The anti-human invasion on earth and the manipulation into the recycling of souls

If  you look at the planet today, ask yourself: “What happened and how did we get here?     Who is benefiting from this?, because it certainly isn’t the human race! These are not strutures that support, or cultivate humanities potential. This is the most logical thing you can do. If we where an intelligent species, we’d be very concered about our environement educating our children properly – but instead we do about everything else to  kill ourselves off! They are structures that have been put in place by the Reptilians to enslave humanity’s potential!

The astral plane has been primarily controlled by a regressive, service-to-self consciousness that is not human.

This is what had happened to our planed. These forces fighting tooth and nail for the last grasp of control that they have leverage on. And where do they have it? The Pharmaceutical, the Chemtrails, the scalar wave manipulation of weather patterns, H.A.A.R.P. mindcontrol mechanisms, mobile phone, computer and electro-magnetic radiation. The  Solution: Non Negotiable Spirituality! You must connect with God – There is nothing to fear and there is nothing more powerful then your right relationship to your higher self. We are now at the end of a cycle now, where we can choose to experience much different than the last 5000 years. We are entering a 26000 year cycle and this why our opportunity is so great at this time. And also why we have so much extraterrestrial ativity and experience an influx of Indigo and Chrystal children. That’s why these beings coming in…


A cycle of repetitive incarnation is artificially imposed upon us, that is not the natural cycle of life. The dark arts training involves going into the Astral plane and viewing what is there. A lot of the neurological soul damage that is occuring, i.e. why so many people have difficulty feeling emotions and sensing consciousness. Until you actually experience it, you can only conceive it from your mind. That’s what’s so difficult about this job, we want to give it to people through osmosis – “Here! feel this!” – But this is not how it works. The most primary, extreme damage of the soul plane is in the 4th dimension where the lower astral and the underworld energies exist. In the higher astral there are many beautiful beings who look very gorgeous to us, but at the same time a dimension exist there that would be like hellish looking creations, very dark, disturbing underworld beings. The astral plane has been primarily controlled by a consciousness that is not human. These beings where part of the original gate keepers of the dimensions. We share space with many, many, many levels of extraterrestrials, of beings that are both in form and not in form. They happen to have a lot of control of the 4th, 5th and 6th dimension – primarily the 4th because that access to that dimension happens to be connected to our planetary core stargate, which is in Summeria =  Giza, Egypt, Iran, Irak  – this area is an access into the astral, or the 4th dimension. As we know, there has been a lot of war, strife and suffering in this area of the middle east…and that’s not an accident! These are power spots on the planet. When human beings are killed in blood sacrifies through wars, ‘wars over God’, these beings are then used as bindings of a particular level of suffering that keep this level consciousness in control of this dimension, which again connects to our heart chakra. So when we open our heart chakra, we start connection into that dimension, and that’s why they – for the last 5000 years successfully attempted to take that away from the human race. The astral plane was the primary plane of the recycling, or the enslavement. What was happening there was ‘the false white light’ or ‘the false Christ Consciousness’ matrix. What this was designed to do was for those of us who had some psycic ability, had a couple of our receivers still plugged in…but this not meant they are spiritually evolved or enlightened. A lot of the material that is channeled is coming from beings that are really not, who they say they are. So when we connect to the creative spirit and we don’t understand the nature of our multi-dimentsional universe and the cosmology of the dimensions and frequency bands….because we are not trained to understand that and we are not given that imformation, which has purposefully witheld from the human race, so that we don’t understand what’s going on…. this channeled information has been feeding us false data. Most of this information has been broadcasted & controlled from the astral plane (4th dimension), which was like a recycling centre, where beings have gotten stuck down here for at least the last 26000 years, meaning in this quadron of the universe, there has been a recycling of souls going on on this planet! When a souls makes discordant choices repetitively to live in destructive patterns over a period of time, meaning choosing that which is not in harmony with the true nature of the soul …..there is nothing wrong with polarity and having the experience of the polarity, i.e. the extremes of emotion that humans have, which is part of experiences consciousness, but what happened over time is that there was a manipulation going on and beings actually where not given the proper information. It’s like saying, when we where invaded 5000 years ago, our memory was errased. Here we come to the neurological part of the global brain of our planet (the logos) and our species, because we are connected to it and it impacts our brain and processing. Everything has a template, a core manifestation body. So when the planet was invaded, they went into the Aura, the consciousness fields and the astral plane ! When they did this,

a lot of our consiousness and memory, meaning: who we are, or what we are doing on the planet, our purpose, our connection to God…all of that got errased!

So beings wher having a litteral 3-D secular = materialistic experience, dropping their body, being told to go into the white light – which was a immbilicus structure connected into our aura. You go into this astral and they sit you down and they say: “Well you didn’t do to well, you need to work out this and that with someone. You probably need to go back in there!”…and so they send you back. You basicially where being recycled in the 3-D physical plane and the 4th dimensional plane This about understanding an elaborate architecture was placed there to suppress human souls from evolving and remembering their true birth right, which is they are God, they are souverain, they are free beings with free will choice and that was interfered with.


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