Human Teachers & Wisdom Beings that have influenced my work

Live life as a dance and rejoice in who you are! You are liquid love – a beautiful expression of life…flowing perfectly at all times.Be happy and play the real game here…which is the raising of your consciousness and to live a happy, fulfilling life. We are here to create heaven on earth.

Jessica Mystic (chrystal child &  fairy Godmother)“…Be gentle and unconditionally loving with yourselves. Trust yourselves, you have everything within. It is time to own it. Find you own truth, allow yourself to be artists of life! Love and do not forget to play. Take in what you  knew as a child. Your light will acupuncture the heart of the Earth and send a special message to the stars.”        

  • Angelic Spirits (space cousins) “All human beings are now able to uplift themselves through the clearing of our negative energies. Be in alignment with harmony and yourself – become a worker of Light…‘a true Lightworker’. Focus only on Love & on that what you want, and not on that what you don’t want. If you are not in love with yourself, you’ll have difficulty to occupy large sections of your time with yourself in an unstructured environment.”
  • Abraham(channeled by Esther Hicks) “Nothing is more important than the way you feel! Life is suppose to be easy and fun!Your work is to laugh more & play more, meditate more, enjoy yourself more – your work is to do things that soothe you into alignment with what you desire…the improved bodily conditions, relationships, lifestyle, etc. evrything that you want. Look for the positive aspects, for beautiful things, for reasons to feel good and be determined that you are going to feel a little better! Love other people a little more. Look for reasons to appreciate yourself …fall in love with yourself again  and practice the art of allowing…that’s what true passion is!”
  • Various Starseed Indigos and Lightworkers   “…Place uplifting art and inspiring beauty around you to add positive energy to global awakening! Art and creative expression is one of the best frequency-raising activities. Help others to increase their frequency too, so it’s easier for earth to raise her vibration from the 3rd dimension, up to the 5th dimension…and higher!
  • Diana Cooper (angelic counselor & spiritual author) “…around 2012 a vast number of people will awaken, psychically and spiritually. Humanity will start taking it’s power back into their own hands. People will be much healthier & happier! There will be none of that ugly, curbed, square, masculine way of building anymore. Everything will be curved and rounded. Architecture cities houses will be build for colour and lightand on pure divine feminine principles!”
  • Susan Reed (Interview with a Reptilian) “…We hate art and do what we can to curtail it. We promote stuff that is crap : anti-art. Why? Because Art makes you feel better doesn’t it, it raises your consciousness, but we want you to stay as you are and not get up the ladder. We undermine art as it is therapeutic. You should always have art around you! It’s good for you, it lifts your spirits and inspires you to be a better person!
  • Gigi Young (Indigo Child) “..Learn how to really love yourself. Not just with your rational mind, but with your whole being. We came here to do what we love to do! At is highest it is of service, but on a personal level it’s absolute joy!
  • Don Juan Matus (shaman elder) “…Man must have been a complete being at one point, with stupendous insights and feats of awareness that are mythological legends nowadays. …man, the magical being that he is destined to be, is no longer magical. He is an average piece of meat. There are no more dreams for man but a dream of an animal who is being raised in captivity to become trite, conventional, imbecilic. All of that seems to have made us sedated, obidient, meak and weak. We have given our power away and were instead encouraged to be coveteous, greedy and coward. We must give up our complacency, routine and egomanic behaviour. It can be done…”
  • Morpheus (The Matrix) “…You are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Born into
    a prison that you cannot smell or taste, or
    touch. A prison for your mind.”
  • Alex Collier (Andromeda contactee) “…Men need to be more in balance shift into a more nurturing role of  intuition & being because of all the out-of-balance old role models that they have been exposed to. They need to start expressing their “womanhood”; and with that explore a more sensitive, feminine aspect of themselves.”
  • Drunvalo Melchizedek (Visionary Artist for the Sacred Earth) “…The Art Of Being Human. Awakening to the beauty within and be silently drawn by the strong pull of what you truly love.”
  • Erich Fromm (Fear of Freedom)  “…most people don’t live, they merely existSelf destructiveness is the outcome of an unlived live. The person who gives up his individual self becomes an automaton, identical with millions of other automatons around him – so that he doesn’t have to feel alone and anxious anymore. There is only one possible, productive solution for the individualized men with the world: his active solidarity with all men and his spontaneous activity, love and work, which unite him again with the world, not by primary ties, but as a free and independent individual.”
  • Carlos Castaneda (student of Shaman Don Juan Matus) “…For many years it looked as if I had gone through life like a corpse empowered to walk and talk, but not to feel anything. Having no concentration whatsoever to pursue any subject beyond a shallow attempt. The impression I had, was that nothing had been significant whatsoever. I had been reared just to act without ever stopping to feel anything. My parents brought me into this world to be food, to be eaten by beings of a different kind of awareness (4th dimensional reptilians), just like everyone else, and that’s the end of the story.”
  • David Icke (progressive thinker) -“Break out of the eggshell of limited sense perception and become the true magnitude of who you really are!” Let go and follow your intuition! Flow with the infinite possibility of all that is. Know the truth of who you are and where you are, and what’s going on.”
  • George Kavassilas(Ascension & Beyond)”This is the transformation of our Divine Mother Earth (Terra/ Sophia) and her Humanity into Beings of Light and Universal Creators.    Welcome and embrace the return of the divine feminine energies!
  • Mada Eliza Dalian (spiritual teacher)
    combines power with gentleness & strength with feminine beauty

