Extra-terrestrial and multi-dimensional Influences on The Creative Arts

Find out first how ‘The Matrix’ works – explaining the invisible war for your body, mind and soul 

Creative people like artists are more developed, because they are using more the energy of the existence (god). Some know it conscious and some have no idea that they are using it. Many Star People are drawn to the creative arts because they provide an opportunity to bring through ideas, inspirations, upliftment and healing. Star People have ready access to altered states of consciousness that allow them to be channels for creative ideas, music, images, poetry, songs, and dance. The result usually presents a fresh perspective, uplifts, enlightens, or heals. Many artists and writers are receiving images of extraterrestrials. Many are unaware of the source of these images or how real many of them actually are… and many artists also receive images of other worlds and dimensions, either as a result of their own interdimensional travels at night or from visions they receive in their waking hours. Those who receive these images are highly developed souls who use their psychic abilities to help humanity. Since you are becoming intergalactic and since you are all interdimensional anyway, even though most of you don’t know it, these individuals are merely ahead of their time in presenting this information to you. They are harbingers of what everyone will experience in the not too distant future. The increase in the depiction of angels and heavenly dimensions is a positive trend that uplifts, provides hope, and helps people transcend their everyday difficulties. Angels strike a deep, archetypal chord in people, and although they have religious overtones, they have been one way for positive forces to reach humanity. Angels are just one type of positive being that interact with humanity and can be considered extraterrestrial. However, extraterrestrials are not generally considered to be as positive as angels, although many of them operate from such a high level of service as to be angelic.


We need more art in this world that promotes health,positive energy and stability– art that calms you down, yet simultaneously lifts you up – beautiful, contemporary paintings that make you feel good and raise your consciousness along the way.

~ the beautiful work of Alex Grey ~

Good art will always be engaging enough to stop people in their tracks and make them fall in love with it.
Great Art has the power to express the most elevated and progressive aesthetics, tendencies and ideals to which human beings can aspire and creates an oasis into which people can escape from the stresses and pressures of daily life in order to re-energize, reinvigorate and even heal. Now is the time to collectively to look at, and  relate to our inner shadow urges. The inner world of each of us mirrors the outer world we live in. By making art, any art, it will help you find the part of yourself that will heal, the part of yourself you have been looking for. Let’s say that all you have to do is to find that part of yourself that can say  “I am an artist.”   In order to find it, all you have to do is to allow yourself to be more creative, to move, sing, write, dance, and do it spontaneously without censorship.  Let’s say that if you allow it to be seen, it will liberate you so you can get in touch with the healer within. For when you paint with abandon, you’ll find an aspect of yourself  that knows the truth. You are manifesting your own creativity.  This creativity is your passion, this passion is your life.  Slowly something within you starts to stir. As you realize that you are the source, you realize that you are what you need to heal…



The same of course, is true with the opposite side of the coin, where we have musicians and artists in pop culture that serve as agents for the dark Illuminati agenda as described in this video …

Or, for example the disturbing message of the work of artist Rex Church,         a highly intelligent and 100% devoted Satanist…even to the point that he changed his body into beautiful Art. He is the founder of the Diabolus Rex Church and defines his work as “unique art necro” approach to design,          or “Apocalypse Expressionism”.

…or the notorious work of the british artist Damian Hirst

In an interview with a spiritual being, a rogue reptilian entity the following is described:

E-“We hate art and we try and do what we can to curtail it. We’re on the boards, one of us is an artist, a European and
his stuff is crap and we promote it – he is anti-art
he is very well known.


E – Art makes you feel better doesn’t it, it raises your consciousness and we want you to stay as you are and not get up the ladder. You should only have beautiful, uplifting art around you that you really enjoy.


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