Why is art good for?

Much of what we buy today – the clothes we wear, the car we drive – is functional, yet these commodities also reflect on aspects of ourselves. Art is no different. It depicts things we like to see, feelings with which we can sympathize with, or concepts that ring true with our intellects. The acquisition and consequently, the display of artwork for personal viewing is thus almost always about enhancing our self-esteem and self-perceptions. An original artwork makes a person feel good or better about him/herself whenever he/she is looking at it and in doing so, fulfills it’s purpose from the owner’s perspective – it gratifies and satisfies not in terms of need, but rather in terms of desire and senses.

So how does a person make the decision to buy?

It is interesting to know that most people are afraid to set foot inside either a contemporary or traditional art gallery whilst at the same time, the overwhelming majority of people really like art and would want to own…it if they found something really nice that they felt comfortable about buying. Yet hardly anyone is inclined to impulse buy from artists they’ve never met, or whose work they’re experiencing for the first time.They know however that artists possess unique talents and abilities to express emotions, arouse feelings, explore sensitive issues and make powerful statements, and so a potential buyer will always look out for qualities like excellence, quality, productivity, dedication, commitment, reputation, pride in workmanship …it’s these and other characteristics like significance, importance and enduring essence, which sets the successful artist above and beyond the great mass.

Most people who look for modestly priced art, or even just to find bargains go to open studios, but people who want to spend thousands of dollars tend to know what they want and who they want it from. They buy from either established galleries, dealers or artists they already know. But as we are all aware of, art is one of the greatest discretionary luxuries in life, and selling original artwork will likely become more and more challenging than it’s been in recent years. I believe a massive re-evaluation (devaluation) will be taking place soon that will move us closer to what things are really worth rather than what people would like you to believe they are.

But no matter what will happen, good art will always be engaging enough to stop people in their tracks and make them fall in love with it. Great Art has the power to express the most elevated and progressive aesthetics, tendencies and ideals to which human beings can aspire and creates an oasis into which people can escape from the stresses and pressures of daily life in order to re-energize, reinvigorate and even heal.



4 thoughts on “Why is art good for?

  1. Great article on the purchasing of modern and contemporary art, thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great article.

    “good art will always be engaging enough to stop people in their tracks and make them fall in love with it.”

    Well said…

  3. Steve Gray says:

    That covers some of the functionality of the Modern Art, but is there a difference between that and the purpose of modern art.

    In business for example the “function” is to provide a profit the “purpose” is to provide a product and or service.

    Do you think that could apply somehow here?

  4. esp says:

    What I think is really intresting is the fact that great art can not only heal the person looking at it but it can heal the artist creating it during the creative process.

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