Exposing the Shapeshifters

The Movie ‘They Live’ is probably the best & most accurate movie about how the Illuminati rule our world…
…keeping us asleep, selfish and sedated. Welcome to reality! ‘

This picture may appear scary at first, but these regressives are in the minority. We are at this moment in time surround by over 250000 cultures from space who love us, and care about us!...and at the right moment, we’re going to see them- we’re gonna know that the world is NOT out to get us – it just isn’t that way!
And we will realize that there really is a lot more to life than we ever dreamed of. It will be an amazing revelation, because the world is so much into fear right now, so afraid and so lost and it doesn’t know how to do things. All the control issues we are in, lack of food, etc, but live is about to let itself be know on earth. You just have to breath –

Relax…stay in a state of love, in your heart, connected to mother earth/father sky and don’t worry about anything. no matter how bad it looks…

Drunvalo Melchizedek

The below table is taken from Dr. Michael Salla who recorded various extraterrestrial races.
With many thanks to his amazing, educational work at http://www.exopolitics.org

ET Races Main Activities Resulting Global Problems
‘Short Grays’(Zeta Reticulum & Orion) Abducting civilians, genetic experiments, mind programming, monitoring humans through implants, cloning and creation of human-Gray hybrids. ·    Traumatized ‘abductees’,·    genetically modified humans·    humans monitored with implants·    mind programmed ‘abductees’
‘Tall Grays-Whites’(Orion) Genetic experiments, creating a hybrid human-Gray race, mind control and diplomatic agreements with the ‘shadow government’. ·    genetically modified humans·    humans monitored with implants·    mind programmed ‘abductees’·    political elites compromised·    national security agencies infiltrated·    human rights abuses
Indigenous Reptilians(Earth) Manipulating human elites, institutions & financial systems, influencing religious belief systems, militarism & removal of history of human civilization. ·    human rights abuses·    elite corruption & domination·    control of the media & corporations·    divisive religious dogma·    historical amnesia·    culture of violence
Draconian Reptilians(Alpha Draconis) Controlling human elites, institutions & financial systems, militarism, creating a climate of scarcity, struggle and insecurity, harvesting humans, manipulating Grays and Earth Reptilians. ·    Concentrated global wealth & poverty·    Corrupt elites & institutions·    ethnic/religious violence,·    human rights abuses·    culture of violence & terrorism·    drug trade & organized crime
Sirians(Sirius B) Participate in technology exchange programs that promote military cooperation to potential extraterrestrial threats. ·    Covert weapons research·    use of exotic weapons·    abuse of civilians in time travel experiments.
Anunnaki(Nibiru) Control long term human evolution through elite groups, systems and institutions, and manipulating human consciousness. Compete with Draconians for control of Earth. ·    Elite manipulation·    religious fundamentalism·    patriarchal global culture·    culture of violence

© Copyright, Michael E. Salla, PhD, July 2004


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