What is separating us from our Source?

This is the story of Mara – a rebellious prince who seized control of our world from the supreme god of the highest heaven. As prince of this world, he boasts of possessing great majesty and influence. Though he has only a spirit body, he is endowed with the five modes of sensual pleasure, has plenty to eat and drink, and lives to amuse himself. Humanity is ruled by the god of death and the goddess of lies. They surround the Earth with a net of dark matter, gleefully revelling in the cacophony and confusion that rises from the billions of separate, unintegrated minds of men over whom you rule.

…Once I had a dream where I saw surrounding this world a knotted sphere of tenebrous matter, writhing and seething about its surface like oil on water. As I drew closer and entered into its atmosphere, the aura of the planet became progressively more toxic and suffocating, emanating noxious fumes like a putred sewer. And the psychic noise of the mass of human beings revealed to me the torture chamber that the Earth had become, where billions of suffering souls now struggled to breathe.

I was aghast at what was revealed to me as I drew closer to the Earth, and although my soul recoiled in horror at bearing witness to the great crime that was being committed upon the human race – the majority of which was completely oblivious to the insidious villainy being perpetrated upon it – I decided to continue my journey into the darkness of this world so that I might see in greater detail the cause and nature of the treacherous predicament that was terrorising mankind. Earth appeares to me like a sealed sarcophagus of degraded and imprisoned life, severed from the universal harmony by mankind’s perpetuated error. Mara agitates the governments of the world, the leaders and their people into irrational fears and wars. It lives in us like a virus which has contaminated our minds and souls, turning our hearts to stone, spawning disease, separating us from our Creator, and making of us into a dark parody of ourselves, to become slaves amongst the ranks of lost souls in his army.

The myriad separate dysfunctional minds of men and wraiths inhabiting the Earth and all the thoughts, desires and fears within this tomb of disharmony, congealed into a thick, dark burial shroud that encapsulated the Earth, choking the very life from her. Encouraging disharmonious vibrations such as anxiety, fear, and guilt and all the other distortions of consciousness. I saw how man is perpetually tyrannised by an unholy intelligence, devoid of any true light, that has been feeding on the thoughts, emotions and life-force of the human race on Earth for eons, and I saw that mankind  was ensnarled in this web of deceit and corruption.

these words are taken from an interview:

“We’re sealing off this planet so none of you can leave – its a force field sort of thing- you’ll be all trapped – no-way-out and we’ll grab you in the process – no-one will get to the other side, the higher consciousness plane. enlightenment isn’t going to help you then – you’ll just be stuck here forever and a day until we do you in.”

“… its not about the money, its about getting into power and a bit more besides – keep the masses down and poor — We create wars so we can take control. Countries that we don’t have, – we’ll start having wars so we can take control — We create wars because we have to we’d rather not have them because they wreck the environment and they cost an arm and a leg. Wars help us get in power — The army – we’re the army.”

“We control the media. We give you TV and it isn’t what you need- we feed you sex- we give you mass media – feed you consumer stuff but it isn’t what you need e. g. new car. We make you think that the be all and end all is everything you can see and touch.”

And finally… Mara hates art and does what he can to curtail it. He promotes stuff that is crap : anti-art. Why? Because Art makes you feel better doesn’t it, it raises your consciousness, but he wants you to stay as you are and not get up the ladder. You should have art around you! It’s good for you, it lifts your spirits and inspires you to be a better person! www.annett-bank.co.uk


One thought on “What is separating us from our Source?

  1. Lesanndra says:

    Very informative article.

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