The reptilian anti-higher consciousness agenda — and what we can do to stop it

This article is taken from Susan Reed’s true story ‘The Body Snatchers’
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The actions of mankind is helping the reptilians take power and control and eventually will help them succeed unless we change. Drakonian reptilians are in the higher game of “why not” where anything is possible and so, why not evil? They are in fact Satan as described in the bible, Jesus knew about them. The only reason that they have got this far it’s because no one knows; burying your heads in the sand is a sure way of allowing them to keep at it. Publicity is all important.  Exposing them and what they are doing can stop them. We must also expose their weapons in order to stop their usage. They work in absolute secrecy and if the population knew they wouldn’t be able to use them.  If we know about them and have their secrets exposed they stop.Basically we need to know what is going on, burying our heads in the sand is the worst thing we can do because they are more than half way through their plan & won’t give up unless they are forced to. If you all refuse, or a lot of you refuse to take part in our control mechanisms then our plan won’t work…It requires both acceptance and self-responsibility.


So here is what you can do ! 

  1. Get yourself out of society, don’t pay your dues, no bank account, refuse all credit cards –   that’s basically the main way of doing it.
  2. By refusing to use credit cards and bank cards – they will have no leg to stand on.
  3. If you don’t use a credit card then we are not going to be able to do away with money and if money is still there we can’t implant you and without an implant we can’t destroy you.
  4. Take all your money out of the bank and put it in a safe deposit box
  5. Campaign for a pin if you use credit cards.
  6. Refuse to send your children to school!
  7. Riot like crazy and that will do it. (mass riots) 
  8. Expose the top dogs –  expose us basically and then we won’t hang around.
  9. Refuse to vote for any president what so ever because it will always mean we’re in control.


  • Introduction

Now how can evil exist in an advanced high vibration way. Well I have found out that this was for me incomprehensible. I had been taught  that as you get higher you get more loving etc and the reptilians are certainly high, you would like their energy, it feels high. This was explained to me by Brian; they are outside our “game”, shouldn’t be here on earth. They are in the higher game of “why not” where anything is possible and why not evil. They are in fact Satan as described in the bible, Jesus knew about them. Exposing them and what they are doing can stop them. The only reason that they have got this far is because no one knows; burying your heads in the sand is a sure way of allowing them to keep at it. They must be secret as we are far to numerous for them to handle.

Their hidden agenda is preventing us raising our consciousness

.They are doing this because we are going to know what they are doing as we become more conscious. Our original abilities such as telepathy, seeing energy, clairvoyance and a general increased awareness of what is really going on here will develop. They are telepathic, they work using energy and don’t want us to realize. We could pick up their thoughts as I started to do, we could sense their energy techniques and weapons they use to harm and then they couldn’t use them. Brian has also said that we would be harder to control if we raise our consciousness. Such people don’t “play ball”, they question more, and they won’t be told what to do and other such things, very undesirable to a control state.


  • Our real “game” here on earth is Ascension and leaving earth

In order to ascend, some term it enlightenment we have to raise our consciousness or vibration, They are keeping us away from this by making methods of achieving this hard to come by and keeping us distracted and this is why they try and stop and in some cases have, organizations dedicated to higher consciousness. Other techniques they use to keep us away from raising our consciousness is by distractions such as education, television, sex, material possessions – cramming us with meaningless tasks such as bills, debt, working too many hours, so we have no time to do it. We own all the money so we can control you better, if you are in debt you’ve got no time – you have to work more to earn more money and then you can’t consider anything else. Look at the rich and famous – they’ve got more time to do alternative stuff.


  • Aliens suppressing the true spiritual nature of man”, and “forcing man into committing spiritual suicide

.This is done using the law of planetary Karma whereby mankind receives back equally what mankind does to other humans. The reptilians know this and manipulate us into actions that will attract back to us Reptilian deeds. An example would be the persecution of races, the Jews would be an example and other races are persecuted but we may not hear about it. We then will in return be persecuted by the reptilian race. The reptilians are behind such persecution but we are doing it. Another example is our prison system, a world-wide system and this attracts to us actions by the reptilians imprison our spirits in their prison! There should be an alternative system to handle crime such as fines for theft rather than imprisonment.  Mankind can therefore turn the tide of reptilian take over by changing such actions.


