Bilbo Calvez – woman from the future (2114)

translation below!

Hello you beautiful people!

I am extremely moved by the unbelievably positive messages and the energy  here. I have to say, it’s amazing! Well, my name is Bilbo, I am a history teacher. I’ve lived half of my live in Berlin, but I don’t live in your time. I come directly from the year 2114. The reason why I am here is that in my time, as a history teacher, we are teaching that the BIG AWAKING has started in 2014. And so it was truly important to me to come here and see for my self – what kind of people are that- I wanted to see the origin of the movement. What I want to do today are 2 different things: firstly to talk about in general how our (future) society works, and secondly how the BIG AWAKENING has actually unfolded itself.

Very well, in our world there are no more regions (countries), so the problem of colors has become redundant. I know that in your time the word ‘Open Source Politic’, but we don’t use this word. We work with small, local forums, that’s where you live, which are mostly 30-50 leute. Some larger forums can be up to 200 people. That’s where problems are discussed and tasks distributed which benefit the community and people generally join voluntarily – there is no force, or duty to participate. Studies have shown that about 2% are initiators, half of the group love to help, but they want to be told what to do, and there is one more group which sometimes active, and sometimes passive. There are also a few ‘destroyer’/ nay-sayer) etc., but all in all the whole system works really well. Apart from these small forums, we also have inter-regional forums and also phonetic, and inter-phonetic forums. What does that mean? In the past it was called national, and international forums, but the national borders of the individual countries have been disposed with. A ‘Phony’ is an area where people speak a certain language, so I come from the region ‘Franco-phony’ and I lived for 25 years in the ‘Germano-phony’…hence the accent. Big problems are discussed in the inter-phonic forum. You have to understand that it is of course so that people will come for forth for these activities. That means for example someone who is completely excited about energy and things like that, that this guy will be active in this forum and will engage himself in it and work there – voluntary of course. In regards to the language: we have the natural language of the respective phonies, but also have an over-arching language, which is called ‘Globish’. Globish is somehow a simplification of English, but new words have come to it, so that even the people who speak English have to learn it. Something else that is very important to mention is that we have abolished the currency – we aren’t a monetary system any more. That means the motto is: I give hence we’ll receive! Values like reward and punishment have been abolished, and in it’s place we have

Initiative – Responsibility – Participation – Empathy – Respect

we have rules & regulations, don’t think we live in chaos, although I believe a certain amount exist, but certainly not more than here 🙂 You have to understand, if you don’t have money, you don’t really have to work that much at all! So you can become an artist for example. You’ll have a lot of time for culture and other creative outlets.

Since we don’t have money anymore, we only produce about 1/3 of goods that you currently produce. You have to know that by using the monetary – and you know that already – hideous amounts of goods have to be produced in order to create money. That means, we don’t have a normal machine, we have modulate machines. If anything breaks, or improved, you replace the module and it gets recycled, but the machine doesn’t end up in the rubbish/ land-fill, ok? Actually, I can see that everything is already here and set up. It is literally only a question of ‘a vision’ – we have to see the vision-  and that’s why I am here: to tell you that this vision exists, happened and possible is.

Of course it is also true that on our entire planet not all people are part of these forums.  We also have something that is called ‘NO-GO-TERRITORIES and that are territories where people live away from all technology – these are your Aborigines, and we’ve decided together in inter-phonic forums that these territories are simply no to be entered anymore.

I’d like to say a few words about the turn of events, meaning the AWAKENING, because it’s important. So at first it started with very small forums – not the classic local forum we now have – but they were for example food-co operations. I’ve met a woman yesterday, who told me she is in a food-co operative. They are 35 people, with a storage cellar, they pick up stuff from farmers from the outskirts of Berlin. Everybody has got a key, they write down what they bought and take what they need. And that works. They also have an internet forum where they are asking for for what they need, or offering their food stuffs. Things like ‘Who does the ordering tomorrow? and who takes the goods  down to the storage unit, and who takes care of this and that? And that works.  As I say, these are the 1st forums and they already exist! Please continue with this – this really is the correct way.

So now I’d like to explain how the 1st international forum started off, because I think this is something that you really understand very well.  Three years ago in 2011, you’ve experienced the drama of Fukoshima. Something fantastic happened because of that. I believe it was in the year 2020, if I get my facts right, scientists from around the world got together – voluntarily and without any financial compensation-  to discuss how can we deal with this problem. This 1st forum was called 3F, which was the ‘Fukoshima-reseach-forum’, which still exists by the way, in honor of these 1st big forums. These scientists connected and also got supported from rich actors, artists, even rich business man have participated! And what was most special was, that there was an artist who said, we can’t possible send any people there anymore. It’s far to dangerous. We have to send Androids. But androids didn’t exist then for such purposes. Sure there where androids who were produced for the military, but not for such things. Furthermore the artist said that one android wouldn’t be  any good – we would need hordes of them! Meaning they will all be synchronized and if one of them sees, or notice something in an reactor, then everyone sees it. Hence one can control them remotely from a distance. This idea was deemed so interesting, that it was financed by everybody.

……part II still to come! 🙂


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