earth

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

* Notice what emotions the above material brought up in you. Can you see that these emotions arose for a reason and accept them? If they are uncomfortable emotions, find a way to work towards first accepting them, and then transforming what you are experiencing to support your deeper intentions.
* Take some time to explore places where you might be keeping important information from others in your life. Where might you even be hiding some things from yourself? As we call for greater transparency in the media, let us not forget to work towards greater transparency both with ourselves and with those around us.
* On watching or reading the news, do you have a tendency to believe what you hear, or do you tend to be skeptical of everything presented? Notice on which end of the spectrum you fall and consider ways in which you might find a healthy balance between skepticism and gullibility.
* When have you read, heard, or seen something that deeply disturbed you, yet then chosen to look away and do nothing? How might you have responded differently? Explore ways in which you can empower yourself to face the difficult and scary challenges that life presents and work to accept and change them for the good of all involved.
* Consider sharing some of the information in this lesson with those in your life who might be open to exploring all that is going on in the world. Contact your political and media representatives with information here and ask them to take action. Be aware, however, that many are not open to this information. We’ve found it’s best not to be pushy. You might start by recommending the fluid intelligence essay and the short media summary. Look into some of the many groups working to bring this information out into the open.
* Even though there may be key powerful people who are spreading fear and withholding important information from the public, can we open to seeing that these people have a place in their hearts that wants only to love and be loved? Let’s work together to stop the secrecy and disempowering behavior, yet support the divine essence within even those who would do us harm.

Lesson 3 – Taking Responsibility for Our Lives

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

* Explore and write up a list of those you are blaming for problems in your life. How are you choosing to be a victim? How is your interpretation of their actions keeping you from your own potential? Pick one or two of these relationships that you are ready to transform and take concrete steps towards letting go of blame and becoming a powerful creator in your life.
* Notice every time that you find yourself sitting in judgment of others. Can you first accept that your feelings of judgment are there for a reason? Explore then how you might work to understand your own judgment and transform it through seeing the heart in those you judge and choosing to come back to a place of respect and love.
* Think about your family or the people who raised you. Are you willing to consider that they were doing the best they could with what they had? Are you willing to forgive the past, to let go of blame, and to transform your life? Even if key people in your family have died, you can find a way to transform any difficult feelings you have with them towards acceptance and love.
* When do you choose being right over being happy? How does it feel? Notice the biological reaction and comfort you take from being right. Is that what you really want? Explore ways of stepping out of your comfort zone and delving into the deeper issues in any relationship problem. Explore the deeper joy that comes with claiming full responsibility for how you interpret everything that happens to you.
* Play with the ho’oponopono healing method. Choose someone who is disempowering you or others and follow the four steps given: I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
* If you are one who blames yourself more than others, take concrete steps to heal this relationship with yourself. How much are you ready to let go of victimizing yourself to become a more creative force in our world?

Lesson 4 – The War Machine Cares Not For Life

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

* Consider how you can most effectively take action to expose the forces behind war and work to transform our world. Inform your friends who are open to some of the materials in this lesson. Contact your political and media representatives with information in this lesson and ask them to take action. Open to your spiritual guidance and ask for direction in how you can most effectively be an agent of transformation on our planet.
* Notice where in this lesson you may have found yourself slipping into the role of victim and/or blaming others for problems in our world. Does your being a victim or blaming others serve you or all of us? Explore ways in which you can take back your own power by accepting “what is” in the world, yet choosing to take action towards transformation.
* Where in your life do you use control and dominance to get what you want? Where do you allow others to do this to you? Explore how you can develop acceptance that this is happening, yet work towards transforming the dynamic so that all involved feel supported and empowered.
* Notice your feelings towards war and those who promote it. Do you have any judgment, anger, or hatred here? If so, are you willing to recognize your own blaming patterns and invite transformation? Those who fight against war sometimes end up creating more polarization and conflict. Yet those who work to stop the warring behavior while inviting love and cooperation are often able to transcend the conflict. Which do you choose?
* How are you creating enemies in your life? Where do you align yourself with large groups in such a way that makes others bad or somehow less than your group? Notice where you or groups you are in are judging other people or groups to be bad or wrong. Work towards accepting all right where they are, yet inviting transformation through love and empowerment.