  •  Targeting higher consciousness organizations

The reptilians targeted me because I was doing a higher consciousness course called “Awakening your light body” by Luminescence. This was a guided meditation tape course and can be seen by those who can see energy in the aura. Brian can see energy. He has told me about the light body “that was the reason we went after you, because we wanted our hands on it – and now we’ve got it or soon will do”. They intend to stop it and likely kill Duane Packer, the founder.   Q – why do you want the light body? Because its effective, raises your consciousness, fast as well. It’s why we bothered with you because we didn’t know about it.As well as infiltrating higher consciousness groups and taking them over they kill the leaders using their weapons (described elsewhere)  and they actually killed the Pancham Llama as Brian describes below. Capt Bill Robertson 2 states that “the enemy (these aliens) are after the whole religious movement” and he also writes about how they infiltrate and take over religions and higher consciousness organizations and he collaborates Transcendental Meditation as being one of the many such groups that have been infiltrated. The Lost teachings of Jesus talks about fallen angels (Nephilim) working as higher consciousness gurus to deceive us. Here is what Ettissh had to say about it: Hare Krishna -we got them – we are in there, we’ve got some of our people there haven’t we – about 50 trying to destroy it. They cord (He means the net) the load of them up – try to prevent it from spreading – tried to put a stop to them dancing through the streets Transcendental meditation – we’ve got them – put the prices up, made it harder for people to join Buddhism- no we haven’t got that, but we are trying our hardest. Dalai Llama – he’s corded up. Pancham Llama -we corded him up – we saw to him -the heart attack was us – did the old encircling stuff on him -a load of them (10 or more) did it on him at the same time. When enlightened people have heart attacks then you know we’re behind it. We worked on his heart a bit to make it look like a heart attack. We had him corded up, stripped him of everything (past lives and more), then we let him go. They’ve got the young one – 4 year old -he isn’t the Pancham Llama – he’s one of us – he’s a reptilian,- he’s going to be, it hasn’t happened yet. (Brian has told me that the Pancham Llama will be made into a human/reptilian). Once the Dalai Llama is gone we will take over, just biding their time and then they will put someone in his place who is not really the Dalai Llama but they will say he is. Any one like that is going to be corded up no two ways about it. Working on the Dalai Llama to kill him -of course we are – it’s his circulatory system -they are trying to give him a heart attack a blood clot. We make them seem whacko – behind the mass suicide news story – that was us – we exterminated the very lot of them and made out it was a suicide – we killed them off with something that you don’t know two-hoots about – a bit of en old radiation technique and they all fall to the ground – warfare stuff that’s how we did it. We do it to turn you against that stuff – we’ve got other energy technique that’s for sure.


  • Additional help we are getting from the higher planes

Apparently the amount of assistance we are getting with higher consciousness has increased enormously. Evidenced by a large expansion in the number of higher consciousness organisations, books and individuals opening up. An example is from the Pleiades, a star constellation. This is the energy behind Luminescence. I still get a little guidance from the Pleiadian being Daden but it is hard to hear sometimes. Brian would not allow me to do any meditations when I was with him; he was adamantly against any higher consciousness practices, almost like a fury at them, one of the reasons for this is explained in section 4. Here is what Ettissh said:

Q – what is this anti -enlightenment programme all about?
E – so you don’t go any place – to the higher planes -you’ll try and get us out of there, the Akashic records where we’ve got a stronghold you’ll prevent us tweaking your karma and more besidesonce your there (higher planes) we can’t touch you, its a lot harder.
Q – higher consciousness energy?
E – they’re sending you more than they would do other wise and we hate their guts.
Q – who?
E – Beings do it, some are in the Pleiades


