The truth about our world leaders

This interview was conducted per phone on January 18, 2006 by Greg Szymanski.

A brief overview of what to expect:

  • Born into the Illuminati,
  • Reptilians,
  • Vatican child sacrifices,
  • Kiss the Golden Ring,
  • The Bloodlines,
  • How they  make their money,
  • Ties to the mafia,
  • Illuminati locations in the US and key power bases arcoss the world.
  • Detailed description of how they program childrem at an early age.
  • Security that comes with the Illuminati.
  • Many careers to the Illuminati members, cross training and meetings.
  • Wealthy Illuminati families of the world.
  • How they install loyalty within each member.
  • How children are taught weapons training and self defence at a very early age.
  • How television programs the masses (be very careful of what TV shows you watch!)
  • As of late most members to want out if the Illuminati
  • How marriage arrangements work.
  • What happens when a member tries to leave.
  • Illuminati creating most relgions and the churches on earth.
  • Most people unaware of how deep the Illuminati runs in your own life.
  • Mentions of the Mayan Calendar.
  • Police State.
  • The financial collapse of the US and the world
  • Events that setting up “The Revealing”.
  • Crash of the stock market as the precursor.
  • Talk of the city of Altantis.
  • Supernatural realms and spiritual warfare.
  • Time travel.
  • Occult teachings in the mass media.
  • Saturday morning cartoons for children as mind programming.
  • The Matrix.
  • 9/11

…..and much more


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