How to raise your frequency

    • The Keys to Shifting Your Vibration

    The vibration you hold when you are on the other side of the veil, is one of joy and passion. This is your natural state. Start by applying certain Feng Shui principles which create a greater life force flow within your home, garden and exterior surroundings. Decisions made from such a brightened, mental attitude and feeling,  plant the seeds for a positive future. Along these lines, certain “energy enhancers” should be added to living areas. These include candles, crystals, prisms, colors, sounds, fountains, plants,  books and definitly uplifting artwork, such as of the figurative painter Annett E. Bank …which will help you to re-energize your life…

  • quieten your mind through concentration and meditation
  • spend much time in and commuicate with nature
  • placing “energy enhancers” = art in your environment
  • sing & listen to music that makes you feel good
  • Sound Toning – listen to Solfeggio Frequencies
  • calm your emotions – gain control of the mind!
  • learn to enjoy of social interactions
  • take responsibility for your actions
  • develop strong self-esteem & optimism
  • try to be as good & competent as you can
  • get self-sufficient and self-efficient
  • have a caring relationship & intimacy
  • sober up and stop smoking
  • have spiritual beliefs
  • daily exposure to sunlight
  • breathing exercises
  • physical exercise
  • cultivate joy
  • Be creative!
  • pets animals
  • Dance & Movement
  • drink lots of water 3L a day!
  • Friends – Love  is the highest frequency!
  • Laughter & Comedy

  • Eat good organic, vegetarian food
  • stop watching TV & mass media entirely
  • Cleanse and detoxify your living space!
  • Dust regularly
  • Invest in a large aquarium with beautiful tropical fish and decor
  • Take care of several indoor plants to add chi and life to your home
  • Keep windows clean, and use curtains/blinds that allow easy opening
  • Use organic or earth friendly cleansing products to clean your home
  • Place an indoor fountain or other running water decor in your living space
  • Use aromatherapy and pure essential oils to clean the air and soothe your nerves
  • Place crystals and geodes strategically around your home to set up a crystal grid for alignment
  • Study Feng Shui and learn how to organize your furniture and decor to increase the chi energy around you
  • Decorate using natural materials, eg wood, crystals, stone, marble, gold, silver, copper, pottery, reeds, bamboo
  • Air out your home at least once a day and let the sunshine through the windows (also the moonshine at night)
  • Use color strategically: blues or greens in the bedroom, oranges, muted reds, yellows in the active rooms, etc.

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