Lesson 5 – Breathing Sacred Love

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

* Make breathing sacred love a part of your daily life. When you wake up in the morning and before going to bed at night, take some time to breathe sacred love. Do the same periodically throughout the day. Don’t forget to breathe love with groups and communities in which you are involved and with our world leaders. At some point, breathe sacred love with all members of the transformation team and then with all beings in the universe. This is how we transform our world!
* Explore breathing love with yourself in the future. Start by simply imagining yourself at some point in the future and breathing sacred love in and out. Once you’ve been doing this a while, you can feel the love you’ve sent from the past at any time. Especially send love to yourself in times of difficulty in the future. And then when you eventually encounter a big challenge, remember to open to that love you’ve sent yourself. It’s quite magical!
* Remember that transformation team members around the globe are breathing sacred love with you all the time. When the going gets tough, open to feeling our collective love channeling support into your heart. And conversely, when you’re feeling passionate and excited about life, share that energy by breathing love and passion with us and with all around you.
* Play with using the charging breath to shift your energy to a more expanded state. Notice when you are feeling a little down or low on energy and see what happens when you expand your breath. Invite others to join you.
* Mark your calendars on the first of every month to join all members of the Transformation Team in spending five or more minutes breathing sacred love with all members of the team that day. In this way, we can all open to feeling this wave of love sweep across the planet at the beginning of every month.
* Consider increasing your awareness of breathing as you move through your day-to-day life. Explore deepening and slowing your breath throughout the day. Inspiration means to breathe in. This inspiring practice can actually cause physiological changes which help you to feel more full and open and experience deeper connections with yourself and those around you. This single shift can cause you to transform in a most profound way.

Lesson 6 – Unidentified Objects of Love

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

* In your explorations of breathing sacred love, spend a moment occasionally connecting with beings from other planets. Open to feeling their hearts and the place within them that longs for deeper connection.
* Invite support and guidance from any ETs who are willing to support the highest good for all on our planet. Open to an energetic connection with the galactic federation which may be patiently waiting for us to join.
* Consider the great variety of beings living in other dimensions. Like the ETs, many of these beings are interested in meaningful connection with us. Breathe sacred love with these spirits, inviting them to share any wisdom which might empower us along our journey.
* Realizing that some are more ready than others, invite your friends who have an open mind to explore some of the links given in this lesson. Where appropriate, contact your political and media representatives with this information and ask them to take action to lift the veil of secrecy. Open to your spiritual guidance and ask for direction in how you can most effectively be an agent of transformation in working together with our ET friends.
* Open to the deep mystery of life. There are many things we don’t know or understand which occur in the universe of possibility. Invite spiritual guidance in being introduced to whatever is best for you to know from the mysteries of the great unknown.

Lesson 7 – Every One of Us Makes a Difference

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

* Be aware of your thoughts and the quality of your thinking as you move through the day. Notice how what you are thinking affects your experience. Notice when you might want to change or shift your thoughts in order to have a more empowering experience. If your thoughts are scattered and superficial, use deep breaths of sacred love to bring focus.
* Recall a few key times in your life when you surrendered to something greater than yourself. Open to the possibility of dancing with the Divine by surrendering yourself more to the collective will of all beings and from that place of surrender creating powerful transformation in your life and our world.
* How has tribal mentality impacted your life? Where have you compromised your own core values in order to be accepted and go along with the tribe? Take some time to examine what “tribes” have influenced your values and behavior. Open to the possibility of transforming old conditioning or programming to move towards greater love and empowerment for yourself and all around you.
* What is it that you really want in your life? What matters most to you? About what are you most passionate? Spend some time contemplating these powerful questions and consider how you might use the law of attraction to create the life and world in which you want to live.
* Are you afraid to step fully into your power? Explore your fears of what might happen if you truly moved with full integrity, courage, honesty and power in your life. Consider opening to these fears and inviting them to teach you about yourself. Then work to transform these fears towards love and greater connection with yourself and with all around you.
* Do your best to see and support the infinite potential not only in yourself, but in all you meet. Even when you see a person living in contraction, imagine the deep potential within and see if you can’t find ways to support that person in opening to new possibilities.

