How to take your Power Back

Start by loving yourself …

and then take responsibility for yourself and your whole life. Most of you know already that you are the creator in your life, that you created everything in your life. You choose your parents, you choose your school, you choose your mate, which is everything in your life – maybe not out of the mind but your souls chooses. There is nothing bad outside. Everytime you say ‘my family, boss, government etc. is so bad…you are giving your power away. Because as soon as you are saying, it was not me who created that, but him, or her and then you give ‘the other’ your power. And you are making a statement that ‘the other’ has power over you and did something that you didn’t want. But this is not true, it’s a little trick from our ego & fear. Just accept every situation in your life the way it is and try to see its perfection, then you can create everything! And you can re-create everything, it doesn’t matter what it is. First you have to go into your heart and there you get the honest and truest answer. Then just decide to say: No, I am absolutely not willing to accept this situation, I want it in another way and then just GO FOR IT & DO IT! Ask yourself what do you want and then do it… If you are in your heart and really take your power and responsibility back then you can create only good things -even if it initially doesn’t look so good- it will be. It’s logical: love can only create love = healed, good things. Remember, if love doesn’t make you feel comfortable and shows you pain, it helps you to heal and free you of this fear and pain. So first go into your heart – do something good for this world and for yourself, for earth, nature. And then you take your power over yourself and your whole life – imagine! You now have a situation which really brings you out of your way. Everytime you complain about something, remind yourself of the fact that: ‘Hey, I created this situation!’

Then say: I want to change my life and take my power.
I want to be really responsible for everything that is in my life!’

And then you can change everything. Sometimes we think that we are limited, that we have only this right, or that opportunity, or can only work in this job etc. The important, interesting thing is, why have we’ve chosen it? Why have we’ve created that, or why has God brought this situation into your life? Your Soul wants to show you something. You can find out what it is by asking your heart, or your angels…but first you have to accept it and say: Yes, I have chosen that. One big illusion – and the whole world if full of illusions – is that you have to have an education, but always ask yourself who is telling me that? Who gives me these rule, who wants to have power over me? Your family, the government? Most of the time these people are afraid, and because of these fears they are trying to control everything. They limit to what you are meant to do; to wear, to eat etc. The whole world is full of rules – about DOING things in a certain way. If you follow that, your heart is closing down, because the heart makes the rules, it tells you where to go and what is the best thing to do!  Ask yourself: Do I really want to do it? and if your heart says ‘NO’ – don’t do it, because there is nobody and no human who gives you some rules, or who has any power over you. It doesn’t exist! There is nobody who is allowed to tell you what to do. It is just God – and he/she won’t tell you what to do, because he just loves you. Even your parents, yes they did a great job, they gave you life, but you are not responsible for your parents. Your parents are not allowed to tell you what to do! It is just not true. You are a human being, divine light and love. You, and nobody else has to decide what you want to do. Do it your way. You can just go and quit your job, you don’t have to have an education, etc. You don’t have to get up at 6 o’clock, just stay in bed. It is so important that you really do your own thing. Life is just perfect. There is only love, so how can there be something that is not perfect. You say: Oh no, it’s not perfect because i am so ugly and it reminds me of my fears & insecurities. But then you just connect with this fear and accept it and love it… until it is turning into pure joy!

What’s it all about? Times are changing. The situation here on earth is changing. At the time of Atlantis we took all of our soul into our body; we where just living our life’s plan. Although we were connected to our heart, we weren’t listening to our heart, we were more in our brain and started abusing our power. Now in 2010 it is really possible to go into your heart and life out of your heart and its possible to create out of your heart. So don’t be afraid of your power, it’s understandable -you are becoming like God now, you are getting creative! It’s normal to be afraid of learning – but you must try again and again and again until you’ll achieved what it is that you truly want. Don’t give up! It’s really important. How else can you learn it, you can just learn by doing. The child is not stopping to learn: adults try something – then they fail – and then they’ll stop. And then they’ll never do it again. Enjoy the fear, enjoy the power embrace it, it’s divine. There is nothing else than divinity. God forgives you, so you have to forgive yourself & everyone else for everything. The period of Karma is coming to an end now, because we are going into Oneness, we are going into light. So the bad and the good melting into one. Now it’s possible to delete all your Karma, if you like to. If you feel you have something you feel guilty about, than ask your angels to burn your Karma for you, because now it’s time to get onto a new level. What a fantastic time we are living in! The dualistic world is over, we are moving into a time where there is no Good & Bad, so there is no use of Karma anymore. Be as a child, enjoy life and play! You can now create your life to be the best life you’ve ever had – it’s very easy! If you want to, you can sleep, or eat, meet your friends and chat, sing, dance the whole day and night…whatever makes your heart really happy! Whatever brings you the most love and shows the most joy in your face? Which is the most beautiful situation that helps you the most? What do you really like doing? Feel it in your heart and then do it right away!  There are no rules – there are no limits. There is nothing that stops you, only yourself. It depends on whether you give it permission, or if you don’t. If you take responsibility/ power or not. It’s just a decision. Even if you want something in one moment, you can choose a new way in the next. Why not just live an easy life? Why not have a lot of fun in your life-why not? Sure, you can still work hard and feel very guilty about everything, and fight a lot – you are really free to do what you want to do in every part of life. The government has no power over you if you don’t allow it, just tune into this energy of Oneness and live in the new earth. If you are around people who are unconscious, i.e. they are not really realizing what they are doing and have bad thoughts all the time, you will not like to be with them – so don’t do it. If you have people around you that make you feel sad, what’s the sense of that? Everything that you feel most comfortable with – that you really like & love helps you to be in your heart. This can be your favourite colour, crystals, music…just picture this: how do you feel if you listening to your most favourite music, or when you eat your favourite meal? You feel comfortable, you feel safe, you feel good, you get a sense of enjoyment. It’s that easy. Imagine you are looking at your favourite picture – a picture of a situation that really touches your heart and if you look at that, you are in your heart. Have a look around your house and garden, if you find anything that you are not sure about having in your space … throw it out! Buy a new item & make sure you buy your favourite one!  There is no sense to live in surroundings, or with things that you don’t like. They just take energy away from you. Do you like your life, I mean do you really love it? Imagine a scenario where people ask you: “What do you do?” and you say… “Nothing”. “So what are you doing?” you answer: “I am living. I enjoy life and try to love everything and heal it.” And they say: ‘What? It’s not possible!’ …. ‘Yeah of course it’s possible, everything is possible. If you are in your heart & enjoy everything, life gives you everything you really want, it organizes everything. So, what do you want more? Do you think you can live like this until you are old, even if you are 60, or 70? Yes, of course. Why not. Nobody and nothing from the outside can give you safety, only the heart can. It doesn’t matter how old you are, which education you have, what kind of parents you have, which language you speak, in which country you live. All you need to do is to Say: YES to life.

Credit given to Lena, a Chrystal Child from Switzerland
Artwork by


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