The manipulation of humanity

‘The Arrivals‘…

is one of the most powerful, important and influential series of educational videos you’ll ever see in this chaotic time.
The aim of the series is to expose the Matrix that has been systematically engineered by the World Elites as it promotes the attractiveness of matter, desire for control and power & the lure of that which exists in the form life of the lower worlds. ‘The Arrivals’ exposes the upper echelon families that control and regulate every facet of our lives as they deliberately attempt to block the influx of anything that is good, true and life-enhancing. They feed the existing fires of seperateness, criticism, animosity – work insidious and cloak their efforts in fair words, fostering the hidden seeds of hatred to be found in many human beings. These people fan to fury fear and antagonism in an effort to maintain that which is outmoded – they make the unknown and true appear undesirable or unbelievable, and they attempt to hold back progress for their own ends. This series is extremely thought provoking and spiritually uplifting – educating us about what -at the very core- is wrong with us and our world. An absolute Masterpiece production by Noreaga & Achernahr. Their message is simply put – when we let go of the egoistic attitude ‘My welfare above the rest! ‘ and finally begin to treat each other through the driving forces of love, i.e. “Love your neighbour as yourself”, and when we  WORK ON OURSELVES TO STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVITY, and start building our goals and intentions entirely on positive emotions, then it’s possible to radicially transform our conditioning and HEAL OUR WORLD, which definitely needs more love, more understanding, more faith, more mercy, more enthusiasm, more hope, more romance & more desire. It begins with ourselves – in order to improve our world it is imperative that we must first IMPROVE OUR CHARACTER, DEEDS & CONDITIONS and to do this one must be ABSOLUTELY HONEST WITH ONESELF! When we achieve that, then we can finally BECOME POSITIVE EXAMPLES of what a human being can be….


We are either driven by:             Desire, Faith, Love, Enthusiasm, Mercy, Hope, Joy
Oor driven by: Hate, Envy, Greed, Revenge, Jealousy, Anger, Fear, Pride, selfishness

———————————————————————————————…only then can we DISCOVER THE LIGHT WITHIN AND REGAIN YOUR VISION – we need to rebuild the beauty of our true selves! Ask yourself these questions: What type of person do you want to be? What kind of leader do you want to be? What type of legacy are you going to leave? We are the consumers of corrupt industries and if we are not smart enough, then we are giving these corporations the green light to keep suppliying us with garbage...which is produced in the most immoral of ways.. If we dont stop purchasing then we are just as much responsible for any in-humane acts commited. We share the crime. What goes around comes around and that goes for the way we treat humans, animals and the environment.The solution is within us, we already possess all the answers. Our potential  is far beyond what we have been led to believe. We already know what needs to be done, the only question is…………..WILL WE DO IT?
HUMILITY, PURITY and INTENT are essential for internal change. Remember that we are all responsible and need each other! If we START DEDICATING OUR TALENTS AND MINDS TO WORTHY CAUSES we can definitely change the world, as each of us has a worthy message to share.


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