Creative Healing

Let’s say there is an aspect of you that you cannot see.  And even more puzzling, it is the wisest and deepest aspect of who you are.  Let’s say that you are an ordinary woman or an ordinary man.  You go through your daily routine- pick up your kids, run a business,  do all the things you do.  And still you somehow feel confused, disconnected from something deeper within you.  You have a feeling that there is something missing, almost a life unlived.   And then, one day, you get a diagnosis that you are ill, or find yourself in crisis.  It could be any illness, or a life event that results in a deep depression.  You go to all kinds of health care providers,  physicians, psychologists, and alternative healers, to seek healing.  You take herbs, do exercise, get body work done , and utilize many different types of therapies.   They all help in differing degrees but none of them feels like the essence of healing.  Your body experiences itself as ill and you feel disconnected from it and betrayed by it.  You know that deeper within your body is the source of your life, and now that you are ill you feel the need to make contact with this source.  Somehow you know if you can make the connection to that part of yourself  it will help you heal.

Now let’s say you can make art, any art and that this process will help you find the part of yourself that will heal, the part of yourself you have been looking for.  Let’s say it is that simple.  Let’s say that all you have to do is to find the part of yourself that can say  “I am an artist.”   All you have to do is to allow yourself to be more creative, to move, sing, write, dance, and do it spontaneously without censorship.  Let’s say that if you allow it to be seen, it will liberate you so you can get in touch with the healer within. For example, when you paint with abandon,  you find an aspect of yourself  that knows the truth.  You are manifesting your own creativity.  This creativity is your passion, this passion is your life.  Slowly something within you starts to stir. As you realize that you are the source, you realize that you are what you need to heal.


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