What will happen energetically in 2012?

There are two cosmic moments occurring; one at 11:11am on the 11th November 2011 and the second at 11/12/ 2012  These are instants of total silence throughout the Universe when the portals of heaven open pouring in new divine feminine energy & unimaginable things can happen. A vast number of PEOPLE WILL AWAKEN … psychically & spiritually The 12 spiritual chakras of the planet will open & this will profoundly affect everyone. The Olympic Games in London, the spiritual Earth Star Chakra of Earth will bring great light enabling this process to start. 33 cosmic portals are starting to open throughout the planet. Each of these brings in the 12 rays plus the Silver Ray of the Divine Feminine as well as the Christ Light. The opening of these portals will allow the wisdom of ancient cultures to return to our consciousness. Of course, such high energies can equally be used for bad, if used unwisely, which is why  everyone is called on to heal their emotions and thoughts now and use this great opportunity to change the planet. Individually and collectively there has never been such an opportunity for spiritual growth. After 2032 people will have much less need for money, until we no longer need it and go back to exchange.

Everything will be curved and rounded!

There will be none of that ugly, curbed, square, masculine way of building anymore they will be build for colour and light and on pure divine feminine principles.
People will start taking their power into their own hands. The big dinosaur business are going to collapse and people will start gathering in groups of likeminded people to build much smaller communities and grow their own food in an organic way, using natural means. People will seek spiritual enrichment, rather than financial rewards. Those people who work for nature, for animals and the highest good of humanity …their businesses will do well. There’s plenty of room for the new abundance that’s coming in. People will be much healthier & say no to many of the things that are currently in our Big Brother environment.

And because people are doing what they want to do, in these 5th dimensional communities,
everyone will be much happier!

Many more star children will come in and grow up being more confident in themselves, having more self-worth and self-esteem, learning to do what gives them soul-satisfaction, so they are not influenced by society. By 2032, 17% of babies will be born with their 12 strands of DNA in place – this could be more, if they were enough high-frquency adults to birth then & look after them. This is possible as more and more people are awakening their 12 chakras – and bringing the 5th dimensional energy in through them…

What can you do to bring about the changes for 2012?

Bring your own life into peace and harmony. Your energy will then automatically lift the vibrations of everyone with whom you come into contact. Recognise that everyone is equal and treat them as such. Honour all the forms of life on the planet from rocks, insects and plants to animals and humans. Give no energy to fear, darkness and mass hysteria. Instead focus on the good, the wise and great, so that it expands. Visualise everyone throughout the world holding hands in peace. If enough individuals do these things, the consciousness of all must inevitably rise.

All credit given to Diana Cooper @ www.dianacooper.com


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