  • Reptilian implants that detects people of a high vibration

I have not found this information anywhere else. Basically all reptilians except those taking over higher consciousness organizations have an implant and it is the reptilian spirit that has this. This implant causes an extremely unpleasant sensation to that reptilian when near a person above a certain high vibration. Brian has admitted he has this and talked about looking for people who would “set him off as he termed it. He even worried that I may do this to him in the future if I continued with Luminescence. This is the possibly reason why he would not allow me to do any spiritual work at all. Here is how I discovered it: It was two weeks after discovering who Brian was and I was shocked and recuperating at my parent’s home. There was something with me, I wondered at first if it was a residual of the weapon Brian had used on me. There was a heavy horrible presence around me. Its hard for me to describe but it was certainly not me, there was a ‘Darthvaderness’ about it. In myself I had no harmful thoughts towards anyone but something was there affecting me. I remember clearly viewing a swimming pool full of people and my view of them shifted and I saw them as dumb, like a herd of cattle for slaughter and I didn’t care for them, I despised them, they weren’t fit for this earth. Never have I felt this way about people nor since. I know this is how Brian sees people and that his reptilian spirit was with me. Something extraordinary happened at that time. I was looking to make sense of what I was experiencing and I and I attempted to see a healer. I never got to see the healer because the following occurred. I was approaching his healing rooms when something began to happen that I will try and explain as best I can. It was like I was in a James bond film, the early ones right in the middle of the red alert scene near the end of the film when sirens are going off, there are explosions and so forth. It felt like I was in a state of emergency, I had to leave, get away from the healer this was happening to me. Hard as it may seem I actually really disliked the healer and there was a feeling that wasn’t mine of fear of this healer and a desire to harm them, it was as thought he was doing this to me I was in a lot of distress. I couldn’t even walk in the shop and had to not attend. Now let me tell you a second time shortly afterwards. I decided to have a consultation with a Clairvoyant to see if he could shed light on my original experiences. I got to the stage of making an appointment on the phone and again I had the same experience as with the healer. I had to send my parents in for me. Again the clairvoyant felt like my enemy. Alongside this there was the same ‘Darthvader’ presence with me. I felt like the devil incarnate. This was not me but Brian’s reptilian being. I was experiencing his implant. He has told me that all those working in his organisation have these implants with the exception of those infiltrating spiritual organizations.


  •  Their Prison

I explain to you more about their system for imprisoning spirits. This is unique information. As I said in the introduction highly conscious people are unliked by the reptilians. They see what is really going on, they help out and they help out as spirits as well, they reincarnate back and lead the way such as becoming spiritual leaders. To prevent these people doing any of this the reptilians have started a diabolical practice of attaching a net to those they identify. This net traps the spirit upon death to be held in a prison indefinitely. This Practice surely is fundamentally wrong as it destroys the soul. I It is interesting that Jesus warned in the Bible. 6 “Fear not them which kill the body but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear them which is able to destroy both the soul and body in hell” (Matt. 10:28.) I have this net and it has been seen by many sources and appears red. I have had an appointment with Stewart Swerdlow who has written the book Montauk, the alien connection 7 and who sees auric fields, he identified a web in my energy field going to a satellite, I assume this must be the net He was recruited by the government who used and enhanced his natural abilities. He confirmed part of my knowledge by saying that yes my consciousness could be taken when I die. He has written about how his consciousness was taken upon the death of his last life and implanted into a foetus of government choosing. My fate I know is not going to be any more lives. This is what Ettissh has said about this procedure:

E- yes we trap people and store them in our vaults that would otherwise have helped out….and then we’re going to do them in permanently. Our machine will do it all – its going to explode their energy so they are no more.
Q- what are these vaults?
E- it’s like a force field that keeps you static, your being, and it’s near our machine isn’t it – its a hellhole – your feel like your in no-mans land, stuck solid.
Q- how many are trapped?
E- a lot – we have a reasonable capacity, that’s why we need to destroy you quite soon – I don’t know when its going to happen – it isn’t just yet.
Q – what happens to the person if you release them?
E – they’re be alright – go on their way won’t they
Q – Whom have you got there?
E- Krishnamurti, , Gandhi, spiritual leaders that have passed away and loads more
Q- did you cord Krishnamurti up?
E-we got him.

