You’ve got to stay balanced…

At time of graduation back in 2007, I became interested in the theme of counter culture and the fact that we live in anxious times where loneliness is the disease of the age. I thought that this was true, since I saw our society advance, yet people found themselves evermore suspended in the heart of an ongoing flowing stream of visual, oral, auditory, psychic and subliminal stimulation and infact, manipulation. Everything that was initially static, now moved; that which was obscured was now exposed – social fear was competing with social urge and consequently, the individual found itself isolated and confused within that same process. My interest grew in portraying these concepts and my paintings started to feature elements of loss of totality, the non-existence of a stable human being and with that, the raw emotional states that run beneath the surface. I considered my work a metaphor of this conflicting fragmentation and aimed to represent our complex struggle to maintain balance.

…but not anymore. I since engaged on a new body of work that was to be a more sensitive approach in response to the realities of our current condition – instead about division, nihilism, lethargy and apathy, the overriding principles within my ideas were now about overcoming them. My spiritual research concluded that I have to start inspiring people with uplifting concepts and create visions of empowered people; especially females. It thus became important for me to integrate certain painterly characteristics, such as fearlessness, aliveness, radiance, freedom, self-love, compassion, nourishment, intuition, spontaneity, grace, lightness. receptivity and harmony. A picture of
a balanced human being that emanates health, youth and vitality.

I now aim for an artistic expression that reflects on The Joy of Being’ rather than ‘Doing’ – to go with the flow…
and  live in the moment, which is the essential message of all spiritual teachings. There is a also strong evocative approach in the work as it cuts across several painterly barriers, giving the viewer visual surprises whilst bringing about unique perspectives of sensitivity and strength. Some of them also reflect on certain transpersonal, ecstatic states
– in particular euphoria and interconnectedness, which gives the work a sense of exhilaration and excitement.

Furthermore, it is my objective to bring together male & female principles into one single, successful composition,
so that the piece is enhanced by a powerful ascending, actinic and contemplative quality. Additionaly it is my understanding, that we need more art in this world that promotes health, positive energy and stability– art that calms you down, yet simultaneously lifts you up – beautiful, contemporary paintings that make you feel good and raise your consciousness along the way. Such art will remind us of our original fluid, pliant state that is capable of easy, sensual movement and expansion. View more of it at:


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