Barbara Marciniak channeling the Pleiadians “…Create a vision of an empowered female in response to the 5000 years of male distortion on the planet – feeding of our emotional drama. Emanate health and become a living example of what humanity can be! Get creative – Joy and Passion is our natural state!”

Lisa Renee (Sirian contactee) “Go with the flow.
Live in the moment…
We  are now moving from the masculine dominated ‘Doing’ into the divine feminine principle of ‘ Being.’”                                                  Do only what you love, do nothing else!”

 What?…Am I just going to stay in my house and it’s all going to come to my door?” YES!”


  • Deepak Chopra (spiritual teacher) “Do less and accomplish more. Express your unique talents in joyful service to humanity.”
  • Lena (Chrystal child) “…Be as a child, enjoy life & play! Do something good for yourself, this world, for nature, for earth! You can just go and quit your job, you don’t have to go to work, etc. You don’t have to get up at 6, just stay in bed! It’s really so important that you do your own thing and create your life to be the best you’ve ever had – Just be in your heart and life will start to organize everything, it’s very easy! If you want to, you can sleep, or eat, meet your friends and chat, sing, dance, paint  the whole day and night…whatever makes your heart really happy! There are no rules – there are no limits.  Everything that you feel most comfortable with, that you really like and love helps you to be in your heart. This can be your  favourite piece of art, colour, crystals, or music.”
  • Alaje (a pleiadian member of the Federation of Light) “…Painting is a form of healing and meditation. Hang only vibrant pictures with harmonious colours and beautiful, free-flowing forms in your home, as they will lift your spirit, dispel negative energies and make you feel good!                            Love is the key for everything.
  • Feng Shui (ancient energy manipulation system)  “Seeing affectionate art, or uplifting images first thing in the morning is very good feng shui. ‘Energy enhancers’ such as colourful, romantic paintings should thus be added to your living areas, or bedroom, as they will raise your vibration, attract a loving partner, enhance intimacy and generally activates the good ‘chi’ in your home.”
  • Johnathan, aka ‘Adampants (enlightened individual) and inspirational speaker of The Healing begins Now’ “…       The primary foundation of you is LOVE.”
  • Indigo Academy “…Life is colourful & flowing; and so it is only natural that it has to reflect in our way of being and in our art!”
  • Eckhart Tolle (spiritual Teacher)”Enjoy silence & dynamic as a state of heightened awareness and conscious presence, where one is in deep stillness, yet simultaneously experiences a sense of exuberance and universal connectedness. If you do anything at all – do it totally and feel the flow of energy, the high energy of the moment! Suddenly, everything feels alive, radiates energy and emanates being.”
  • Magenta Pixie (channeling The council of 9)  “… Many starseeds heal with colour and are artists and painters. Many artists are drawn to gentle music & colourful, flowing artistic expression; opening the hearts & minds of others through imagery.” 
  • Gina Lake, (ET Contact Blueprint for a New World)…Dance can serve a similar role as music in raising your vibration and promoting healing. Many find that if they allow themselves to move freely to higher vibrational music their consciousness becomes heightened, their energy blocks are cleared, and they receive insights & inspiration. Many Star People have discovered this and are using dance to enhance their own lives. Many also are teaching dance to others as a way of waking them up.”
  • Louise Hay (esoteric teacher)  “…You need to express your sad or angry emotions in writing, poetry, paint, drama or dance etc. …but once your ego has expressed your emotions and you are feeling more peaceful –  allow yourself to move toward joy – choose to have images in your house that you feel will be helpful in boosting you upward.”
  • OSHO (indian mystic & international Guru) “All Western art is sexual. It doesn’t give you an uplift. The world needs enlightened art. But that cannot be managed by teaching people how to create more art. That can be managed only if people start moving towards their inner core of being. Objective Art instead is meditative art.      It is far more explosive than any dynamite and simply opens up doors in your being.  It is spreading its positive energy and takes possession of you – you are being touched.”
  • “Art comes through the artist, it can be immensely helpful in therapy, in spiritual growth. It makes the artist visible to the world – that’s what art is. That which is hidden in your heart, you bring it into a painting, sculpture, song, dance. You make it available. You open your heart. “
  • Gurdjieff (mystic) “…Objective art  leads people towards silence, towards blissfulness, towards inner harmony, towards grace…If a mad person is given painting to do, if he simply paints, it is going to help, because whatsoever he paints will dissipate his madness. It will come out, it will be thrown out. He will feel unburdened and clean.”

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