To back this up I first need to establish that the reptilians have spirit technology. Evidence for this is their abilities to take over a human spirit as they do when they exist in a human body. I experienced through their astral projection (described earlier) both Brian’s Reptilian spirit (at the time I did not know what it was) and his human spirit and yet the reptilian was the one in charge, mentally it seemed to be the only one there. It seems that they are joined at the mental level. So they can technologically join a human and reptilian spirit. My second evidence is the Dulce Underground base worker4 who described alien run experiments at the base and stated that ‘they know how to separate the bioplasmic body from the physical body to place an alien entity life-force matrix within a human body after removing the “soul” life-force matrix of the human.” The life-force matrix would I assume be the spirit. So it seems they have spirit technology as we have technology at the level of DNA and genes producing genetically modified foods. The spirit technology that they are using and which has been done to me involves attaching connections to the chakras and meridians and in particular the mental body; the energy system of the human spirit. These could be called cords although they are much stronger than cords , they are fifth dimensional. Ettissh has described them as in fact physical we just can’t see them, energy for them is used as physical. I know from the weapons I have received that they are masters of energy and I suspect that the net is energetic and it certainly is very strong, strong enough to hold a spirit. The cords form a permanent net; there are a large number of cords. This net remains with the spirit when the body dies and tightens when the person leaves their body, it hauls the spirit to their machines and where the spirit is suspended indefinitely, tightened by all the cords in a static state, like Ettissh describes. There are a million spirits on earth with this net awaiting this to happen. How can they store so many spirits? I believe that there are hundreds of miles of space below their machines and storage is like I have pictured. I have tried removing the central one to my crown with an energy worker who has seen them. It was like the toughest steel we could not touch it. He also found many, many smaller cords attached to my energy and identified these cords as alien, he said 33rd level energy. I at the time had no idea that it was even there nor made any mention of alien involvement. The reality of this for me is horrendous. As a spirit you are fully conscious and will be as you are now with thoughts, emotions. You will not be able to go to the light as all of us do. I have experienced being a spirit when I almost died after one of Brian’s weapons, I felt as I do now as I looked down on my dying body and began to review my life. I and others with these cords will be suspended in a nothingness and forever and fully conscious, desperately wanting to leave but not being able to. It is an absolute hell. There will be sobbing, indescribable loneliness, fury, excruciating pain inside. I will be in a worse position to others as I will have no hope, for others their hope will be maybe at any moment they will be freed. It is like being pushed out of a space ship and left in space permanently like in the sci-fi movies. What would be going through your mind? Panic, trying to get out, like a bear that is chained in a small cage for its life and goes mad, exhibiting repeated movements, in such torment. I now have to live with this knowledge similar to seeing a clairvoyant and being shown your future death, tortuous and maybe at any moment. I need to be clear that I have strong intentions to prolong my life as long as I can so I have less time there. I have seen it in perspective, another 50 years of possible happiness on earth and then 400 years or more of this torture. Any life is better than dying that’s what I now believe. So I want to prolong my life for as long as I possibly can. How can my ex-boyfriend possibly want this for me,? I was in his bed and he knew I was going to this hell and could have removed it. ! I had the net at this time but I didn’t realise, at any time I could have gone there and he knew and did nothing. When I found out I told him and pleaded with him and even then he wouldn’t remove them, I believe he gets a point from his organization every time he attaches the net. What a diabolical creep!. Even worse is that Brian, attached this net to me and then the next day tried to kill me with one of his weapons, it’s disgusting we were still romantically involved. He has no scruples anything to earn a point. Many of our spiritual leaders are there now and Ettissh has named some! Further evidence I have for this net is energy workers have found toxic energy coming through he attachment to my crown and down the meridians (energy lines) of my arms. I had hardly noticed this though. Other evidence I have for the hell I am going to is I meditate by visualizing my life as a book, the ending is now always black lead with a blood curdling feel to it. Capt Bill Robertson writes about weapons used on highly conscious people by these aliens and I wonder whether he was being subjected to the toxic energy and such like that can be sent down these attachments. He would certainly have been of a high enough vibration, the rogue reptilian has also told me that the net can cause harm to those of a high vibration in their current life as follows :E – “we’ll come down on you like a ton of bricks – if we choose to” This was said as a possibility for the future. These nets are attached to their machines Ettissh explains it as follows – E – “our machine is really incredible; it’s programmed to respond to things ,it can sense energy , if you become to high or enlightened then it will start fucking you up – it will send you shit via the cord and then it brings you down and then it stops as long as you don’t creep up again – keeps you checked –and it rises and falls. They get the crap, feel like shit and then it brings them down. It stops, they rise again and it starts again – every few days they get it.”


