What can you do against depression and negative energies?

1) Start educating yourself about the causes of negative energies
2) Practice SELFLOVE. The most important is the development of the heart.
3) You have to eliminate everything that creates negative energy, depression or fear.
4) Avoid negative, angry people, or people who want to steal your energy and control you.
5) Don´t drink alcohol, don’t smoke. Avoid places with smokers, because they are filled with negative entities.
6) Change the room you are living…….……………..

Hang only beautiful posters & pictures on the wall, with bright colours.

Avoid dark, depressive pictures!

7) Don´t wear dark clothes, use colours or white.
8 )Don´t listen to evil music like Heavy metal or worst.
Listen to harmonious music, like meditation music or happy music. Music with a high frequency, with Love.
9) Go often to nature to clean your energy and charge it with new clear energy.
10) Use a good smelling room-perfume. Light beings like angels, like only things which are smelling good.
11) Try to play sometimes. You can also use computer games for that, but of course only a funny ones …
12 ) Dance! Play games outside that involve jumping and running.
13) Make sometimes gifts to your self. Show yourself that you have Selflove. Tell to your self in the mirror
that you love yourself. Hang a paper on the door or on the mirror and write on it “I LOVE MY SELF”
14) Don´t watch negative, evil, horror movies on TV. Watch funny Movies, comics, etc.
or view exciting art that triggers your imagination for the universe and a brightful future.
15) Play an instrument, make music.
16) Take Vitamins and St. John’s wort.
17) Don´t eat meat.

Try to paint a picture…

Painting is a form of healing & meditation. So use only colourful, bright colours.


The artist Annett E. Bank will be holding a brand new course in creative portraiture called ‘True Colours’ throughout 2012 at Hawkwood College in Cloucestershire, UK. Feel free to enquire, or reserve your place!

Artist website: www.annett-bank.co.uk


Just remember:
You need first of all a strong will and SELF – LOVE
Who loves himself, does not hurt himself.
Only who loves himself can love others REALLY.
You can only give what you have.
Everything that stinks, is shunned by beings of light.
Only the dark side like everything that is dirty and stinks.
Only the dark side, like to be in a lower vibration, which is not love.

You can find the light where there are beautiful scents and colors;  beautiful, harmonious music, love and high vibrations.

As long as Earth people are distracted in the technological society with boredom, hate, arrogance and drugs, they can not feel the energy of the existence and live a useless life. So they repeat the lessons in the next lifes again. Learn how to REALLY love yourself. Not just with your rational mind, but with your whole being. No spiritual being is taking drugs. No spiritual being is smoking. That would be) against love, against spirituality, against the existence (god. Only demons like poison, mud and low vibration. Take a big leap in your life and decide to go to the light. Throw away any drugs TODAY. Fight against the influence of the dark side. Are you ready for a higher level of development in your life? Are you ready for a higher consciousness? It is YOUR decision…

This advise was given on 30th Nov 2010 by Alaje.
a pleiadian member of the Federation of Light

How to Overcome Shyness

Tips to Overcome Shyness
* Figure Out What Makes You Feel Shy
Understand what situation triggers Shy feeling? And what are you concerned with at that point?

* Self Awareness
Recognize that the world is not looking at you. Besides, most people are too busy looking at themselves. Instead of watching yourself as if you are other people, bring your awareness inwards. Armed with your understanding of what makes you shy, seek within yourself and become the observing presence of your thoughts. Self awareness is the first step towards any change and to overcome shyness .

*Build Your Self confidence
Think about what you know, what you can do, and what you have accomplished, rather than fixating on how you look, sound, or dress. Keep in mind that everyone, even the beautiful people, has something about themselves or their life that they don’t like. This will help you in overcoming shyness.

*Be Comfortable
Be Comfortable to overcome shyness. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, and build up your confidence through them. Eventually, this will translate to other situations being more comfortable.

*Compliment Others
Everyone loves a compliment, they start conversations and they give people confidence.

* Maintain Close Bonds With Friends
Maintain close bonds with your friends, as they can be there for you as you crack out of your shell. They’ll be glad to help and encourage you with your progress.

*Look and Learn
Watch your friends or even strangers who aren’t shy, is a good way to learn some tips first-hand.

* Set Goals
Set goals for yourself. Focus on small, daily accomplishments, then gradually become more daring.

*Learn to be Optimistic
Many shy people tend to have a gloomy or negative outlook on life or certain areas of it. Perhaps you feel okay about work, but have a bad view of relationships. Maybe you tend to badmouth those who are happier or more successful than you. Whatever your pessimism, carrying around that gray cloud of negativity really hurts your self-esteem. Learn to let all of that go and be more optimistic. You’ll soon find that when you view others and the world in a more positive light, your self-esteem ( check how to improve self esteem ) will begin to rise.

*Act Like You Are Not Shy
Sometimes you simply have to act like you aren’t shy until you can slowly but surely gain the confidence you’re looking for. Involve yourself in organisations or activities that you find interesting.
* Smile and Make Eye Contact

A simple smile in the direction of a stranger may brighten your day, and it will brighten theirs, too! Smiling is a friendly way to acknowledge others, and it makes a pretty good lead-in to start a conversation with anyone, stranger or friend.

*Learn to Like Yourself
Practice appreciating yourself and liking the unique expression that is you. Do things you enjoy, give gratitude for your body and its effortless functions, spend quality time getting to know yourself, go on a self-date.

*Learn From Uncomfortable Situation
When we leave shy situations, what we are really doing is reinforcing our shyness. Instead, face the uncomfortable situation. Turn the fearful situation into a place of introspection and personal growth. Become the observer and dig into yourself, answer the questions: why do I feel this way? What caused me to feel this way? Can there be an alternative explanation to what is happening?

*Learn to Accept NO
Accept the possibility that we can be rejected and learning to not take it personally. Remember, you are not alone and we all experience rejections. It is part of life and part of the learning process. The key lies in how you handle rejections when they come. It helps to be mentally prepared before they happen:

*Feel Positive
Feel positive about yourself, don’t get tensed or frustrated. Enjoy your time and have fun. Remember, the real goal is to find someone who will like you for who you are.

*Keep Working and Never Give Up
Keep working at it. It may take you time to feel more comfortable, don’t get discouraged. As time passes, you’ll notice that you’ve actually beaten a bit of that shyness. Think of it as a motivation to keep on!

Remember, overcoming shyness is about doing the things that allow you to enjoy social situations, not wondering why you feel shy. Hope above tips on how to overcome shyness will assist you in overcoming shyness. Believe in yourself. You can do whatever you put your mind to.


4 thoughts on “What can you do against depression and negative energies?

  1. mircioaga says:

    interesting conclusion. made me think a little about smoking 🙂 i’ll consider it and if i quit smoking i will post back 🙂

    ps: “bright meditation music” search on google got me here

    • Grace says:

      will smoking weed sometimes affect my vibration?

      • You have to get rid of ALL poisons in your life, in order to vibrate in a higher frequency, in order to match with the frequency of the higher dimensions. Smoking is blocking you in the way to the higher, spiritual energy. Why do Earth people always want to smoke something? Burn something and then breathe in the poisonous smoke? The Earth is the only planet that practices unhealthy things like that. Alaje., http://alajefromthepleiades.com

  2. stewart benson says:

    thanks for the inspiration om na ma shivaya

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