How to heal cancer

This is an excerpt from the book Plus Healing Techniques – an interview with David, an Inuaki from Orion with the Romanian woman psychologist Ariana Hava.


Could you tell us something about cancer?
D: Cancer appears when a person defies the Matrix. When someone doesn’t follow their mission, when he rejects his karmic purpose, then his body reacts and develops an illness. This can also be an old illness that is carried on through time, i.e. the soul arrives with this problem implanted and hence becomes available for healing throughout that particular incarnation. You have to understand, this is not a punishment. It’s rather the opposite. It’s a great help because those who receives the opportunity to be freed from this disease are much loved by the creator.
A: Well, I can’t possibly accept this statement!
D: But why not? Would you not want to warn your kids before they make such an irrevocable mistake for which they can expect a hundred years of suffering? This is exactly how it is with the Matrix and it communicates a message. If humans paid attention to this message, or better, if humans where to clean and cleanse themselves from their live-defying contradictions, thought forms and energies, etc. then they would heal. Unfortunately this knowledge is not, or only very little known on earth.
A: Could you give me an example of how we should progress?
D: What exactly do you mean? Can you give me a concrete example?
A: Say if a patient has a tumor in his stomach. What does he have to do?
D: Them most important thing that he needs to know is that the tumor is a living entity, which has it’s own individual expression mechanism. He has arrived in the body of this sick person via his own, creative manifestation program.

  1. The first step is to start communicating with the tumor. He should start to lovingly talk to it without any anger. He should thank the tumor that he came to him and made his body ill and that he now understands the message and the warning.
  2. The second step is to change his whole life and thought processes. He should avoid the connection to all negative, pessimistic beings. He should refuse to listen to all negative stories and not watch aggressive horror movies, or news reports, with embedded negative energies in it
  3. and instead he should eat consciously.

A: How do you mean eat consciously?
D: He should stick to a healthy (vegetarian) diet. He should reject all animal fats and those foodstuffs treated with chemicals. Everything should be organic and natural. He should wash himself only with natural soaps and should avoid chlorine and fluoride.

A: And how long is he suppose to do that?
D: As long as it needs for the tumor to disappear.
A: Is that it?
D: No. As I said, the tumor is a living entity. After the patient thanked the tumor,

he must also ask it to leave, because he understood the message and is now willing to change his habits.

It is important that he really changes his live, otherwise he hasn’t got the slightest chance to succeed. He should put his hand onto that spot where the tumor is located and at the same time talk to it kindly. He should imagine that from his right hand love, peace, calm, quiet, stillness and acceptance flows and embraces it. Simultaneously, he should apologize to the Matrix and ask it to delete and cancel out the interferences and dysfunctions caused by himself. In most cases the Matrix answers directly through solutions, people and pictures (mental images) of certain events. That then means that the problems is located there. All he needs to do now is to personally change the operational polarity in his mind. 




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