The best ways to nurture & re-energize yourself

. dancer 002

The most obvious is to relax, breathe and let go!

Getting bodywork helps release toxins from the body.

  1. Massage therapy, chiropractic and cranio-sacral therapy are especially helpful.
  2. Drinking at least a gallon of purified water a day flushes out the cells.
  3. Adjusting our schedule so we can sleep when needed is crucial.
  4. Regular aerobic exercise helps distribute all that energy we’re feeling.
  5. Yoga, thai chi, stretching and breathing exercises regulate energy flow through the body.
  6. Daily meditation is highly recommended!
  7. So is dancing!
  8. assist in your body’s purification process by bathing in hot springs, or sea salts,
  9. participating in sweat lodge ceremony,enjoying a steam and/or sauna,
  10. possibly doing a supported cleanse.
  11. Getting in physical touch with nature is highly therapeutic.
  12. Walk, hike or jog in the hills.
  13. Sit or lie on the Earth.
  14. Go camping. Swim in a lake.
  15. Hug a tree.
  16. Eating lighter foods – lots of raw fruits and vegetables that help lighten the body.
  17. Eating organic and whole foods provides higher nutrition and reduces intake of toxic chemicals.
  18. For healing and support try herbal supplements, tinctures and flower essences.
  19. Use chrystals, gemstones, inscence in your home
  20. Food-grade essential oils can be taken internally and applied to the body.
  21. Avoid mainstream media such as network news and commercial programming, mainstream radio news and talk shows, mainstream newspapers and magazines! These media foster the old-paradigm programming we’re trying to release. They also distract us from our purpose. Limiting our availability to the outside world for an hour a day provides a dedicated time to tend to our evolutionary process.
  22. Body and soul awareness are key. Listen to the body and inner spirit for cues about what they most need  and don’t need. We need to get in touch with our inner guidance and find out what works for us as individuals because everyone’s path is different.
  23. Practice non-judgment. As we continue to change from the inside out, the old patterns in our cells may try to tell us that we’re wrong, that we’ve done something bad, that we shouldn’t be feeling or experiencing this. These are old tapes, part of the programming we’re releasing.
  24. Chlorella, Coriander, Omega 3-6-9

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