How to live powerfully in 2012

  Beauty opens our senses and makes us more psychic!

Worldwide revolution is coming. There is no doubt about that. I see political collapse all over the world that is all by agreement. In order to build something new, for something new to come out, something has to crumble. Literally things stop working. Why isn’t not working anymore? Because people are so corrupt! It’s a choice we are all facing. Say, someone tells you: “Well if you do this, you know…than you can get ‘that’”, which looks like a way to get ahead and you say: “Wow, OK.” and then. And eventually they say: “Well, I helped you to do this and this…and now I want this favour back.” and you say: ”I don’t want to do this!”…and then you get set up for black mail/corruption that gets really nasty. It’s so common all over the world and very, very sad. When we have this level of corruption worldwide, caught up in black mail schemes, who always go back to 2 issues – the misuses of money & sex. They are the 1st and 2nd chakra issues: How can I survive? What am I going to do with my sexuality. That is something that really has to change, going back to value our sexuality. So the rise of porn is not a good thing for humanity? No, it’s horrible, because what happens is that the rise of porn is a replacement for real relationships and causes erectile dysfunctions, in men at least. So the more men are looking for stimulation that is not real outside themselves, the less they are able to have fulfilling relationships. This again works for the drug companies. $ 35000000. Now what this is saying is that something is happening with people and they don’t know what it is. So they go to a doctor, who is just a factory worker, that’s all he is. A factory worker fulfilling someone else’s agenda to make money and to keep people locked into something to services that have no heart. So these people come in – the doctors are not psychic, they are not trained to be psychic, they have no time, they don’t care. They don’t say: “What’s really going on?”, they don’t look into the soul. So then it’s all these drugs. And people get on drugs and don’t know what’s going on and vacate their body…and this is where we get into entity possession! Drugs will lead to entity possession and pornography leads to entity possession! Because when you lower your vibration, and your sexual value, when you have sex based on these funky activities without love and without real significance, you open yourself wide to other entities to come in, who want human bodies to engage in these perverse activities. And they are harmful and demeaning. An important thing that people must understand is that Sex is powerful psychic energy used at very high level to be used to create so much psychic sexual energy that they can remote view! They can go and heal the world and change things. We hide it under Tantra and all those things, but it really has to do with two people’s intentions, of trust and heart and eye contact, because so much gets shared through the eyes. So on some level, pornography is coming up because it has to be cleansed. It’s an old ancient issue – the debasement of the human body, using children and animals, controlling people in this way. This is so old. As we are changing the paradigm, everything that is not working, that is really dark and nasty, it’s got to come up to be identified! This whole idea about us getting ascended and lift our consciousness and love and light, we don’t have to know about this stuff, but if we don’t go to the dark and address it, otherwhise it can never be healed. So we have to look at what’s not working, even if people think they are not enjoying it, otherwise entity possession is going to get worse and worse. One of the reasons is that there are beings on the planet that have a human body and operating through the physical form, but they aren’t actually human, but reptilian. And they understand some of the oldest magical intelligence, the magical arts on the planet, which can be used for good, or ill. And they use them for ill. When you perform acts of intention at times of power then you can effect, you can condition space. Anything that is done on the solstices, on the equinoxes, the cross quarters, which are the half-way point between solstices and equinoxes, and the new moons and full moons – any kind of ceremonial activity that is done at that time can really condition the whole earth, especially when someone really knows what they are doing and they want to dedicate a certain activity, a mass ritual sacrifices of people that are broadcasted worldwide – these staged attempts by a global elite using media to sell fear and to get everybody attention into one probable reality. These events are dedicated by humans to non-physical forces, saying: Here, we are offering you this life form. You have to understand that beings from other dimensions are very attracted to us by nature, this is natural, because we flow in and out. They are attracted to our life force and our vibration. And this is why historically virgins/ children would be offered for sacrifice, because they had very pure energy. And when a body would be scarified and blood offered, the entities would just come pouring in, because it’s like food for them. So we have to counter-act that. Honour the times when the energies between heaven and earth, cosmic and ourselves flow. It is our job to give thanks, to pray, to have gratitude and to really condition what we want and set the season ahead by intention – that’s the way we have to counter-act. It’s all about creating a new sense of real values. The global elite know that. They all study psychology, they understand behaviours modification, they understand spirits, astrology – they understand the whole scoop, they are occult practitioners who know the story of the planet. They know the cycles, so they manipulate us. The biggest question we have to ask ourselves if we create our own reality as a mass agreement: “Why did we create this?Why have we as a race of human beings created this tyranny on our planet and why is it that it is so pervasive that people are afraid to even see it, or they mabe think they don’t have the power to overcome it?

But luckily..there are people who are willing to learn and willing to change their believes, and really face the fact that they have created this situation themselves asking: What lesson can I learn from it and how can I move on? These people are going to be really strong, really smart, totally intuitive and can’t be confused anymore. They will open up to the freedom of thinking and perception. So many brilliant people are on the planet already… and they are waking up every day. This process is indeed going to be a magnificent one. You are really here to enjoy the body, create an experience, love and add to the creativity of the multi-verse. We are really here to heal. This is what this time is about. We are healing ourselves and our ancestors. By healing and eradicating this unnecessary fear, it qualifies us to meet other beings and take us to the higher level. You can’t get to those higher frequencies until you move through your fear – deciding that we are creators and we are courageous enough to process it. No one else can do it for you.


One thought on “How to live powerfully in 2012

  1. Beautifully said, I can’t thank you enough for sharing this message. Much love and light!

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