7 steps to become more happy, balanced and peaceful

As we leave the last cycle and enter the photon belt, we will become aware that we’ve been fooled, that we’ve been lied to and manipulated. That the goverments, all the big institutions, religions, the financial institutions…they have all been set up to keep us controlled, easy to manage. We are going to presented with a whole new range of beings and situations as we move towards 2012. We are going to meet extraterrestrial races, therfore we  need to be able to feel the energy body, because this is how we will develop discernment about who the goodies and baddies are, and wether they are of the light or not. This is a time when our consciousness shifts up enormously! We are taking a massive step up in our evolution and you need to keep up by raising your vibraton.       This means doing anything to become more happy, balanced and peaceful. Human beings are designed to be multi-dimensional. We where seeded here on this planet in our DNA by many star races… incredibly beautiful and powerful beings, and the power we have is enormous! We dont have to meditate for thousands of years in caves in the himalayas, we don’t have to abstain from everything that’s considered non-spiritual…
Simply use these tools:

  1. connect with your body – get active, move, dance, swim, cycle, yoga, tantra, etc…
  2. mastering our mind = thoughts, by choosing what we are thinking, beliveing and feeling.
  3. be aware of our emotions – choosing love over fear. Do some form of meditation
  4. pay attention to your breath -balancing left and right brain, the masculine and femine
  5. energy body and energy awareness – get to know your inner and outer chakras (12)
  6. connecting with the earth energies. Love her trees, plants and animals no matter where
  7. move into your heart by connecting with source energy and the inner core chrystal       (all that is above and all that is below)


for more info visit Solara An Ra’s website


One thought on “7 steps to become more happy, balanced and peaceful

  1. ram0ram says:

    dear and divine…. good post and good video…. thanks ….love all.

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