How to create Abundance in your Life.

Dear people, the below statement is taken from Alaje, the Pleiadian, whom I most appreciate. Infact, I just purchased his audio set of 3 CDs and I warmly recommend it. Alaje

It’s well worth it AND his music (healing sounds)
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Alaje is an amazing source of truth, love and light in this world, which we urgently need. Please support him if you can. More at:


Positive affirmations heal psychological blockades, old negative programs, patterns and believe systems in your soul and consciousness, in order to create a life of love and joy.

Very often, blockades and negative mind-patterns are stored in the Soul, and are carried in each life, if we don’t listen to the talk of the Soul in order to heal them. Many people on earth, are programming themselves unconsciously with negative, limiting mind-patterns and affirmations for many years or many lives, and are blocking themselves to live a healthy, happy life. Thoughts, words, and feelings are energy, and have an impact in our lives, Negative thoughts are the cause for many negative energies, diseases, disappointments, or wars on this planet. Only YOU can decide, if you want to live with blocking programs or not. Only YOU can change your reality in the NOW and re-program yourself with positive energies and positive thoughts that can change your life.

Affirmations work only if you put all your energy in it and you really want a positive change in your life. If you think that they will not work, you will have no success, because you gave more energy to your thoughts of failure. The best energy we can use, is the frequency of real Cosmic, Universal Love.


It is the creative, power of creation and manifestation that is inside of everything and everybody. But we have to use this energy consciously. Everybody has the possibility to connect with the unlimited power of the Cosmic Awareness.

Say inwardly the following Affirmations:

♥ I am one, with the Energy of the Source

♥ I am one, with the Cosmic Awareness that created me

♥ The Cosmic Awareness has given me the power to create the situations that I want

♥ I let go of the past and I live in the NOW

♥ I am ready to change my life NOW and change everything that is disturbing me to achieve joy

♥ I understand that my true self is my Soul, that is part of the Cosmic Awareness

♥ I allow my soul to heal and teach me with Love

♥ I am able to heal myself on all areas

♥ I have the power to make changes in my life

♥ I am ready for Wisdom and Knowledge

♥ I am willing to expand the horizons of my thinking

♥ I use the Wisdom of all my experiences for the good of all

♥ I am ready for Love

♥ I find Love everywhere

♥ I learn easy and with Joy

♥ I always reach my goals in an easy way

♥ It is easy to change my thoughts and emotions into positive energies

♥ My thoughts and feelings are creating my future, because everything I send out comes back

♥ With loving thoughts and emotions, I am attracting the right people and the right situations for me

♥ I am open to receive all the Abundance of the Existence

♥ I have many possibilities in my life

♥ Everything I need, comes at the right time, if I create the right energy

♥ The Cosmic Awareness has many ways to send me what I need and what I want

♥ My consciousness and creativity is extending constantly

♥ My spiritual side is always active and my consciousness is constantly growing

♥ I love myself

♥ I treat myself with Love and healthy vegetarian food

♥ I am healthy

♥ I am brave without ego and arrogance, and I face my fears in order to heal them

♥ I am free from blocking energies, programs, and vices

♥ I am free from belief systems, I am free from control and suppression

♥ I am not restricted by negative, limited beliefs from my family or society

♥ I am not depending on anybody and I am taking responsibility for my life

♥ Everybody is responsible for his own life

♥ I am independent and make my own decisions in tune with Light and Love

♥ My motives are in tune with the Existence, in tune with the Cosmic Awareness

♥ I am friendly, loving and compassionate

♥ I have sympathy in my Heart

♥ I am giving and receiving Love

♥ I use my talents in the service of the Light

♥ I am careful of what I say, because words are energy and have the possibility to manifest

♥ I am thankful for all the good things in my life

♥ I am living a life of love

♥ I use Love to transform any blocking energy

♥ I use Love energy, to create a loving, peaceful earth-society

♥ Love is the biggest power there is, because it is the power of the Cosmic Awareness


