The Art of a Pleiadian Starseed

There are two distinctive types of people upon planet Earth, at this time – Starseeds and Star Terrans. Starseeds from the Pleiades for example, are very gentle, easy going and extremely sensitive. Their vibration is sensual, loving and exstatic with a great need for beauty, upliftment, relaxation and nature. They dont make waves and heal through music, emotional poetry and art that stimulates the love in our hearts ♥

DSC_0138[1]They radiate out serenity, harmony and inner contentment and tend to dress simply, in colourful, flowing robes, made of natural fibres. Pleiadian children naturally dislike restriction, dictatorship and loss of personal freedom, they are often slim, lightly boned with a slender build. Colour, form, (shape) and mood are all very important aspects of their creative pursuits. They understand that life is colourful and flowing; and so it is only natural that it has to reflect in their way of being. 


Pleiadian Profile

  1.  they are most likely in their late 30s, early 40s (younger generations are better known as ‘Crystal’ , ‘Rainbow’ or ‘Diamond’ children)
    They appear to have unusual abilities far above average in specialized areas, such as art, music, mathematics, drama, the natural sciences, healing, etc.
  2. large, almond-shaped, bright, compelling eyes, broad smile, (especially true with females), blonde, or red-ish hair, many have red hair, soft facial features
  3. Personal charisma
  4. Most are psychic, emotionally; as well as highly sympathetic with an openheartedness and non-judgemental nature.

pleiadian5. They carry the torch of bright light for evolution into higher consciousness and lead by example.
6. They are resistant to social, cultural, and political programming that is the norm on Earth
7. Star-Seed Indigos are free thinkers and cannot be pigeon-hold into a category for they honor uniqueness in all.
8. they have a strong dislike of structure and repetition within life –
9. They dislike timekeeping and loud, clamorous noise
10. they have a dislike of conventional work  practices, e.g. jobs with little variation & lack of personal self expression
For those Star-Seed Indigos born in the 70’s, there was a greater impression of abandonment imprinted into their bodies
11. many are hermits and work at home – they dont go out and work.
12. They begin to question the ways of earth at an early age. Many are the black sheep of their family. They feel like they don’t belong in their earth family.
13. Escapism. They like to escape into flights of creative fantasy and will build whole “ideal worlds” in your head.
14. Harmonious. They will experience Earth as being quite a violent, aggressive angry place.
15.  Empathy for others yet an intolerance of stupidity
17.  Their focus is on global awakening and are “channels/ antennas of energy”
18. They are here just to be, they dont have to do anything!

  1. pub exhibition

Blue Rays 

As a Blue Ray Being, you came to transform the damaged, mutated DNA of humanity, and set the stage for the other rays to come. You were not recognized for your unique divine light and had to recognize yourselves. It was tricky spiritual business as you were super sensitive beings, though you had the spiritual power tools to be victories in your mission.
· ‘Transformers’, using alchemy you naturally transmute lower energies.
· Average age range: Late 30’s to 50’s
· Tend to be water and air signs: Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra with Virgo influences.
· Have similarities with the Indigo, Crystals and Rainbows Beings. Ultra sensitive, intuitive, can easily communicate with the higher realms. You have sacred knowledge and wisdom.
· Often mistaken for an Indigo.
· Very adaptable and empathic.
· Blues are more reserved and quieter than the indigos and seem mystical in the way they look. Old souls may appear to be more ethereal looking or star born.
· You are about communication and expression through the creative arts and spirit. It is very important for you to express yourself. It’s part of you mission.

Have blue in your aura or have lots of blue around you. You will also have violet to help with transmuting lower density.
Work with Archangel Michael, Saint Germain and the Violet Fire.

· Most are energy or spiritual healers as you wish to heal and help others.
· Are water types. Flowing, emotional, not static and associated with the divine feminine traits and archetype. Music, sound, movement, dance and nature is very important to you.
· Learned how to hide your supernatural abilities and gifts, stood in the background waiting, watching, observing and always in the knowing.
· The Waiting, Star Seed Time Line Encodement, the blues have been preparing for when events and an inner knowing will activate you to reset your course to take a higher path. This activation will attuned you to your core essence and will affect your career, hobbies, goals and relationships.

· May have taken many years for you to be able to speak up and be seen.
· Most of you were not born to enlightened consciousness spiritual parents. You had to heal and transform much family, genetic damage, emotional trauma and dysfunction first.
· Feel connected to the terms Light Worker, Star Born and to Pleiades, Sirius and to the esoteric studies and the evolved races of earth. Are more energetic aligned to Lemurians then to the Atlantians.
· Have amazing latent spiritual gifts and talent that are not fully activated.
· Feel out of out place in your family, feel your biological family is not your true origin. Feel you are from the stars, another planet or evolved race.
· Are the peacemakers with your family and with friends.
· Have great inner long-term persistence. You get to your destination.
· Very sensitive to foods, chemicals, the environment, noise and electricity.
· Need to drink lots of spring water that still has the life force in it, and be connected to the deva of water.


