The true history of the universe

All planets are formed through the ejection of molten materials from a star, like our planet was from the sun. are hollow. The reason being , as the molten material is flung from the sun it starts spinning in space, it starts to cool. As its cooling and spinning it forms into a globular shape and the outside starts to harden. But as above so below. Inside the molten material is also spinning, and as it spins centrifugal force forces it to the sides and gets pushed out at the sides, that appear to be the poles. And so then the inside becomes cool as the molten material exists and then the inside layer starts to harden and cool. So what in fact you have is a globe with 2 openings and the inside portion has what it’s left of the molten material through gravitation suspended in the centre of the globe and in between the inner and outer crusts is the molten material that is trapped between the 2 hardened layers. On both sides cracks form as they shift and that’s when you have fault lines and volcanoes formed that push out the molten material. There are caves or tunnel systems that have formed naturally, and some not so naturally that connect the 2 sides together. The opening at the north pole is about 13000 miles wide and the opening at the south pole is 950 miles wide, except this is covered under ice and snow. When Admiral Byrd went to the north pole back in the 1920’s, as he approached the north pole he saw tropical flowers and plants, open waters and pre-historic animals like mammoths! The northern lights = aora borealis is nothing else than the effect of the molten radiating out.


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  1. Its the most awesome and interesting information. I have ever read .

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