Statement: DELETING LIMITING THINKING OF INFERIORITY–POVERTY–ENVY – BEING OPEN FOR ABUNDANCE FROM THE EXISTENCE= One of the most important life lessons is to learn to be free from limitations. We are the source of our own prosperity. Abundance is a part of the Existence. If you reject this part, you are rejecting the Existence too. The Existence does not tell you to be poor or limited. Only the church, the governments and the bankers want you to be poor and limited. If you are thankful for the service of others, you will attract abundance too. If you are happy for the success of others, you will attract abundance too. If you are jealous or envy, because others are successful, you will block your own abundance flow, because with negative thinking you are telling the Existence that you don´t want abundance. If we create positive karma, we create abundance in all parts of our life. If you have created negative karma in past lifes or in this life, by stealing or blocking the abundance of somebody, the energetic result of this is to experience a blockage of abundance too. Karma is the principle of cause and effect. In order to heal this negative karma, you have to create positive karma, by helping others to gain abundance. EVERYTHING is energy, and yes, even money. Money is not bad, it is neutral energy. It depends of how we use the energy called money. Your thoughts can amplify the energy of money, or they can block the energy of money. It depends on how you use your thoughts. You can use money spiritually to create wellness for others. As long as money exists on earth, we have to use it for spiritual purposes. If we use the energy money for spiritual purposes we can create a society without money. We have to allow the money to serve us for the benefit of everybody. We should use it as an energy to manifest. Abundance should be flowing to everybody; just it is the case on higher developed planets. Money is a tool like a computer. Some people use computers to harm others and some people are creating art or are helping others with computers. If you keep money for selfish and greedy purposes like some politicians, managers or religions, you create negative karma. You have to find the middle way of using it for spiritual and useful things things, without being addicted or possessed by it, without controlling others with it. You have to let the energy called “money” flow. As long as the energy “money” exists on earth, we have to use it for doing good things. Money is an aid tool for manifesting on the physical dimension. With money you can manifest positive things for others. Money is one of many aid tools to learn to behave spiritual in the 3rd dimension. With money you can thank others for their help or work. If I want professional CDs, I have to pay the printer for his service. So I thank him for his service and because of that I attract abundance too. That is spiritual behavior. If somebody borrowed me money out of his compassion and love, to help my pay something, I thank him by give it him back when I have it again. That is spiritual behavior. If somebody don´t want to pay a bill for the service of somebody else, it shows that he don´t appreciate the effort of others and rejects the physical reality. That is closing the root chakra and abundance can not flow. Money is an energy-training in the lower dimensions to learn to appreciate and honor the work, the service or the offers of others. If you do so, you change your energy and you start to receive abundance too and your consciousness is ready for higher dimensions. In higher dimensions we don´t have money, we can create anything we want with our thoughts, because we are using our energy and abundance to help everybody. We are sharing everything with others and we don´t have egoistic thinking. Everybody lives in service for the others. As long as money exists in earth, you have to be thankful for the essence of what you are paying. If you pay for the phone, the essence of it is communication. If you pay for the car, the essence of it is mobility. If you pay for music CDs, the essence of it is the energy and the feeling that you get that makes you feel good. We have to be thankful for the essence and the main energy that we get. That is a spiritual lesson. The more gratitude you have, the more abundance and happiness you attract. The more jealousy, ego or hate you have for others, the more you are pushing yourself in misery and stagnation, your root chakra is blocked and you create negative karma that you will take with you in the next life and go through misery again, until the lesson is learned. If you are in tune with the Existence, you create abundance energy and positive karma and you will receive help and abundance from other people or situations that you did not expect, because your root chakra is creating abundance energy. That is the universal principle of cause and effect. If we want to buy something and we don´t have the money for it, we can use the situation to create abundance. It is an opportunity to change our thinking, our consciousness and our energy, in order to manifest the possibility to get what we want. It is an opportunity to receive the abundance from the Existence. I am doing free lightworks and free videos for 13 years, but even then many people are not thankful for it and are attacking, insulting and blackmailing me. Because many people have jealousy and ego, and they don´t like it when others have success. There is a lack of group-consciousness. Those people are blocking their root chakra and the abundance flow in life. I created the CDs with a lot of efforts, I am paying regulary many bills, taxes and Amazon fees, I used all my time and energy for creating design, music and energy, so others can create with this energy abundance too. In other words, I don´t keep the abundance only for myself, I give it to others too. That is creating an energetic flow of abundance. And still negative people are attacking me, because they are programmed from earths society to be like this. I use abundance to create abundance for others. That is called spiritual thinking and group consciousness and some earth humans don´t like that. You care for the wellbeing of others. And if you want to do something for the wellbeing of others, the Existence will send you all you need to achieve this. My CDs are a helping aid, to create positive energies and abundance as well as physical as spiritual. Those who want to have my CDs and are open for the abundance of the Existence, will get the opportunity to get my CDs. Those who are envy and jealous and attack with ego and hate, are blocking themselves from having success and abundance in life, no matter what part of life it is. People who don´t allow themselves or others to have abundance, are telling the Existence (god), that they like to live in misery and are creating this for themselves sometimes since many lives. Money is a learning program to learn to create energies with your feelings and thinking. If you think that you don´t deserve money or abundance then you are blocking yourself to get it. It does not matter if you are living in a “rich” place or not. History shows that church and religions have programmed earth humans since hundreds of years that they should be poor if they want to be friends with the dogmas of church and rulers. You can receive only something from the Existence, if you allow it for yourself. The Existence, the Cosmic Awareness, is always giving abundance, but many earth humans are blocking and rejecting this with their negative thoughts that they got from the earth society or with negative karma from bad behavior. If you have a negative attitude towards abundance and wealth, you have to ask yourself:

  1. Am I allowing myself, to receive abundance in life?
  2. Or do I block it with my negative thinking?
  3. Do I attack successful people because I am jealous, or am I happy for the success of others?
  4. Am I open to receive abundance from the Existence or am I blocking it?
  5. Abundance in spiritual and physical matters starts within you.
  6. Your thoughts, emotions and actions are creating your reality.




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