How to get rid of Karma? Let go of fear, forgive and let go!

Consciously remove all victim mentality, abusive thoughts, low self- worth, need for insulation and feelings of lack. Each person on earth must gain control of his/her own minds to find out who and what they truly are within Godmind and teach others to do the same. Always move forward, never give up!


In order to get on the Ascension cycle you have to get rid of karma, because in the new earth there won’t be any karma, as it pulls you back again and again. We have been trapped in it for a very long time. When you don’t have any karma you don’t have to come back and in the new earth you won’t have any reason for karma. And the way to get rid of it is to let go and forgive. Karma is the baggage and the garbage that we carry around with us.            It is junk what don’t need and this is what makes you sick! If you don’t forgive the people who have hurt you, or the people who you are angry at, you are going to come back and do the whole thing again with the same people! That’s the law of the universe. So anybody you are upset with…it doens’t matter if you had a bad childhood,  if you had parents that where abusive to you, or if you had a bad marriage and your husband treated you badly  – that doesn’t matter anymore. The question is:

What did you learn from the situation?

That’s what it is all about, to teach you something. But now you have to release it and let it go. You have to, or you are condemned to repeat the cycly again and again and again….It does no one any good to hold on to all that old garbage. You only hurting yourself by holding on to it. And people say: “How can I forgive. You don’t know what they did to me. I can’t forgive them!” First of all, it’s too hard to go to the person and say to their face: I forgive You. It’s much better to do it mentally. Besides some of the people you are still angry with, have died. So there is no way to contact them. Also, when we come onto the earth from the other side, we plan our life. We make a plan of what we hope to accomplish and we make contracts with all the other souls that are involved and who will play all these different parts in your scenario. So you make a contract with these people, but when you come in …you forget about it.

  1. Visualise the person in your mind with whom you have problems with and say to them:

“We tried. We really tried. It didn’t work. Let’s tear up the contract” See yourself tearing up the contract and throwing it away! Then mentally say: “I forgive you. I release you. I let you go. You go your way with love. I go my way, we don’t have to be connected anymore.”

When you do that: It’s over! and you will notice a big difference that even if the person is still around you, they can’t affect you anymore. But you have to also forgive yourself. Remember, you have part to play in all these things too. So first you forgive the person and then you forgive yourself! You got to really mean it and believe it! That’s the most important thing.

  1. The second thing you’ve got to do, is to let go of fear. Fear is the strongest emotion a human has If you let go of the fear and release it can’t hold you to the earth. Fear is not real. Fear is an illusion. Fear is for entertainment purposes only!  The only thing that’s real is love.  If you work on your self and only do these two things. Let go & forgive and process the fear, you are going to move to the new earth.

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