Earth is in a process of transformation…

…in order to move into a higher frequency. Every planet goes through a transformation like this, it is a natural way of evolution. Everything in the universes is developing, nothing stands still. The earth frequency is increasing slowly – it is higher than decades before. That’s why some of you have the feeling that time is passing by quicker. This gives you the opportunity to develop your consciousness even faster, because there are more things happening in a short time and your thoughts are manifesting quicker. In these higher frequencies, nothing evil can exist.

That’s the reason why the dark earth controllers, which consists of earth humans and evil extraterrestrials are doing everything to keep the earth frequency low. They are exploding atomic bombs on the ground and high in the sky to disturb the magnetic field of the earth. They are spreading the energy of war, hate, competition and idiocy through the media and creating fear by manipulating the economy. They have studied the human behaviour for hundreds of years and are using the primitive drives of the masses to keep them ignorant, unaware and dumb. They are afraid that the population will evolve and grow too much, so they even spread chemicals with planes (chemtrails) to make the population ill. They are doing even more – they want total control of everything…
but there is a power that is able to stop them and this power is: SPIRITUAL ENERGY! The more people who are using this energy of real, universal love, the easier it is to eliminate this threat. As long as you see the earth as divided countries, disliking each other & being in competition, you are making it very easy for the evil earth controllers. If you want to change a lower energy, you have to use a higher energy. In some cases, this will happen automatically, because ….

The more humans will suffer – the more they will look for new ways to overcome it..

They will start to seek for the truth and the spiritual energy of the existence. So see it as a challenge and exercise for you to overcome the inner and outer negativity. Start to work on your inner healing and development! The higher frequencies, which are coming from the source of the light, are bringing all inner blockades & unhealed, emotional patterns to the surface- so you can get to work on them and start to heal them! You can’t go to higher dimensions with blocked energies, unsolved matters, or hate and arrogance! Belligerent people with hate, arrogance, ego, or greed can’t stand this higher energy of love. They hate love, they hate people who are talking about love and insulting them. They hate everything that expresses love…like gentle, kind behaviour, scents, sounds, music, poetry, chrystals, candles, trees, flowers, plants, or sensitive, harmonious colours & beautiful, free-flowing Art.

They hate especially people, who are telling the truth, because their masks are falling down. They have the option and chance to overcome their ego, or stay negative and learn their lessons in their next lives.
It’s important to heal all character defects
do your emotional clearing work, heal all karmic issues
and traumatic experiences and get rid of any negative programming of your society, like competition and scarcity thinking, ego, envyness, cults, false believe systems …and hating people who are living on another part of the planet. This will make the way free to develop your spiritual awareness. With a higher consciousness, you will understand that everything is energy; Thoughts, Feelings, Objects, Colours, Forms, Music…everything is interconnected.

The spiritual energy, or God, is consciousness. The existence, the creation, the source. And consciousness can appear in many forms, physical and non-physical, according to the level of frequency. Energy is the source of everything – and you can use this spiritual energy to create your reality. In fact you are doing it already,but unconscious and mixed with negative mind patterns, like fear, or hate. Imagine what would happen if enough
people would consciously focus on universal love? Raise your consciousness and amplify your life quality!
And when I say Love, I don’t meant the distorted love that you are using in your religions, cults, or relationships.
I mean the real pure, universal love. the power of spiritual light. It will start to clean your body energy and change the subatomic structure. You will have the wish to keep your body clean in order to hold this high energy.
You will have the wish for harmony and to avoid aggressiveness and negative people. Aggressiveness, hate, fear, or sadness is keeping your energy low! It is altering the molecular structure of the body, making the body weak and is causing heart attacks, Cancer, Abszes, Apetisatis, Rheumatism and other serious diseases. So it’s very wise to always avoid evil people, stress, drugs, or unhealthy food by all means! Find the connection to the source back. Go often into nature to clean your body from negative energies. Diseases are coming from negative energies, or suppressed, unhealed emotions! Some are from karmic reasons, and some are manufactured from the secret world government. With the higher frequency of cosmic love you can transform all negative energies! With love energy you are able to gain wisdom – and with wisdom, you can erase negative karma, so that you will become a conscious creator of your own life, because you are cooperating with the spiritual laws. Wisdom comes through the understanding and the mastery of the experiences out of all your life times. This is raising your spiritual consciousness. Before you incarnated on earth, you’ve chosen certain lessons that you wanted to experience & master in order to grow spiritually and develop your soul. The benevolent humans from other planets will not disturb you in your education. We would never take this opportunity away from you to evolve. We are showing your ways, how you can make it by yourself.  We have only the right to interfere, if we incarnate on earth too….and this has been done by many people from hundred of benevolent races. Mostly from us, the Pleiadians, because we have a strong connection to earth from the past and because we have done this on other similar planets too, and therefore we are more experienced. In that way we can speak with you directly & act as a magnet for the higher cosmic energies.

We are lightworkers with many talents. We love art and everything that is harmonious….

We have nothing to do with your earth organisations or cults. Some us are coming from very high dimensions, where everything is pure light. Everything we do is in coordination with the laws of existence, Karma and the right time to act. You should also know that there are different groups of Pleiadians, there are over 2000 planets in th Pleiadian star system – all of them are differently developed on different dimensions. Some are part of the galactic federation, and some not. Some can be at the same time and in the future by dividing their consciousness and transferring it into 2 bodies. When your read information about Pleiadians you should use your higher self to distinguish if they are coming from us, or from malevolent E.T.s, spreading misinformation, or simply from egoistic people who want some attention. We do have contacts with you, but mostly in the Astral Plane when your rational ego-mind is sleeping. With a higher consciousness you will be able to feel if an information is true, or not. You will not use the limited, linear, rational thinking – you will use a spherical thinking to see a topic from every level. You cannot achieve spiritual awareness with the intellectual mind, only with a loving heart free of believe systems. Only when you cooperate with the existence & your higher self. By using your heart energy you are making a precious contribution to the planet. Every act, thought, or feeling is changing the course of the future, cause the future is not a fixed thing Your thoughts and emotions are changing the future in every second – so there are many possibilities for the future. There are no accidents in live…

Everything that happens has a reason – even if you don’t see the reason instantly. You are attracting people, or situations when you have created the right energy for it. By using your heart energy and meditation you are developing faster, because then you are in tune with the source, the cosmic central consciousness. Meditation is everything that makes you calm and relaxed, so it’s not only sitting quiet – it’s also when you are reading, painting, singing, take a walk in nature or make love to somebody. Everything that causes your brain to radiate Alpha and Theta waves. With that in mind you can clean the earth from evil energies….

This text is taken from part 3 of our star brother Alaje’s spoken presentation called ‘Pleiadian Message from The Galactic Federation’ uploaded on 07 April 2008

I strongly encourage you to view the entire lecture given  – here –
or visit his channel
Many thanks 😉


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