Subjective versus objective art

All Western art is sexual. You see that in Roman sculpture: beautiful, but something creates a stir in you. It hits your basic reproductive center and it doesn’t give you an uplift.


Subjective art means you are pouring your subjectivity onto the canvas, your dreams, your imaginations, your fantasies. It is a projection of your psychology. The same happens in poetry, in music, in all dimensions of creativity – you are not concerned with the person who is going to see your painting, nor what will happen to him, or her when they look at your art. Your art will simply be a kind of vomiting that helps you, just the way vomiting helps. It takes the nausea away, it makes you cleaner, makes you feel healthier. But you have not considered what is going to happen to the person who is going to see your vomit.  He may start feeling sick. Most contemporary artists are great painters, but just subjective artists. Looking at their paintings, you will start feeling dizzy, because the painting has not come from a silent being. It has come from a chaos. It is a byproduct of a nightmare. But 99% of western art belongs to that category – it reflects the insane mind of man.

painting by British artist Ric W. Horner

painting by British artist Ric W. Horner

Objective Art instead is meditative art. It is far more explosive than any dynamite and simply opens up doors in your being. In objective art, everything is calculated to create a similar kind of state within you; something dormant in you becomes active – it is spreading its positive energy and takes possession of you – you are being touched. Out of this inner emptiness and silence arises love and compassion and a possibility for creativity. It is my understanding that we are all part of eternity, a tremendous luminous experience of ecstasy that is beyond words, nevertheless something everyone can be …but it is very difficult to express.

It has been said that the we need to change our focus of being and learn to live each moment to remain vibrant and young. For that to occur I believe it is necessary  to function almost entirely from the feminine part of the mind, because the feminine is still joined with the Whole. The male in comparison is more aggressive and in struggle – whereas the feminine is constantly in surrender and lives in deep trust and harmony with nature. Women do not gererally try to reach anywhere.

Hence the female body is so beautiful and round! But our greatest challenge lies with reconnecting to this divine, creative spirit that ultimately gives birth to all our poetry, music, dance and painting. Once you have found your real individuality through meditation and awareness, your being and your soul will be enlightened and become luminous again – casting off any destructive overlays.

Essentially, it is our mission to become at ease, centred and rooted in our own being and learn to make our life such a complementary whole, that everything fits well together.  We need to learn to live joyfully by creating things of beauty and inspire others, because unless man is creative, he or she cannot find much joy in life. We are all meant to express ourselves through creativity, communication, the arts and the imagination by means of perseverance, optimism and compassion. However, you have to get completely involved with the process in order to feel your heart flowing through it to make it genuine – only then does it become one with the rhythm of the universe.

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