  • How the reptilians locate people and attach the net

I have not found information on this anywhere else. Firstly how they locate. The reptilian hosts do the locating via town planning. They have access to roads and house numbers; they use telephone directories and the Internet. They do not use maps showing countryside, hills, and do not use such things as ordinance survey maps in England. I had had months and months of being on the run from Brian, he has been able to use the reptilian entity attached to me to feed him information on road names and house numbers where I am staying. I have managed to avoid the reptilian being catching me now by keeping hidden my address. Reptilians have extremely good memories and get to know addresses This gets fed back to Brian and I have to move on. I have developed a sixth sense to any reptilian’s knowledge of my whereabouts, which has been extremely helpful and is the reason that I am still alive.  I have found it better to stay at no specific house address such as in a campervan, camping in the countryside or staying within a large complex so my room cannot be located or in a community. Countries that do not sign their roads clearly and use a foreign language and alphabet makes it easier to stay in a house. I had used this to remain safer. It was before I knew this that I had several visitations from Brain’s reptilian being. The only way they can attach the net is by the presence of the reptilian spirit which travels to the person’s location. So they have to know where the person is first. The reptilian works in their energy field and it takes some time. They should realize this is going on, sensations above their head; his presence is quite energizing and may not be unpleasant at all. Remember their energy is of a high vibration. The most likely time is at night, 2 – 3.00 am. The person should leave as soon as they suspect their presence, a car may work, but disguising mentally where they are going, they pick up our thoughts. I managed to escape on one occasion by pretending I was staying put and then leaving. Placing rubber over the head is also a good idea, they can’t attach through rubber.


  • A planned force field to trap us on the planet

The reptilians wish to erect a force field around the earth, this has also been called a frequency fence by the Nibiruan Council 8. The
purpose of this force field is to act as a barrier to us. We will not be able to ascend from earth to higher realms. Our purpose is to ascend and we do this by raising our consciousness. They plan to have this in place within the next 20 yrs. I have found confirmation of this from the Nibiruan Council who offer a way through this force field / frequency fence and I wonder if it works. Here are Ettissh’s admissions

Q – what else are you doing?
E – we’re sealing off this planet so none of you can leave – its a force field sort of thing- you’ll be all trapped – no-way-out and we’ll grab you in the processno-one will get to the other side, the higher consciousness plane
Q -when?
E – about 20 odd yearsenlightenment isn’t going to help you then – you’ll just be stuck here forever and a day until we do you in.


  • A Reptilian Secret given away by Ettissh on a planned force field

A secret concerning the force field and an alien race who want to prevent it has been passed on by Ettish to the spirit realm. What he told them was that the reptilians are breaking an agreement they have made with a helpful alien race concerning the force field. I was aware of an exchange of information going on between Ettissh and the entity Mary from ‘John of God’. Ettissh was giving away to Mary more and more information on this subject in exchange for help for himself. He spilled the bean on this; he was held and was squealing so that he wasn’t held for any longer and that he could be in power. Here is what Ettissh said:

E – The are trying to prevent us doing it aren’t they -greatly (he means the force-field)
Q – how are they preventing it?
E – they’re negotiating with us, they want us to hold off and they’ll leave us be. They are there for you and wish you realized it – you talk about them badly – they’re getting slapped in the face for doing their bit for you
Q – will it work?
E – we are not going to give it up- no way- they’ll just have to keep on at us won’t they – the suckers.
Q – why are they suckers?
E – because we are never going to give it up but we’re making out we may do – so they’re holding fire while we consider but we know the
out come
Q – so what’s going to happen?
E – we’re going to restart it because right now we are doing nothing because we’ve agreed kind of thing, but then we’re going to restart
when they leave because that’s what they’d said they’d do
Q – how long on hold for?
E – its been a while – we would have completed it by now if it wasn’t for them
Q – you said it would be put up in 20 years – why?
E – because that’s when we expect to restart it.
Q -what about them?
E – well we’ll restart it anyway- we just need them to lay off right now because we’ve got other agendas
Q – like what?
E – like mucking you lot up karmically They’re letting us do it right now anyway – they’ve got to compromise haven’t they
Q – why is that so important to you?
E – because less of you will come here anyway and perhaps that’s better than having them in our back -once we’ve mucked you all up
again interfering greatly with all your karma then we’ll think we’ll restart
Q – so you’re fooling these aliens?
E – basically, yes they’re letting us do per usual but we’re doing far more- the Akashic records are under siege, we’re in there and so are
they and a few of you lot too and they’re letting us in so we don’t put the energy field in place, but little do they know that we’ve got our
hearts set on that field and we are not going to stop.
Q – where-abouts are you working on the energy field? E – we’re experimenting, we know how to do it.
Q – are you producing it in your spacecrafts?
E – no we’re not doing it in our space stations because we’re not allowed to – we’ve got it on the go somewhere else.
Q – On the earth?
E – yes it’s on the earth but it isn’t near them – they’ve got no idea
Q – you are working on this on earth?
E – yes, we’ve got labs, but it isn’t the force field we are working on, it’s the machines to work it.
Q – so your developing these force field machines on earth?
E – yes that’s it – in America – it’s top secret, one of those places – so they haven’t got a clue.
Q – is it NASA?
E – yes it is in NASA – the space places, we’re developing them right under their noses.
Q – what do you say to the people working on them?
E – we tell our workers that they are space equipment.
Q – What do you tell them about the force field?
E – they think it is some way of holding other beings in place.
Q-what beings?
E – the reptilians – they know there are reptilians- the NASA people and we tell them this is for them, we’re not the reptilians. Its like a
hoax we’re making out we’re not them because they know they’re bad.
Q – how?
E – because they were attacked by them – some of their spaceships have run into reptilian places and been destroyed because we don’t
want them looking into us -so its all for the reptilians.
Q – what NASA bases?
E – we’ve got it going in a few places in America -sometimes its NASA sometimes it’s not. There is one in New Mexico.