Lesson 8 – The Power Elite and False Flag Terrorism

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

* What emotions did all of this bring up for you? Explore how these emotions are serving you. How are they not serving you? Did you fall into the blame game? Are you seeing perpetrators and thus placing yourself as the victim? Consider that all of this may be manifestations of the collective consciousness and explore what role you and all of us might have played.
* Notice your thoughts and beliefs on 9/11. Are you already convinced of what happened, or do you have some openness that this may be a very complex operation for which it is best not to jump to conclusions. Some cannot even entertain the possibility that rogue elements of government may have orchestrated parts of 9/11, while others are completely convinced that Cheney and Bush orchestrated it all. The evidence suggests something in between. Explore how fluid your thinking is around this sensitive issue.
* Whoever was behind 9/11, can you open to seeing that these people have hearts, too? Can you breathe sacred love to the hearts of even those who would destroy our world? Can you practice ho’oponopono with these people? We don’t at all expect you to be able to do all of this, yet we invite you to open your heart and see how much you are ready to spread love even into the deepest shadows.
* When have you been so obsessed with a goal that you ceased to pay attention to how it affected others and all involved? Can you find forgiveness for what you did? Can you extend forgiveness to others who have done the same? Can you commit to noticing when you slip into that state and turning it around? Notice when the macrocosm reflects the microcosm.
* Consider how you can most effectively take action to expose the forces behind all this and work to transform our world. Educate your friends who are open to materials in this lesson. Respectfully contact political and media representatives with this information and ask them to take action. Explore some of the many groups working to bring this information out into the open.
* Open to your spiritual guidance now and ask how best you might integrate the information of this lesson and move from a place of inspiration and transformation. Open to assistance in being grounded and centered in love even in dealing with great challenges.

Lesson 9 – Beyond Life and Death

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

* What does death mean to you? Is there a part of you that harbors fear or avoids death? Explore the possibility that death can be a powerful portal and a potent teacher in your life.
* What are your views on reincarnation? Open to the possibility of past and future aspects or incarnations of yourself. Consider communicating with them and even asking for guidance. You can also offer love and guidance, and breathe sacred love with your past and future selves.
* What is your relationship with your ancestors? How do they affect you? Are there places you would like to heal around this? Open to heart connection with anyone you know who has died. Do the same with any spirits or non-embodied spiritual guides who may be assisting in your spiritual development. Take a moment now to breathe sacred love and gratitude with them and with your ancestors.
* If you were to die right now and go through a life review like Dannion Brinkley, where you had to relive all emotions you caused in those around you, what would be there? Take some time now to put on some beautiful music and ask for spiritual guidance as you close your eyes, dive within, and create your own near-death experience with full life review.
* Notice how much of your understanding of life is based on the physical world around you. Are you open to the possibility that, as Einstein postulated, all matter is actually a form of energy? Rather than focusing on the words spoken and what your eyes see, play with feeling the energy of every person you meet and feeling the underlying energetics of your interactions.
* As you pass people casually on the street or in a store, play with sending a “psychic hello,” where you simply think and feel a hello and send it to a person without any words or movement. Notice if you feel any response as you do. Close your eyes and send a psychic hello right now to a friend or family member who lives far away. Again open your heart and notice if you feel any energetic response. Breathe some sacred love with them afterward

Lesson 10 – In Sickness and In Health

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

* Explore places in your life where you may have compromised your health to make or save money. When have you sacrificed your health for convenience or out of laziness? Realizing that the one thing you are guaranteed to have until the end of this lifetime is your body, how important is your health to you? How might you better take care of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health? Make a commitment to yourself to spend time taking care of your body, and place your own physical health as a top priority.
* What does good health mean to you? How many habits do you engage in which you know aren’t good for you? If this is the case for you, without getting into blame or judgment, explore why you continue with this unhealthy behavior. Consider ways to transform whatever blocks you from taking care of yourself. Take concrete steps towards a more healthy way of living.
* If you don’t get enough exercise, sooner or later your body is likely to find a way to complain about this. Find some kind of exercise that you can enjoy, so that you will be more motivated to develop a better relationship with your body and truly love and honor all aspects of yourself.
* Now matter what kind of shape or condition it might be in, spend some time loving and appreciating your body now. Breathe sacred love with all cells and all organs in your body. Give gratitude for how your body supports your soul in being here to take part in this transformation.
* How much are you giving your power over to doctors and health professionals? It is certainly wise at times to seek advice and treatment from professionals, but how wise is it to fully trust what they say or recommend? Not all health professionals have your best interests in their heart. While opening to what professionals have to say, consider giving highest priority to your own spiritual guidance in any important health decisions you make.* Consider sending some of the important information in this lesson to your friends, family, and colleagues, so that they might be better informed to make healthy diet choices and promote positive health reform. Educate your friends to key materials in this lesson. Contact political and media representatives with this information and ask them to take action. Explore some of the many groups working to bring this information our into the open.

