How to find your dream job/ career in 2011

We are coming in to a new understanding of learning how to leave the action orientated attitude behind, that is currently dominating our perception on how we have to live life. Now we need to gain a better understanding of the Female Principle of Receptivity – or – Beingness.
We are all going through this learning integration right now of how to balance these 2 worlds. It is about how we apply our energy during the day, because we are used to manifesting our experience through an act of force such as: “I have to be Doing!” We have to come into our centre, as time seems to be compressing and we have a limited amount of space in which to accomplish things. That’s an illusion and it is very easy to get caught up in that.  What we are not used to is that the manifestation laws are changing: WE ARE LEAVING the DOING-action! which was a masculine principle of manifestation. This is how the 3rd dimension works, cause it’s masculine polarized. We are coming into the feminine and the female principle is Receptivity. Now it’s all about BEING in order to come into the presence.
Start practicing the power of the presence within you and do some shielding. Set the intention of the declaration of your day by saying: “I am God. I am souverain. I am free!” Through that you practice the presence and allow the power of the presence to attract.

“You can just go and quit your job! You don’t have to DO anything! Just go with the flow —- love yourself and tune into the energy of Oneness and live from the heart.Do you really want to do something? If your heart says, NO! …don’t do it! because there is nobody and no human who gives you some rules, or who has any power over you.
You don’t have to get up at 6 o’clock, just stay in bed. It is so important that you really do your own thing! The period of Karma is coming to an end now, because we are going into Oneness, we are going into light. Be as a child & play! You can now create your life to be the best life you’ve ever had – it’s very easy! If you want to, you can sleep, or eat, meet your friends and chat, sing, dance the whole day and night…whatever makes your heart really happy and brings you the most joy!

And people go:

“What? Am I just going to stay in my house and it’s all going to come to my door?”

…and we are not used to that. When you had that ‘vampiric’ friend who’d come and suck on your energy, you’ll felt your energy collapse.…you got psychicially sponged and then you felt drained and exhausted . There will be no more of that! We are not here to be martyrs or to give our blood! Even if your mind is saying: “Oh my God, I have a deadline, I have to get this done. How am I going to do it?, If I suppose to do that, why isn’t it happening?” You have to trust your body, because your body is telling you the truth. If it is saying No. Listen to it! We are here to thrive, to be nourished, be abundant and hold the divine energy. It takes for us to nourish ourselves first, so our soma and nourishment can then extend to others. There is divine orchestration happening you have to be in the flow, find the flow!
So you are using your control panel, but it’s not easy every day doing that. You have to be gentle with yourself.  When you know you are in alignment with something that your heart is really passionate about and it doesn’t manifest, it’s confusing, especially in the female body, because the female bodies are being the example of this right now. It’s all about learning how to glide into the flow & hold the presence. The power is in the neutral, because when you hold that neutrality, none of your energy is fragmenting off & feeding the negativity. We feel we should have compassion for another being, and then we get caught in the emotional hook and than that energy actually amplifies! You don’t want to do that! Develop your emotional mastery: fully accepting and honouring, remembering that there is a higher, more transcendent purpose of this situation that is beyond our capacity to understand.

Ask yourself: “What would be the most beautiful situation for you to be in?” What would help you the most? What do you really like doing? Feel it in your heart and then do it right away! Even if you want something in one moment, you can choose a new way in the next. Why not just live an easy life? Why not have a lot of fun in your life – why not? Even if people say: ‘What? It’s not possible!’ …Of course it’s possible, everything is possible! Life gives you everything you really want, it organizes everything,
if you are in your heart and enjoy being in the moment. What more do you want? Sure, you can still work hard and feel very guilty about everything, and fight a lot – as you are really free to do what you want to do in every part of life.

Live. Enjoy life – try to love everything and heal it.

A wonderful, timely perspective from Indigo and Chrystal children about the importance of dedicating our talents and minds to worthy causes...