I questioned him on where else and he said the following places however he was reluctant to tell me and I had no definite answer. I can not therefore be certain of their validity. He said yes to: Houston. Texas and North Carolina, and no to Cape Canaveral, Florida and no to Los Alamos. I now believe it may be Dulce Underground base.


  • Ettissh gives away a reptilian secret away on Karma

A Timeline tragedy – our Akashic records1 are being stolen. A SECRET FOR OVER 300 YEARS was exposed by Ettissh in order to prevent himself being continuously held and for his own support by the spirit realm,. He actually passed this secret on to the spirit realm very recently. I was not telling anybody and he is the one that spilled the beans. It is unbelievable that a reptilian would squeal like this but as he was basically ousted from the organisation and from Brian he was working for himself entirely and anything that would get himself favours. I had no intentions of telling the spirit realm but Ettissh had other ideas for himself If he could get himself favoured by them and would tell them. Very crafty to get the spirit realm thinking he is great. I had been forced into doing the hard work but had no intentions of telling the spirit realm, I was definitely going to keep it to myself and there Ettissh was freely given away this secret as bribery to have the spirit realm do as he wanted. Here is how Ettissh exposed how they cause karma:

E – A few hundred years ago we deleted certain past lives from your consciousness so that you have to pay back more karma than you should.
Q – Give me an example?
E – a man was an arsonist and then we erase the fact that he got burnt and as a result his subconscious believes that he needs to get burnt again and puts him through burning again in order to experience what he did to someone – payback. Everyone gets this but only those who were here some time back because we did it in one fell swoop (I think this is about 300 years ago). We do it now and again to certain people we don’t want here, like new ones. (The next time they will do it will be within the next 18 years)
Q – Where do you erase past lives?
E – in the astral plain – there’s a team overseeing it
Q – why do you do it?
E – to keep you down – you are not going anywhere like the astral plane and higher consciousness – your more likely to get harmed by us and you are not going to get enlightened – it keeps everybody in a bit of a terrible state and then we can control people better. High beings that come here to help we implant axe murderer type lives to these people if we catch them so they can’t help out – they’re in no fit state
Q – how do you catch them?
E – we have a gatekeeper – he sees them coming. Brian had actually told me that he had erased past lives from my record in the last three years. So I asked Ettissh this.
Q – Why did Brian erase the crippling disease from my past lives.
E – because of his back – he wanted you to suffer -because you really annoy him off the way you didn’t care about it,
Q – He doesn’t t explain – how am I supposed to know whether he is in pain or not I asked about the reincarnation of aliens:
Q – what did you do to that person you told me about,-the alien?
E – we did a bit more with him because we don’t want his type around – a great deal to him — We put a few past lives in that aren’t him but he thinks they are – he was a rapist, an axe murderer, he thinks he has been one-he really mucked up last lifetime – he thinks he did, – a child abuser – it wasn’t him , it was some other man- we duplicate past lives, he’s still got it —

