How you’ll find your inner calling

How can you discover what your individual mission is and which direction to take in life? How can you connect with other wayshowers, lightworkers & healers that will help you with your seeking?  You are likely to want to help and heal and already do all you can to assist humanity at this time, yet you are unsure on how to go about it. From one perspective, everything has already been planed and mapped out from ones blue print. The life’s mission of the individual is mapped out within this blueprint and the individual has the ability to tap into this knowledge – for the knowing and the memory of that blueprint lies within the individuals DNA , and thus in the consciousness fields of the plantetary grid of light. From another perspective, the individual has free will and therefore a choice to upgrade if he/she so desires.  Look at your life! for there are clues within the knowing of the destined mission that you incarnated to fulfill will have been with you since your incarnation into this life. For many of you it is a continuation from life times before, or from other multi-dimensional selfes existing in what we perceive to be our linear past. You might have choosen a new mission for this lifetime, you have always known your global mission- your individual part to play in this, your heart will have lead the way for what has always been your hearts desire. Look at the games you played as a child, the dreams you had – the clues are all around you. A happy child would have been drawn closer to their mission, for happiness and love opens the pathways for cellular memory. Yet even in suffering, the understanding and knowledge of the blueprint can be accessed.

  • Where did your talents lie?
  • What where you good at?
  • Which things did you feel engaged your heart?

Many of you are healers, whose true form lies within the elemental kingdoms, are drawn here to heal the earth. Although it is only from one perspective that earth needs any healing, from the spiritual perspective, earth don’t need any healing at all. You who are to flow your energies from the cosmos into the earth & do this consciously. You shall be drawn into either conventional medicine positions, or into the alternative healing world.

Many of you heal through your voice! and activate the DNA of others through your voice through speaking, or singing or chanting. Many of you are speakers and lead the way for others via public speaking or writing, bringing forward your communications with us. Any of you that are conduits of sounds bringing forth ascension energies with your music . Many heal with colour and are artists and painters. opening the hearts and minds of others through imagery …. Bringing artwork forward that opens the pineal gland in others.

Many of you shall be responsible for the care of children as mother who nurture the new chrystal/ rainbow children as they awaken. Some move into educational setting to bring light to where is darkness and change systems from the inside, the list is endless….and you each have a part to play in this carefully woven tapestry that is the ascension and evolution of earth and the return to Zero-Point. Some of you are able to guide others discovering their mission, knowing that only the individual can access the true knowing of their own mission. Your guides of higher light are there to help you- to lead you to a close to blueprint experience and therefore their mission is to guide you to yours. Ask your guides to lead you to your mission, if it is your choice to find it. Some of you have incarnated with multiple abilities with the desire to heal, teach, channel with voice, use music, or art – for these individuals it is even harder to discover just one path when so many opportunities present themselves.

These individuals have tapped into abundance and are free to choose. They will be able to experience all these parts as one, if they choose to do so. Clarity of thought and the ability to process the inner knowing and focus it into the human brain is advised for the accessing and understanding of this mission. Clarity of thought is achieved by the air you breath, the water you drink and the foods you eat. Meditation will help to create clarity of thought, as it will help to link with one into communication with ones higher guides of light and discover that which is laid within blueprint. The understanding of ones mission, the realization is a deep knowing that nothing can shake.                    Allow synchronicity to guide you. Allow clues from your childhood to be understood. Allow your heart to lead the way and you shall find your mission in this life. Standing strong in your knowing and your integrity and guiding those who come to you for help  —————————————————————————————————————————

This article is by: MagentaPixie 2012, who channels messages coming from a collective energy who present themselfes as 9 White Winged beings. The channel has been receiving this information since 1993 but has now been told to release this information to other like minded souls and those known as ‘Lightworkers’


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