All Indigos are Starseeds and have an important role to play in earth’s spiritual upliftment & development. Their focus is on adding POSITIVE ENERGY to global awakening. They help to increase the frequency of the people towards their divine potential and raise our vibration from the dense negativity of the 3. dimension up to the 5. dimension… and higher! You may ask yourself,  “So what, if I’m an Indigo Starseed, how does this help me?” To answer this, we would say that with these special Starseed attitudes and abilities, You will be able to easily create for yourself the lifestyle that you want. Also by using your unique Starseed psychic abilities and consciously working together with other Starseeds, you can help to create a world of love, peace and harmony, within your current lifetime! This is something that all previous generations have been unable to achieve. Achieving world peace, won’t be an easy task. But by working locally with other Starseeds, you can begin the process and help to shape the society you are in, into one of equality, peace and abundance. Iit’s important that you start developing your dormant Starseed abilities.

17 thoughts on “The Art of a Pleiadian Starseed

  1. lovesong says:

    This is a very interesting article and I feel as though I fit many of the characteristics which were mentioned with the exception of having red/blond hair, light colored eyes, and pale skin. ( I am a black woman) I have had numerous experiences working with the Pleadians and have only had contact with these beings who to me are pale skinned but in a more spiritually translucent way. One in particular who I work with often has dark eyes and hair. I resonate with them completely…how do you explain this?

    • Hi, thank you very much for your comment.
      I suggest you ask Alaje, a member of the Pleiadian Federation. He is very helpful in answering questions like that.

      Other than that, one has to understand that the human form was created in order to host all the different star races in the universe – a galactic seeding experiment to achieve harmony between the genetic differences. So it could well be that the higher dimensional beings that you are communicating with also have various shades of appearance, or they have just adopted a physical form that they felt, you are more comfortable with?

      Some great teachers you might also find interesting are Alex Collier who is a contactee of the Andromedaen race. He talks about that our appearance was altered due to radiation and went from green – to red (native americans/ egyptians/ mayans) – to yellow (asiens) – to black – and finally to white, which were considered to be geneticially the weakest! Another view is that Jupiter is the source of the black race, Venus of the white race, (Venusians are the first Pleiadians who came to this solar system.- to Saturn – red, Mars – yellow.

      You could also try to establish what your actual star heritage is by typing in ‘Starseed test’ into google 😉

      much love

  2. esp says:

    I’ve really only got one question about this article, I’ve got alot of behavioral qualities that would match up pretty well with the discription of a star seed but my physical qualities are another story (I can’t conisously see aura so I don’t know what color mine is) but it got me wondering about something I’ve read alot about musucle testing recently but never heard it mentioned in conjuction with anything like determining if I’m a star seed, part star seed, or if I’m 100% earth human. I’m wondering how likely it is that I could get acurate answers about what if any extra-terrestrail heritage I have by means of muscle testing?

    If the musucle testing is acuarte then I’m definately I hybrid of two different species but asking myself yes or no questions has only revealed about half of whatever I am probably because I still haven’t stumbled onto the information to lead me to the right question. Reguardless of what I am there is soceities programing that either didn’t take or never sat well enough with me for whoever put it in my head to expect it to stay.

  3. Casper says:

    hey there!! Thank you so much for this information…I have been looking for confirmation of where I came from, and this assisted me so much!!

  4. Mila says:

    You totally described me on ‘Starseeds from Pleiades’!
    Thank you very much for you amazing work.It is the most insigtfull description of pleiadians that I ever met.It gave me more sense.
    I will try to do more cosmic work since now.

    Thank you !!I love find wise lightworks.
    I love you!:)

  5. Katie says:

    Im an Indigo Child and was thinking I really relate to a lot of these, especially #15 in red. x) but i know I’m not one of these because you described how they were between 30s-50s and how they have a lot of indigo qualities and are mistaken for indigo. I dont know, I dont mean to sound weird, this was just a cool article with a lot of helpful information 🙂

    • Hi Katie, you don’t sound weird at all. There certainly are variations and the list is meant to be a guide for those who are relating to this information. According to Dr. Doreen Virtue, most Indigos are born after 1978, but that doesn’t include those who where born more recently. Nowadays they are ‘classified’ as Crystal, Rainbow and Diamond Children, as they are very evolved and finely tuned to higher realms. I recommend this test – it might be helpful on your path. 🙂

      • janice says:

        Thank you for this reply, I will take the test. When I read the descriptions, I don’t fit any one. My age is off the chart, mid sixties, and I frequently laugh as so many individuals have said, “you don’t have an age…you are young” I am not quiet, I am not in the background, I have never feared being judged by others, have always consider this as someone else’s perspective. When people have put me down, I have not taken it personally. I have always felt, my body is just temporary housing, I am my soul. I am not arrogant, I truly believe we all have different journeys and lessons in this life. This closed group, has opened my garden, there is a freedom of information here that is wonderful. inner peace…Janice

      • janice says:

        Such a joy! I believe one could read my previous comment and list off my auras, Indigo, Blue, Violet…I have reached the point where I am open to learning more, I believed my soul would have me do what I was to do here on earth and on the other side. A FaceBook friend, I have not met, did an Angel Reading for me, based on our interactions…It felt wonderful to learn I am doing what my life mission indicates. I started working with my neighbors, my retired home, and their non verbal autistic son in sign language. Within 8 sessions he went from 50-60 signs to between 500-600 signs. I took sign language years ago, to add to my communications skills, I did not know anyone with a hearing impairment. Next step, to work with his center to increase the clients’ communications skills and their families. Thank you…inner peace…janice

  6. Ernest says:

    Thank you very much.In fact this article is really amazing and wonderful.And it seem you were describing me totally.I fully resonate from the Pleiadean to the Blue just that i have dark hair and the age,im below 30 but apart from that im completely resonated.Thank you once again wonderful work.

  7. Gia says:

    Thank you! Your Pleiadian description is right on point!! Except for the “just be” part, i do have to work and yes i work from home and am pretty much a hermit, lol. I do like being around people but cannot tolerate most that are not on a higher vibration. I have to limit my time with them, i just don’t enjoy their energy and their perspectives are so dis-empowered it gets annoying after a while. Low tolerance for stupidity is putting it mildly. I have toned it down as I’ve gotten older, (grown more patient) but still choose to associate with lower-vibrational ppl as little as possible. Thanks again. 🙂

  8. dlight says:

    Like the first commentator, I also recognize many characteristics described except for the blonde nordic looks. Although I am white, I don’t have blonde or red hair. Amorah Quan Yin describes certain Pleiadians as having blue, red or yellow skincolor.
    I also wonder who drew the Arabic looking Pleiadian in the illustration. Who is she and why does she not represent the Nordic look? Her look actually seems familiar to me.

  9. carola werth says:

    I am glad I read this it makes so much sense the blue ray being suits me to a tee .One of my guide is pleiadian I work with Archangel Michael I do energy healing I am a water sign and I just now and feel and I feel it is time now to prepare get ready to the New vibration the new awesome many blessings

  10. empresskadesh says:

    Where is the job board for us? It’s kind of hard to survive right now…

    • empresskadesh says:

      I do a lot of work, but none of it pays. An income would be nice. Perhaps also some opportunities to do what I am suppose to be doing here on Earth. I’ll probably be homeless AGAIN in about 6 months. Where is our support network??

      • This is what Crystal Child Lena from Switzerland has to say about it. Sounds radical, but apparently it works:

        “You can just go and quit your job! You don’t have to DO anything! Just go with the flow! Love yourself & tune into the energy of Oneness and live from the heart. If someone is asking you to do something and your heart says, NO! …don’t do it! because there is nobody who can give you some rules, or who has any power over you! You don’t have to get up at 6 o’clock, just stay in bed. It is really so important that you do your own thing! Be as a child and play! Forcing things is going to bring resistance. What? Am I just going to stay in my house and it’s all going to come to my door?” ……YES! A lot of our teachings and upbringing in the West has to do with working hard to get something out of life. Ask yourself: “What would be the most beautiful situation for you to be in? What do you really like doing? What would help you the most? Feel it in your heart and then do it right away! Live. Enjoy life – try to love everything and heal it. Listen to your own inner voice, nobody can tell you what you have to do. If anyone, than perhaps your guardian angels, or spirit guides will be able to tell you what it is that you can do, but otherwise you are free to do whatever you like. So do something with this freedom! Chase your dreams with every breath you have. One person can achieve a lot. Find your own way and don’t listen to anyone else. If you don’t find an education that fits your preferences, then don’t do it. Or if you just can’t find the right job that you like- leave it! It’s best to DO ONLY WHAT YOU MOST ENJOY! Think about it; there are merly 200 different categories of jobs available on this earth, but we are 6 Billion people! So there should be 6 Billion different jobs. CREATE YOUR OWN JOB! There are so many things the earth needs. We have enough secretaries and enough mechanic, but


        Those people who work for nature, for animals and the highest good of humanity, their businesses will do well.
        There is plenty of work to do. If you don’t like to do any of the ‘normal’ jobs, do that what you like doing –
        there are plenty of possibilities out there. Be brave and do what you want, because if people are doing what
        they want to do, everyone will be much happier!
        ___________________________________________ I hope that helps 🙂 Annett

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