His last life was on another planet and he had a good life and he came down to earth to do a bit more for himself and we mucked his karma up greatly — We kind of made them (implanted past lives) more prominent – we put them in his brain – they are not normally in your brain – they are normally in an altered consciousness state but with him they are in his mind and we have kind of fogged them over. This karma secret being uncovered has all been totally caused by Ettissh. He had previously observed everything and allowed it, he just doesn’t care about his organisation. I then went and investigated it further because I was so frustrated from being stopped from doing alternative auditing, this deals with past lives. The connection of Ettissh meant I couldn’t do it. I knew this would sort out all the harm done to my past lives which has caused karma. I had even been told by the reptilians to do auditing which I was really grateful for and in no way was wanting to expose what was told. My karma is still here, no auditing have I been allowed to do by that awful rogue reptilian. I told Ettissh just let me do alternative auditing and I will stop investigating my timeline. He didn’t budge. I would say again, I’m finding more out, I will stop if you let me do auditing and no he wouldn’t, he kept stopping me doing it. So I kept investigating. So Ettissh has “spilled the beans” with what you read below. He is totally responsible. I have also to put part of the responsibility on the being behind an organisation called Luminescence, the being’s name is Daben and he told me very importantly that the karma was done on a big scale, it wasn’t just me and that’s all I thought it was. He also, told me about my friend Gillian also having karma caused by reptilians and gave away information on it and he wanted me to tell archangel Michael via a channel. I didn’t care for Archangel Michael and was certainly not going to tell him. and I wasn’t in any communication with him either. My lips were firmly sealed on this one I just wanted to have some auditing. This is part of a reptilian anti-higher consciousness programme taking place on earth. They are interfering with our Akashic record which is where the records of all our lives are stored with devastating consequences. As a result they cause added karma and prevent us ascending. They cause reincarnation to occur far more than it should, untold suffering for those it’s done to. consciousness is reduced and spiritual lessons lost. Its about stealing lives from our timeline,, stealing lives that we then have to repeat, lives that no-one should want to do ever again. Unfortunately it is currently working for no-one knows other than what you read here, this is the first time it has been written about, very interesting isn’t it. This was also unknown to the spirit realm including the karmic board until Ettissh squealed. , NOBODY KNEW AT ALL except of course the reptilians. Oblivion reigned. It was done originally in the 1600’s and they plan it again within the next 18 years. Thousands and thousands of people will have it done to. They do it to higher consciousness organisations including religions, I don’t quite know who they’ve done it to. They also do it to their own targets, good people. And I am not a target and it has been done to me. So what I had to do whilst Ettissh kept connected to me was have my Akashic record investigated. As a result my findings are described below. They actually removed lives and it was discovered during this time our life was in India in a religion. This is how I found they do it and get away with it, during the time that Ettissh was held and connected I had an Akashic record consultant investigate my record, and she found lives were out of place, a large amount of evidence was discovered but no conclusions reached. Like a book where pages had been removed, much was found but no conclusions reached. The Berkeley psychic institute had a look and found it had been raided. So we found that they remove only a few past lives from a timeline in the Akashic record as was the case for me Timelines go back thousands of years and they chose a time which is sufficiently far back that its not recent and we don’t realise. One life is chosen of great harm to others and then only a ew of the lives where you paid it back are taken, so its not really that noticeable. This is why its still not known. In my case they chose a fife where I was an army commander overseeing a conquered people who I was responsible for their punishment, I harmed a lot of people. It was chosen for that reason. They removed we found at least two lives in the time immediately following this life, one of these was a life in prison, I died there I think just as I had put others in prison, this is how it works. The other life I don’t know. They do it very craftily so that so far it has gone unnoticed but what we saw is a scarcity of lives following the commander life. Normally after a life where a great deal of harm is done there will be many lives of harm to you and in that many they take a couple out and that’s how they do it. The timelines they choose would contain thousands of lives. Why is this so harmful?- Erasing traumatic lives you would think is a good thing but what is actually happening is stealing of you hard earned lives of karmic payback. You now appear to the karmic administrator with added karma which will be a disaster for you, you’ll be told to reincarnate and balance out what you’ve done- the fact that you have already balanced it is missing, you may know. Its about experiencing what you did to others again and my example is my prison life was removed so I experienced a similar life again of being in a paralysed body, a life in prison is similar I suppose. Now karma is paid back twice, reptilian twice. This is worse than is possible to describe in words. To not have to reincarnate and then to be told you do is devastating for the life you have to live is not a good one. This stops enlightenment just what the reptilians want. I for instance have lost my spiritual lesson of learning to love people. I am working hard at this right now. They have even gone so far as to hold off a force field, a frequency fence in order to continue removing lives from the Akashic record as described under “the aliens that are helping us”. For me time and time again past life regressions including a television regression therapist have shown the cause of the main problem in my life, mistreatment to be a life 4500 years ago, the Commander life. I am paying back karma for this life and a large amount to! This makes no sense to anyone knowledgeable on the subject of karma, its too long ago and it struck me as so unfair I carry a lot of Guilt now for harming those people in that life but they have all forgiven me and ages ago. I have proved this with forgiveness sessions under hypnosis. So why am I still so guilty? This because of being stopped from doing alternative auditing I wanted to know and when exactly had that guilt been refreshed from 4500 years ago! because it was the guilt that allowed the mistreatment. So I saw a Michael Newton trained in-between life regression therapist. I found that the guilt had first be refreshed after the life I had as an Indian religious man. It was in the 1600’s. In that life I meditated all day, my energy was radiant, I was serene and loved everybody. I died with a smile on my face knowing I was going to be enlightened. But after death I was devastated to be shown images of what I had in that ancient commander life and that was when I was made guilty again. I was told I had much karma to pay back from that very life! I was miserable as a spirit, In disbelief, I knew I had no karma and hear they were saying I did. I had no choice but to accept it and chose to pay the karma back as quickly as I could. What happened to me next is as follows:
1. Paralysed life
2. life of terror
3. abused and killed as a child
4. Current life

