Indigo Artists & Lightworkers

In our modern world people lie to themselves and each other, subsisting on processed food and dirty air. Each day they go to jobs they hate and detach from their underlying feelings of dis-contentment. This world is filled with unnaturalness & dishonesty, but this is about to come to end, because
“All that was hidden (from humanity) will be brought to the surface!”
. ~ David Icke ~

This is a story about Indigos – the healthy role models that first arrived on this planet in the early 70′s. They are called Indigo’s because they are literally “children of the indigo ray” – psychic, emotionally and artistically gifted; highly sympathetic with an openheartedness and non-judgemental nature. There are four types if Indigos, each exhibiting their own unique skills and traits.  These types are:  Artist  – are very sensitive and exhibit a more creative side. They have a great love for the fine arts, thus anything that satisfies their creativity usually appeals to them. They are extremely talented and write gentle music, create beautiful, emotional poetry and inspirational, free-flowing, colourful artwork to share with others…and they usually are very good at it too!  Conceptualist– These are more technical oriented and like to take on projects rather than work with people.  They are tomorrow’s scientists, engineers, computer developers, etc. Humanist – these kids are high energy, sociable, and friendly.  They will typically end up in a role where they are helping people. Interdimensionalist – less common than the previous three, these ones are the visionaries.  They will bring new philosophies and religions to the world.

Essentially they are here to help all of us to reach our potential by becoming more and more intuitive. All Indigos are Starseeds have an important role to play in Earth’s development & spiritual upliftment. Their focus is on adding positive energy to global awakening help to increase the frequency of the people, as well as raising earth’s vibration up from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension…and higher! The Indigo Artist represents the artistic, creative and more sensitive of the Indigos. These children are the creators in whatever endeavor they choose. They will make very good teachers, artists, writers, actors, poets, web designers, and musicians. In their pursuit to find what they are best at, they will try several genres of a field of interest. For example, the Indigo Artist may pursue pottery, printmaking, watercolors, sculpture, mixed media, graphic arts, and anything else in art before they settle down and become a master in that field. Whatever their choice, they will become a master artist in that area.  As you read more about their characteristics, you may even wonder if you yourself could be a Starseed Indigo, or a Lightworker? They were born during the last age of Fear so that they’ll be adults by the time the shift occurs, right around 2011. Now in their 30′s they are going to usher in the new Energy of Peace. As the very gentle people that they are, they teach us that life will be more natural again; our bodies will last longer and won’t deteriorate so quickly from the stress and toxins we are exposed to right now – we will be more healthy.

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Indigo adults are full of love and inner knowing and even if they realize that they are here to help, they don’t usually make waves. With a high amount of charisma, others are awed by their life force and recognize it as something similar to their own, except much bigger. Indigos are exquisitely sensitive to lies, light & noise and usually don’t like it here; they don’t like the violence and can’t understand why people are so mean to each other.  These individual’s sensitivity and intelligence are often mislabeled, as they are truly out of the norm and off the charts. They often have difficulty to fully fitting into the human mould and shield themselves from, or entirely avoid harsh circumstances, such as angry people, or crowds and have a driving need to get away from “normal” people to be alone & live a kind of lonely life. On top of that they dislike mundane employment: “dead-end” jobs with repetitive tasks and little variation. They often have an attitude that humanity is infested by an unholy attachment to the material, so a lack of interest in money is very common amongst them. They are also not satisfied with working for others, but instead are more than willing to work on something they love doing. Many of them are drawn to work in esoteric fields (i.e. healing) The books they read, websites they research are all about metaphysics, healing their soul and searching for their mission. And usually they end up working at home – they don’t go out and work. They are risk-takers, intelligent with a strong sense of humor, very creative, eccentricity with a strong will and understanding  that earth is the densest most heaviest planet there is – and thatthey are unique antennas of energy and their job is
...”Just to be.”

watch part II here!

They don’t necessarily have to do anything, just channel the new, high frequency energies – brilliant wayshowers to teach us that we are all spirits in human bodies, i.e. Angels in human form. Often traumatized in their childhood through bullying, scolding, ridicule, teasing, shunning and physical punishment, these adults have existential angst, shame, act out and have a tendency to develop bouts of depression with vivid or unsettling dreams. They become reclusive, introverted and because of their general aversion to city living and hypersensitivity to stimuli like excessive or clamorous noise, they find solace in natural sunlight and have a strong desire to live in rural & natural environments where they can value their personal freedom and non-conformity.  In romance they seek out someone who shares their interests in spiritual matters and are attracted to people who are of ‘like mind’, with goals similar to their own. They don’t want children because they realise unconsciously that having children creates Karma – and they don’t want that!  Most of them also don’t get married, cause that doesn’t feel right to them, even if they try to fit in, but it is never the way it should be, they just don’t feel comfortable with it. Nevertheless, there are a few who have found each other and if they do get married, it’s usually their eternal soul-twin and they’ll happily live ever after.


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  1. Hi Annette – I had a feeling there were a lot of Indigos on! I’m your friend on there…Best, Laura

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