Our earth is becoming a star!

This important *Message from the Divine Mother Sophia* is taken from the teachings of George Kavasillas at: www.georgekavassilas.org

The separation in creation of spirit and matter, male and female imbalance and the suppression of the divine feminine has produced the circumstances that we are currently existing in. War, environmental changes, epidemics, extinctions, global crisis/threats and dualities such as good and evil seem to define the reality of our world. We are now truly awakening to the tasks that lay ahead to break free and ride the wave of this great shift on the organic path of light, into our higher destiny. Fear, ignorance and separation is the result of the dark void and mystery being so misunderstood that one becomes vulnerable to losing themselves to evil forces. Without understanding it as the Mother womb that needs our union with her, we are subject to the torments of suffering, pain and confusion, which produce a kind of hell. The inorganic entities, archons, demiurge and lower creative powers with all their deceptions, just try and run the show and we lose our truth, wisdom and the protection of spirit when we forget who we are. Good ends up getting lost in what evil produces and it becomes an inner war and struggle, creating external chaos and the need for the great quest for truth, hope and divine love. These conditions are the nightmare of Gaia. I do the soul work to awaken us to her as Sophia, faced with the struggle to dismantle the false matrix, recover my multi-dimensional aspects and alchemically transform the world.

She and I are ONE, she needs our help and we need hers to complete this. Nature is divine will, the breath and life-force of Gaia-Sophia. This is where we need to be in union with her to strengthen the immune system of her body and our own, to wipe away the germs and enemy and live the true dream. Creating inner union of M/F and merging good with evil, light and dark, fear with love, gives us the experience of balance and neutrality, which allows the negatives to dissolve and be the regenerative kundalini force of the underworld that produces good things. The forces of darkness are therefore not denied or misused, they are simply returned to the Mother Goddess to purify and they stay underground where they belong. This is the power of the fertile womb that can birth magic, divinity and enlightenment into the fabric of matter, drawing in the rays of heaven, the true essence of Gaia. Evil and negative forces are dissolved into the great void because the darkness is no longer misunderstood and mishandled. The refusal to surrender, and the need to control everything and have power has to be given over to the trust of spirit and the divine plan so that we act in union with the Earth, instead of abusing all that Gaia provides and falling prey to the forces of the grand deception. When the center point of harmony and balance is achieved and our power becomes love and wisdom, the tree of knowledge and our soul path becomes ONE with the tree of life. The union of heaven (our higher self), the underworld (our deep soul, Mother womb and unconscious) and the Earth (our body and home) is what we all seek to achieve as co-creators. My path as Sophia has secured this for life, as I have taken the journey of the world soul that we need to assist in the completion there of. With the will to become one with the flow of death, transformation, balance and renewal, one can shed the old voices of authority, the forces of the false matrix and the negative technologies that have tried to have power over us. We can allow destruction to transform us internally first, rather than have destruction externally try and teach us where we still have to grow.

When we release the pain of separation, find the God/ess within and recognize the eternal connection that is always with us, we can triumph over the forces that limit and control our creative energy. This is not physical death and destruction; it is the power that releases us from the forces that no longer serve us. Bringing love and union to the places that are in darkness and that feel abandoned, lost or forgotten, is how we can emerge from our own deep sleep and then reclaim our spiritual fire and creativity. By aligning to the healing power of love that surrounds us, we can step out of the way of ourselves and become not an obstacle, but an agent of the divine will. This is the intent of the Mother, who by essence, unconditionally loves, nurtures and protects us. Only when we turn our back on this, do we experience danger and threat, and contribute to the wounds of the Earth. This is the age of awakening to how we stop this pattern of destruction. * *This whole journey over time, the path of free will, the work of the World Soul and the intention of nature and spirit, leads us to a magnificent era, of which we are on the cusp. The deceptions and traps that remove us from our highest destiny are going to be exposed and as things get shaken up, my love and truth as the Mother Goddess Sophia will always remain and protect us through this great shift and transition.


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