See how effective tampering with the timeline is! This sequence of lives is in itself is evidence, to have such a high karmic debt lives in succession after a life of complete spiritual devotion and achievement at an old soul age is most unusual. What Ettissh had said was being proved word for word. 300 years ago he’d said they’d erased past lives and that Indian life was 300 years ago so they did it when I was in that life. That poor Indian man I feel desperately sorry for him although of course he is me. He had no karma or so little it would not have meant reincarnating. Next still being stopped from doing alternative auditing I wanted to see what exactly had caused this tragedy. I did past life regressions and asked to see erased past lives. It was quite startling. I saw a past life regression therapist. This was not to be a full regression just an image of who I was. I regressed along the time line and strangely I was shown swirling black masses and light grey masses. These were my lives but why like this? I dipped into a black life and I saw my self as a gargoyle like face, it had yellow eyes and ridged grotesque face, it was as clear as a bell and very starling and there was a horrible sensation along with it. It took me several days to get over this one, that this alien was in my Akashic record was abhorrent. I later found out from Brian that this was a reptilian that he had implanted to make me not want to harm the reptilian cause. Following on from that life I continued down the time line and dipped into another black life, now I saw myself as an old women who looked like a witch, an unpleasant one. Brian later admitted that he had implanted this women’s life as mine to draw unpleasant things to me that he can do. Continuing on I viewed a grey life, it was most unusual. I saw myself as a sketch drawing but moving, all there was, was the outline of myself as a person, it was like I had been rubbed out. I was on all fours in a prison crawling to be sick. The reptilian entity later told me that this was a life that his organization had erased hundreds of years ago and I had been in prison and died there, paying back my karma. I was now having to pay this karma again I began at that time to put two and two together. Black swirls = lives when I am unpleasant and are implanted. This creates more karma for me in subsequent lives Grey lives = lives when I am having a very hard time and had been erased, has created more karma as I have to go through it again. I did further past life regressions to find erased past lives. I was shown an empty house when I asked to see the cripple life that Brian had erased, it was not there!. I was shown a waste land stripped of everything time and time and again when I asked to see lives erased in the 1600’s. Then faintly different lives came through, one when I was in prison, one where I was in stocks and one where I was physically harmed by others. So with investigations of my Akashic record by others including experts in Akashic records, past life therapists I have concluded that the reptilians are erasing life’s from our Akashic records. The karmic board now know thanks to Ettiss.


  • Implants to reduce consciousness

They have implanted us all a long time ago so we would not raise our consciousness. This way our planet remained open to them for their return. Here is what Ettissh said:

E – they were put in some time back – Scientology gets rid of them – they bring you down – a few implants and they drop your consciousness down. – OT levels in Scientology get rid of these implants layer-by-layer — We did it because we wanted the place – when we first checked it over — It’s on your brain-waves – Brian hasn’t got them – they were taken away.
Q – When were they put in?
E – a millennium ago – way before Christ – right at the beginning — If we’d never come here you’d all be really amazing – they suppress you down so your more physical – you loose sight of things.

Original Article written by Susan Reed in 2008Read more on the causes and healing of negative energies


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