Earth is seeded by ancient space travelers – Humans are everywhere in the Universe!

As the frequency on earth is constantly rising, all our thoughts and emotions are manifesting quicker and situations are changing faster. It is a time for purification – both outside and inside. Keep practicing cleaning yourself with Light from the Existence. Fill yourself with Love from the Existence. If you have blockades in your life, ask the existence to show you what you have to heal in your life. Watch your thoughts and if you see that they are negative, turn them around with positive energy. Visualize that you are receveing Love, Light and Wisdom from the Existence. Cosmic Love is the biggest power there is. It is the key to happiness and bliss. May everybody find this key to open the door to a higher consciousness.

There are many universes in the existence. All universes are inhabited by many different humans, different species  and different life forms. They are living in different densities, according to their dimensions they are in. In the higher dimension, where the energy is high, they have an etheric body out of light. In the lower dimension, where the energy is low – they have a physical body. Humans are everywhere in the universe on different dimensions, on different planets with different consciousness. Even some moons and suns have life. Suns are also gates to other dimensions. There are many planets who have life on the same frequence as the earth, but most planets are more developed and have life on a higher dimension. That means that there is more cosmic energy and everything is more beautiful and lightful. Nature is glowing and sparkling, flowers are making melodies, animals are gentle. Everybody is telepathic, there are no lies , no diseases, no aggressiveness….just love. People on higher developed planets are living in Oneness with the existence.  In the universe that we are now in, many developed humans and other species in the universe are traveling since billions of years as astronauts  with space ships, or as a light being and are visiting and exploring the existence.

It is because of ancient space travelers, that planet earth is inhabited by humans, different life forms, animals & plants. They’ve shaped the history of this planet for millions of years.

In this part of the universe there is a grou of thousands of spiritually developed star nations: The Gallactic Federation of Light. We are guards of the light and we are helping lower developed planets to evolve. In other parts of the univers, there are other federations. We are showing our light ships in the skies to help unaware earth humans to understand that the universe is inhabited by many other humans and life forms! In addition, our light ships are triggering Spiritual Awakening , because they are radiating the cosmic love of the source. Even through a recorded video! Now that planet earth is going through a transformation of energy and consciousness, we are here to assist earth humans to evolve out of negative energies into the energies of Light. Earth humans have to learn to live in tune with nature.  The planet is a living being and air, the water , the plants and the animals should be treated with respect. If earth humans continue to live against nature and against love – with exaggerated consumption, greed for power, use of poison and atomic power in the industry and continue to create hate energy against others. life on earth will be very unpleasant, because the universe and the planet will have to purify the negative energy. If you are destroying nature – you are destroying yourself!  All earth humans are responsible of how society will be. Your thoughts and emotions are creating your future! Because it is the energy of the source, the cosmic central consciousness, the source of all sources. We can overcome every difficulty, every obstacle, if we use the power of cosmic love. Even for big, worldwide problems we can find solutions if we unfold the power of cosmic love. If negative people make you sad and weaken your high vibrational love energy – build it up again! Your love energy should always be in a healthy, powerful state. Spiritual People are creating positive energies for the benefit of all. Universal Love is the Solution for everything!  The meaning of life is to have love in your heart and become spiritual!

Here is what you can do to keep your body in a high, loving vibration:

  • Avoid the contact to negative, angry people, or people who want to steal your energy and control you. Their negative karma can disturb your life path! Send them love energy from the distance so they can find the path of light too.
  • Seek the contact with friendly, loving, spiritual people! Positive people are giving you love, light, health, power, knowledge and wisdom. Spiritual people have nothing to do with any organizations, or believe systems on earth.Spiritual people are never attacking others because their heart is developed. They have no ego, jealousy, or hate.
  • Erase hatred, arrogance, ego, envy, greed and evil behaviour. Keep your focus on love and friendliness. Don’t allow others to drag you into negativity. You can defend yourself powerfully, without using hate energy.
  • Train yourself to become a positive human, using cosmic love and friendliness. Using love does not mean to be weak. Develop a lightful, spiritual character and delete damaging habits, or negative thoughts and emotions – delete negative karma. It means to keep your heart free from hate energy and using the higher self.
  • Keep your body and spirit healthy with self-love!
  • He who loves himself, does not harm himself with drugs, smoking, alcohol, animal corpses, or any kind of poisons. Because it is harming the physical and energetic bodyand is blocking you from reaching higher levels of consciousness. If you destroy your body – your temple for your soul – you show the existence that you don’t take care of yourself and you don’t respect creation. In that way you live against love, against the evolution of the self and this has to be healed.
  • Heal and detoxify yourself with SELF-LOVE and natural herbs in order to find the inner light and become spiritual.
  • Go often to nature to clean your energy and charge your field with new, clear energy
  • Be free of superstition and believe systems. Don’t be addicted to cults like religions and other control organisations on earth. They distort your natural , spiritual view on life and are only interested in your money and submission.
  • All you need is within – in your heart. It is called Love. Jesus and many other spiritual teacher are telling this for thousands of years! Jesus or any other spiritual being has nothing to do with earth religions and power greedy priests. They have never told anybody to be a slave of religion.
  • All we say is: GO WITHIN AND MEDITATE ON A RADIATING HEART OF LOVE. Going within is the most important journey you can take! This is a journey to the truth, a journey to the source of all sources. This is the place where you can find spiritual power and wisdom.
  • Meditation stills the mind and you find insight and understanding of the spiritual laws and principles  of the creation, which creates harmony in your daily life. In meditation you connect with your higher self and eventually with the cosmic central consciousness. You’ll begin to have self-awareness that leads to self-realization.


Your higher self is the link and channel to your soul and to the cosmic central consciousness – or God. It is executing the desires of the soul – a tool in that the soul can express something and can create something.  Whenever you connect to your soul – you are in the higher self and in Oneness with source. Everybody is a soul, ‘a child of the source’. Everybody is a part of the source, the cosmic central conciousness called “God”. All spiritual masters, including Jesus are telling you this all the time. Everybody reincarnates into the physical form from its higher self to create experiences on the physical planet earth. When a human dies, the energy stream from the Higher Self is withdrawn from the physical body. The Higher Self is always connected to each individual incarnation and guides the individual throughout their life. The energy stream completes it’s experience and then absorbs back into the higher Self. All Higher Selfes are One, being part of the Universal Consciousness. The higher self is also known as ‘The Guardian Angel’ and has full knowledge of all our past lifes. It will open, or close doors of experiences to serve the individual’s chosen path in the best possible way.


With many thanks and blessings to the Pleiadian Alaje @


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