Energetic Synthesis – What is Ascension?

Many of us have become aware that something incredibly profound is changing on our planet. We are sharing an amazing time of expansion on the planet which affects us all at a very deep cellular level. These times have been described in many of the metaphysical circles as The Great Shift, The End Times or… The Ascension.

“…These beings are absolutely brilliant at control and manipulation and what it comes down to, to really find a place of neutrality and understanding that the issue is for us in this realm as human beings is that we didn’t know they existed. And we didn’t understand that they were enslaving our minds and our bodies in such a way that we become robots. And we would loose our free will. The major issue with planet earth is the atlantean influence, which is the reptilian Annunaki/ Nephilim consciousness which you can see what they have programmed our bodies to be.  They have geneticially programmed the human body to be like them, and to be their slaves.

We think we have free will …but we don’t.           We are completely enslaved.

That means devoid of emotion and devoid of caring for the group. So who we are has been lost, because they have geneticially altered us in their mind of who we should be. Our natural state is Christ Consciousness, Unconditional Love, Oneness, Living in Harmony with each other.
We are not living this state because of genetic manipulation, information being withheld from us. These beings who controlling and feeding of us are very developed technologicially, but not spiritually, or emotionally – they do not have an emotional body like we do. In order to evolve into the source, it’s all about feeling. Because they have no emotional body and are not connected to source, they have lost and digressed themselves in their own genetic hybridization to a point that they need to parasitize off of us – they can’t sustain themselves. There has been this strange interplay and some compassion and understanding that they are spiritually blind and ignorant, so even though they have perpetuated and purpertrated a lot of incredible and amazing things, it’s important to know of it, but not to go into polarized thinking or judgement with it. It’s very important to be aware of it, because we need to know what we are dealing with in this reality. There is a tremendous amount of conflicting agendas: there are those that are here for the souverain freedom and liberation of humanity and then there are those that are not. That’s it. Remember: The controlers are Karma-less because…


This is how brilliant the deception is. They are only energeticially creating the conditions that impulse us to respond in these ways, because we don’t understand what we are doing when we are making a choice! We are the grand & mighty beings from outer space, the holy grail – ‘THE ONE’ who is holding the souverain empowerment and representing it for humanity. Period!


I strongly encourage you to listen to all of Lisa Renee’s fascinating lectures about the Indigo Races, our star heritage, the return of the female energies to earth,  psychic self-defense, Multidimensionality, etc., or visit her website: www.energeticsynthesis.com


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