“Listen to your own inner voice, nobody can tell you what you have to do. If anyone, than perhaps your guardian angels, or spirit guides will be able to tell you what it is that you can do, but otherwhise you are free to do whatever you like. So do something with this freedom! Chase your dreams with every breath you have. One person can achieve a lot. Find your own way and don’t listen to anyone else. If you don’t find an education that fits your preferences, then don’t do it. Or if you just can’t  find the right job that you like- leave it!  It’s best to ONLY DO WHAT YOU ENJOY MOST! Just think about it; there are merly 200 different categories of jobs available on this earth, but we are 6 Billion people! So there should be 6 Billion different jobs. CREATE YOUR OWN JOB, because there are still so many things that the earth still needs, we have enough secretaries and enough mechanics….but


Those people who work for nature, for animals and the highest good of humanity, their businesses will do well. There is plenty of work to do. So if you don’t like to do any of the ‘normal’ jobs, do that what you like doing because there are plenty of possibilities out there. Be brave and do what you want, because if people are doing what they want to do, everyone will be much happier!

Barbara Marciniak channels the Pleiadians.
“If you choose your life to be in order, to be well provided for, be in alignment with harmony and yourselfbecome a worker of Light = ‘a Lightworker’, or be aligned with those who understood what is happening and facilitate it that time within this current chaos – then life will be a most enjoyable, pleasant place for you! Each one of us can touch others in a very unique way, and if you intent for a world that is generous and harmonious for others and that will create the greatested good for yourself and for everyone else, then the pathway will be open to you and those who need what it is that you are offering will be lining up for you! Just be in your heart and receive what the universe has to offer.”

Gigi Young, a star seed indigo girl (InspiritChannel) has the following to say about this subject…
“This is a time where it is so difficult for us to maintain a career, that is not aligned with our divine purpose. Each of us is a unique aspect of GOD, of the Universe, of the Divine. We each have a divine purpose, a gift, an ability to contibute to the world. At is highest it is of service, but on a personal level it’s absolute joy! It’s what you love to do! It is that simple.

We came here to do what we love to do!

…not love from our ego, love from our heart- what we truely love to do. And if we ignore that and keep working in your 9-5 job that you hate and you know in your heart that you are an artist and meant to do something else, when we don’t follow that, it will be so difficicult to continue doing that job. You’ll be forced to make time to do what you love, just so you can do that job. And then eventually you will not have energy to even do that job anymore. You won’t be supporting it, the universe will not support you and it will exhaust you if you do anything that is not aligned with your true being! Say “OK, my Divine Purpose. I surrender. Show me it. Help me get there!” The Universe will transition you out of your current job, or wherever you are, and align the people you need to meet. the place you need to be and everything else. You don’t even need to mentally decide what it is and try and plan and take control. You don’t need to do that – it will just happen. A litte intention is neccessary, you must intent for it and be vigilent about that intention, but it will go for you! It will cary you there…because it’s who you are.

Alex Collier, who is a contactee of the Andromedan race, is suggesting in this context to look at your life and ask yourself these important questions: Where do my talents lie?

Who am I?
What is it that I want?
What is it that I am creating?
What is it that I want to create?
How much am I valued by myself my family?
Am I loved? Am I respected?
Am I following my passion and hearts desire?
Am I spiritually evolving, or am I on this automatic treadmill that the media and all earth religions have put us on?
What type of person do I want to be?
What kind of leader do I want to be?
What type of legacy am I going to leave?
Am I actually fulfilling what I want to do?
Am I truly happy in my effort in what I have done.
Have I made any difference whatsowever and what’s going on here in the world?

When there is a will, there is a way…. The choice is yours.


3 thoughts on “How to find your dream job/ career in 2011

  1. mariela says:

    Looking for some help with this, it s been working inside of me for a while

    • Ask yourself: “What would be the most beautiful situation for you to be in?” What would make you most happy? What do you really enjoy? Feel it in your heart and then do it. It’s easy.

  2. esp says:

    I feel like I’m reading this advice a year after I took it. In my heart I’ve known what I want to do for years and finally this last year I’ve had the courage to figure it out and more importantly pursue it. And while everyone I know has said it’s the worst choice I could have made because it’s not a conventional choice, it’s still the best thing I ever did. Although I probably was lead to this because one aspect of my work has been seriously blocked lately and I needed to be reminded that trying to force it is a big mistake.

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