Ascension Symptoms

Hypersensitivity – hightended awarenes, shelter from sensory assults -seeking quiet, solace, calm, stimulation
feelings of intense energy in your body and mind
sense of dissorientation + wanting to go ‘home’
headaches, dizziness
memory loss, trouble finding words
paranormal experiences
Synchronicities – seeing 11:11
Loneliness, loss of identy
decreased tolerance for lower vibrational energies
avoiding drama, media, leaving the herd mentality
extreme fatigue – drained, too tired to do the things you need to do
emotional ups and downs – moodiness, anxiety, panic, weeping, depression
frequent upheaval, many losses in the form of friends, finances, property
change in dietary habits, a loss of desire for food
feeling very cold, hot flushes, night sweats.

———Daily meditation!———

Quiet your mind & just be. Trust your intuition & guidance.



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