28th October 2011 – Shifting from material – to Spiritual Consciousness

As ‘The Quickening’ intensifies during the approach of the imminent Day of Return, the global situation will become increasingly intense as the forces of darkness lash out in their final attempt to preserve the world of duality.

This is a typical occurrence at the close of each world cycle, and one that necessarily precedes the return of the anointing light to the Earth. The purpose of such ‘timely intensity’ is to provide humanity the necessary challenges and trials that will afford us the opportunity for our spiritual evolution. For it is widely accepted in both ancient spiritual practices and in modern day physics that “All things come from One, and that to One we will return.”

However, in these days of increasing intensity, there are many misguided groups and individuals who are working with an increasing sense of desperation to achieve a state of peace in the world outside of themselves. Yet, this Peace, this Paradise, this heaven or this Kingdom will never be found by trying to affect change outside of oneself. For the masters tell us that “Faith is the Key that will unlock the kingdom within.”

And when we learn to see that ALL beings and events in existence have come from the Divine, and that they are serving the Divine by encouraging humanity to realize that we are ALL ONE, then we may learn to truly see that ALL has a place and a purpose for which to be thankful and loving. And when we have learned to see the Divine purpose of those things that would normally seem threatening, we will then be able to trade in our fears and false perceptions… for Faith.


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