Lesson 11 – Infinite Energy

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

* What do you believe is the source of your energy? How much energy do you believe lies within you? Consider how you might transform your beliefs about the amount and source of energy both within yourself and out in the world.
*  In what areas of your life do you feel scarcity? Time, money, relationships, love? Stop and seriously consider your relationship with each of these. Notice the areas where you are not feeling abundant and breathe sacred love with those aspects of yourself. Explore how you can transform your thoughts and feelings in these areas towards fulfillment and abundance.
* Though there is an infinite abundance of energy, it is only when we use it wisely that this energy can be tapped fully. Consider where you may be using personal or worldly energy in a wasteful or unproductive manner. Educate your friends to materials in this lesson. * * * Respectfully contact political and media representatives with this information and ask them to take action.
* Notice how much power you give to the physical world. What if everything physical truly is simply a manifestation of energy. Explore the energy behind the people and objects in your life. Use the law of attraction to connect with the infinite energy that exists within all beings.
* Remember the charging breath from lesson five? Play with short periods of deep, rapid breaths again to see how it shifts your energy and opens you to greater abundance.
* Visualize the abundance of love and energy that lies deep within you. Tap deep into that well and breathe sacred love and energy with yourself, with those who spread fear through focusing on an energy crisis, and with all beings in our universe. In the interconnectedness of all beings, there is only infinite energy and potential.

Lesson 12 – Our Core Life Challenges

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

* Write down your core life issues or challenges and develop intentions with which to transform them.
* Find one or more close friends or family members with whom you can talk about your challenges. First ask them what they think your core issues or challenges are. Notice if you are able to just listen without a need to defend yourself. Then share what you’ve come up with and get their feedback. Even if you don’t agree with what they say, see how much you can listen and understand the reasoning behind what they are saying.
* Remember that your greatest challenges, when recognized as the powerful teachers they are, can also be your greatest strengths in disguise. They can provide the motivation for ever greater growth and expansion. Notice when you are choosing to play the role of victim and explore means to transform yourself into a powerful creator. (See lesson three for reminders on this
* Notice the places where you feel separate from those around you and even from yourself. What is your story as to how that separation is created. Are you really alone? Remember that if you just take a moment to be still and open, there are many here even on the transformation team who are always open to energetic connection with you. Explore and develop several methods you can use to shift from feeling separation to connection and love.
* What are your deepest fears? Are you willing to look straight at them and even consider welcoming them as powerful teachers in your life? Explore ways in which you can transform your fears by learning to accept and even be friendly with them.

Lesson 13 – Control of the Mind

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

* Take a moment to breathe sacred love with all of the victims and perpetrators of the mind control programs and sex rings discussed. * Remember that every person in the world has a heart, and every heart has a place within that just wants to love and be loved.
* Where in your life might you be controlling and manipulating others? Explore your need for control and fear of giving up control. * Explore the value of surrender and trust in the universe and in your own deeper or higher self.
* Notice the part of you that wants to judge others and make them wrong. How can you work towards accepting yourself and all people just as they are? We can do our best to stop the destructive behavior, yet commit to seeing the divine essence in even those who would harm us. Are you interested in being a living invitation to continual growth and deeper connection?
* When does your mind have control over your deeper intentions in life? What stories do you make up to justify taking actions in contradiction to what you really want in your life? Notice when your mind or another part of you takes over and invite conversation with that part of you. Invite your mind to work together to support your deeper intentions of health and good living.
* Consider how you can most effectively take action to expose the forces behind all this and work to transform our world. Educate your friends who might be open to the materials in this lesson. Respectfully contact political and media representatives with this information and ask them to take action. Explore some of the many groups working to bring this information out into the open.
* Consider the times when you have been out of integrity with your sexuality. Have you ever used sex as a means to control or manipulate others? Can you forgive yourself for this? Can you forgive those who have in some way manipulated or violated you sexually? Explore ways in which you might develop greater integrity with your sexuality and allow it to become an integral part of your spiritual path.

Lesson 14 – Shifting Paradigms

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

* What paradigm were you raised in? What agreements in your family of origin kept you and others from going too far out of the box?
* How much did you buy into your family’s paradigm? How much did you fight against it? How much are you buying into or fighting against the old paradigm on our planet now? Consider what paradigm you want to create for yourself now and explore how you might move more fully into that expanded way of living.
* Explore the places within yourself where you feel a need to save other people or to save our planet. Explore where you are hoping for others to save you. Does this need for saviors really serve you? How might you shift from a place of needing to save or be saved to a place of inviting transformation and expansion for yourself and all around you?
* In what ways do you view the world from a hierarchical frame of reference? Do you see yourself as being better than or less than others? Is there a part of you that wants this Transformation Team to be better than other groups on the planet? Consider ways in which you might shift the paradigm inside of yourself by looking and listening for the tone of deep spiritual equality in every person you meet.
* When have you received subtle messages or intuitions and ignored them? What happened? When have you listened to that inner voice? What happened? Have you ever blindly trusted the voice you heard? What happened? Make a commitment to develop and refine your inner ear which can hear the subtle whisperings of spirit, yet also ask for discrimination in determining what is really best for you and all involved.
* Where are you trying to escape this world or hoping to ascend or chasing enlightenment? What if in the depths of your being lies all wisdom and you are already perfect? Explore ways in which you might open to the deeper mysteries. Set clear intentions to transform the blocks that come up to living in greater contact with your divine essence. How can you open more fully to the divine perfection of the sacred here and now?
* What if our entire world in its essence is already perfect? What if we have only to open to feeling this deeper perfection and living it?     * How much can you allow your vision and discernment to see the underlying perfection that is already here? Explore ways in which you can invite the Divine to channel through you and allow divine perfection to flow from you. In this way you are assisting the Divine to powerfully descend or expand into our world.

Lesson 15 – The Power of Intention and Purpose

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

* Write down your life intentions and purpose and post them where you can see them easily to be frequently reminded of what you really want in life. When you wake up in the morning and just before going to bed at night, remind and recommit yourself to your purpose and intentions.
* Be open to guidance and suggestions from friends, family, and your spirit guides in refining and further developing your intentions.       * Ask for feedback and support in living the life you envision. For every challenge you face in life, you can develop an intention to guide you when the going gets rough.
* Consider using breathing sacred love as one of your intentions and join us in strengthening the web of love which interconnects all beings.
* Notice when unconscious parts of yourself (thoughts, feelings, desires) arise to block you from following your deeper intentions and purpose. Acknowledge these parts and find a way to give them a voice. Engage in dialog with these conflicting parts of yourself, inviting them to harmonize with your deeper intentions. Invite spiritual guidance to help in facilitating this dialog.
* What do you think the purpose and intentions of the collective consciousness of our planet might be? What would you like it to be?
* How coherent is this collective will? How do you relate to this? Considering that every one of us has an impact on this, explore how you might bring greater coherence and harmony to our collective consciousness.
* What do you think is the meaning of life? How is this related or not related to the purpose and intentions you have developed for yourself?

Lesson 16 – Inspiration and Transformation: Keep It Simple

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

* Print the one-page summary of simple principles available on the first page of this lesson. Select one or more of these sets of principles to play with. Explore how you can use these inspiring tools to support your purpose and intentions, and to powerfully transform your life and our world for the better.
* Notice when you get caught up in the complexities of a particular relationship or situation. Remember then to stop and take a breath. Let go of the complexities for a moment. Take a deep breath with everyone involved. Then remind yourself and all involved of the simple principles and intentions underlying what you all really want in the challenge you are facing. Invite everyone to remember their needs and their shared deeper intentions.
* Be aware of when you are choosing to overly focus on the negative things happening in our world. Set an intention that when you catch yourself going there again, you will choose to shift and open to inspiration in some way.
* Develop a joy meditation where you open to the love and joy that is always there within. Consider using a powerfully joyful or moving experience from your past as an anchor to bring you back to this beautiful state. Be brave in following your passion in life.
* Make a commitment to send a mental or psychic hello and to breathe sacred love with people you come across during your day. Remind yourself frequently of your intention to feel more connected and more in love with all around you.
* Sign up for an inspirational news service or magazine to bring more joy, hope, and inspiration into your life. See below for ideas.

Lesson 17 – Transforming Our Relationship With Money

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

* Think about times in the past when you have placed money as a higher priority than other things in your life. Did this serve you in the long run? How important is money to you right now? How important would you like it to be in your life? Seriously consider how you can transform your relationship with money and place love and connection clearly as a top priority.
* When have you chosen short-term gains that lead to long-term losses. When you buy the cheapest goods, are you supporting child labor? Are you investing in stocks which largely benefit the rich while exploiting the poor? What are you supporting with your money? Make a commitment to yourself not to just look for the bargains, but rather to consider the long-term costs, the quality of goods, and how they are made when you buy them.
* Notice places in your life where you feel a lack of abundance of any kind. Explore the causes of this. Ask for spiritual guidance as you set intentions to transform your life in any places where you feel lack, and to open to the abundance that is already there within you.
* What were the beliefs of your parents and in the culture in which you were raised around money and abundance? How have they affected you? Notice how many cultures avoid talking about how much money we make. Where are you keeping secrets about money? Consider how you might move towards openness and greater transparency.
* When have you told yourself, “When I get enough money, I will…”? Notice how this is keeping you focused on the future. What can you do right now to work towards letting go of any preoccupation around money and create what you envision for your life?
* Consider using the law of attraction around your finances. When you open to sharing your money more freely, it is very likely that this energetic outpouring will invite more abundance to pour into your life. Explore and take action on the many ways you can transform your story around money. How can you best use your money to help transform our world?

Lesson 18 – Sacred Sexuality

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

* In what ways have you been hurt or disempowered by others sexually in your life? In what ways have you hurt or disempowered others? Consider where in the past you have compromised your own integrity and beliefs around sexuality. Can you understand what happened? Can you forgive yourself and others for past transgressions? Consider how you might shift towards bringing sexuality and spirituality into closer alignment in your life.
* How did your parents and your culture affect your sexual beliefs and understanding? Develop a greater awareness of how these and all of the subtle and not-so-subtle sexual messages conveyed through advertising and more in our world affect you. Consider the energy behind those messages and explore ways in which you might shift how that energy affects you.
* Consider that the deepest desire in sexuality is for intimate connection. When you find yourself feeling sexually frustrated or dissatisfied, open to the desire for deep connection that is beneath this and explore ways to transform your sexual energy, so that it fully supports you in being an amazing transformative force in this world.
* Take some time to write the story of your sexual journey in this life. Once you complete that, think about whether or not you would be willing to share this with those close to you. Explore the possibility that by taking this vital aspect of yourself out of the shadows and into the light, you can bring more acceptance and love into your life.
* Write down all of the experiences about which you might still feel some shame in your life. Open to the lessons from these difficult times and explore how you might transform your shame into wisdom. Consider even sharing these stories with trusted friends and seeking their support as a way of shifting towards love and empowerment.
* If you have a spouse or sexual partner, check in and see how open he or she is to incorporating spirituality into your sexual connection. Explore ways you might do this that feel empowering to both you and your partner. Delve into some of the links in this lesson and the resources below for ideas.

Lesson 19 – Beyond Duality

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

*  How much do you focus on the light while avoiding and judging the dark as being bad? Consider that by focusing only on the light, you may be creating more duality and polarization in our world. Explore the holographic qualities of all aspects of life and existence.
*  On seeing disempowering or destructive behavior around you, when have you sat inactive or turned your head or closed your eyes. Consider making a commitment now in situations like this to take decisive action when it will clearly benefit all involved. Yet even as you do take action, choose also to see the divine essence in even those who would do you or others harm.
*  How willing are you to explore the shadow aspects within yourself? Though in the cosmic sense everything may already be perfect, in this physical realm, it appears that we have all created separation as a way of exploring the infinite possibilities of life. Consider how you can harmonize a belief in the ultimate perfection of all with the sometimes harsh realities of living on this planet.
*  Consider the holographic nature of life. Could the essence and qualities of all of us and all of existence be contained within each individuated being and particle in the universe? Spend time cultivating and inviting this awareness deeper into your being. Explore where in your life you feel this interconnectedness with all beings and where you don’t. Consider ways of weaving this integrated awareness more fully into your life.
*  If it resonates for you, explore the following advanced technique for ho’oponopono. You might want to first click here to review the original technique. Now consider that we are all holographically interconnected in one collective consciousness. From this place of collective awareness, apply the following four steps for healing and transformation to challenges in your life: We love you. We’re sorry. Please forgive us. Thank you all.

Lesson 20 – Love Interconnects Us All








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